25 Years of "crazy ideas" that turn into tomorrow's standards
A decade in review:
Time flies when you are having fun!

Ten years ago today, some guy named Jobs introduced a hybrid between a desktop computer and a smart phone. It wasn't long after that Terydon introduced touch-screen tablets as the method of wireless control in waterblasting, and we haven't looked back since. Since 2012, Terydon continues to be the industry leader in innovative solutions.

Simple. Safe. Smart.

Wireless Control
Removing the end-user from the blast zone has always been the #1 priority. Wireless control makes the operator mobile and eliminates STF risks. Can the same be said about competitive models?
Smart Indexing
The automation advancement that took the market by storm, automatically navigate to the next tube(s) to be cleaned with
a single click of a button.
5 years and running;
the things that tablets can do....
Smart Clean
Because this is what computers are capable of. Load your bundle from the library, press "PLAY" --
just like grandma's VCR -- then watch your Peinemann system perform 100% Fully Automated Tube Bundle Clean.