TEMA Announcements
TEMA Professional Development & Training in 2022
TEMA has a great year of professional development and training planned for 2022.

February 1st & 8th - Virtual

February 16th & 17th - Virtual

Online (self-paced) - Virtual Review Sessions

New this year is that if you are wanting to pursue your MEM classes, you must take the Foundations of Resource Management course after completing your AEM to move on to your MEM courses. This step will help you to be better prepared for the MEM certification path, as well as others to come. Also, virtual workshops are coming. Check out the educational guide for the spring schedule.
Don't miss out on the upcoming meetings and chapter holiday parties!
Some meetings will be offered in person only, while others will be hybrid. If you miss it or can't join, you can typically catch the presentation later on the chapter's page.
Made You Look!

TEMA has ads available in different formats for you to reach all of the members throughout the year. If interested in our ad packages, reach out to Cami, cbrumley@texasema.org, to learn more and save your spot!
ICYMI - Registration Now Open!

Join us in April for TEMA Connect 2022!
Future Chapter Meetings
January 20th - GCC Hybrid Meeting
January 20th - WTX In-Person Meeting
February 3rd - DFW Hybrid Meeting
February 9th - CTX In-Person Meeting
February 10th - BV In-Person Meeting

*Interested in presenting? Contact any chapter officer for more information. If you would like to speak virtually to the entire association, contact Ashley.
As a member of TEMA, did you know you are affiliated to your chapter, and you are a member of the organization at large? This means you can join any meeting across the association; just let the local chapter know you want to come beforehand or join virtually.
Check out the latest Job Postings
Are you looking for a new job opportunity - check out the TEMA website for the latest postings from across the association. Or, do you have a job opening to post? Share it with TEMA, and we will add it to the job posting page on the website.
2022 Calendar!
This is subject to change, but we have a lot going on and are starting to get events planned for 2022. So, check out what TEMA has in store for the future! --We hope you are excited for more networking and educational opportunities throughout the year -- because that is what we have to offer!!!
Are you a member interested in sponsoring a chapter meeting? Well, your membership allows you to attend and speak at all chapter meetings across the state. So, reach out to the chapter officers or TEMA staff to figure out the next available chapter meeting sponsor opportunity.
Do you have something you want us to know?
You can anonymously provide us feedback at the TEMA Feedback link below.
We are open to hear any type of praise or grievances, as we truly want to work with our members to create value together!
TEMA Membership Incentive Program
Did you know if you join or renew your membership, you will be entered to win a FREE conference registration! So, renew your membership, TODAY!
Spotlight Your Team Or Another Member With A Shoutout
Cami Brumley, CEO - cbrumley@texasema.org, 512-657-1890
Ashley Williams, COO - awilliams@texasema.org, 512-552-9022