August 2022
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In August many of our congregations are putting the final touches on their fall program year. This is the time for making sure everything is ready for September when our education programs usually begin, or when our outreach ministry might pick up new partnerships for the school year or the upcoming season. Like the first day of school, September is a time of welcoming back our friends and family, catching up on summer travel stories, and getting back into the wonderful routine of Church. However, as we come to terms with what normal looks like in the new landscape of the Pandemic, is getting back what we really want to do? Or do we want to go forward?

On his desk, an important mentor in college had a framed photo of himself and his wife climbing a mountain. Etched around the sides of the metal frame was the following quote: "Don't look back, you're not going that way." Welcome to August 2022 in Church! Our core mission remains, but our approach and our path forward is a new one, a path that we are scouting as we are traveling it.

As you encounter August this year and create your checklists, make a new plan for your stewardship or pledge campaign. Incorporate more stories - give everyone a chance to catch up on what mission means to them. Try out a new approach - consider small group meetings for stewardship or house churches. Measure the impact of your ministry in community - give your members metrics about how many people you will serve and help them ascribe meaning to the money they give. TENS has tools and training to help you run a successful pledge campaign. See our materials, described below.

All good gifts,
J. Davey Gerhard, Canon for Stewardship
Executive Director
Download Your Annual Pledge Campaign Resources today!

We are proud to announce that our annual pledge campaign materials are ready for download. The complete set includes:

  • Sample letters from clergy, wardens, and committee chair
  • Customizable pledge cards
  • Prayers of the People for use in the campaign season
  • This year's hymn More Than Enough from our hymn-writer in residence
  • Weekly reflection bulletin inserts on Sundays from September 11 - November 20.
  • Seasonal Reflections
  • A timeline and info sheet on how to use our resources for traditional and virtual campaigns

Log in today to download all the resources

Descargue hoy los recursos para la campaña anual de compromiso

Estamos orgullosos de anunciar que los materiales de nuestra campaña de compromiso anual están listos para descargar. El conjunto completo incluye:
  • Ejemplos de cartas del clero, los guardianes y el presidente del comité
  • Tarjetas de compromiso personalizables
  • Oraciones del Pueblo para usar en la temporada de campaña
  • El himno de este año Más que suficiente de nuestro compositor de himnos en residencia
  • Insertos de boletín de reflexión semanal los domingos del 11 de septiembre al 20 de noviembre.
  • Reflexiones estacionales
  • Una línea de tiempo y una hoja de información sobre cómo usar nuestros recursos para campañas tradicionales y virtuales

Inicie sesión hoy para descargar todos los recursos.
Register for our Pre-Campaign Webinar

Get ready to launch your annual pledge campaign with a free webinar on Saturday, August 27 at 9AM Pacific. We will review the 2022 More than Enough resources and provide best practices for engaging this year's virtual and in-person campaigns. Registration is free!
Your Campaign Checklist
Download our Timeline as a part of the Campaign Materials to make sure you have all the components ready for your campaign this year!

TENS has created a step-by-step timeline to help you prepare your campaign materials, collateral, committee, and congregation for a fall pledge campaign. We offer this in both our English More Than Enough series and in our Spanish Mas que suficiente series. In addition to a calendar, you will also find useful links to resources, trainings, webinars, and tools to promote generosity and giving in your congregation.
Start Strong, Finish Strong

Fall pledge campaigns are no surprise, but many times they feel like they sneak up on us. The TENS Campaign timeline starts early in the year, suggesting tools and trainings that help you to evaluate last year's campaign and begin to create the kinds of formation and education programs in your church that inspire generosity and teach the theology of abundance.

If you missed our webinar earlier this year on evaluating last year's campaign and getting ready for this year, you may view it for free here. We also have a great training on year-round stewardship formation. Check out our Resource Library for some great tools on book studies, Bible studies, and preaching tips on stewardship.

Prepare to Launch!

When it comes time to selecting your kick-off Sunday, pick a date when your congregation is at its peak attendance. Late September or early October are usually good times to begin, because folks have returned from Summer travel and the year is moving forward.

What materials will you include in your campaign? See our previous training on designing for impact and download our narrative budget tool to help you create materials that tell the story of your money.

The most important part of a fundraising campaign is to raise awareness and enthusiasm for your mission and ministry. Tell the story of how your church changes the world.
Connect the Gospel to Giving

One of the strongest components of the TENS pledge campaign is the weekly reflection. Each week, Episcopalians from a diversity of experience and location share their thoughts on the Gospel of the Day through September, October, and November. Download these reflections to insert in your bulletin, or add them to your weekly newsletter. When we are able to connect our money to meaning, we unlock our time, talent, and treasure to share with our neighbors.

After your campaign finishes, make sure you bless the work you have done and take time to celebrate. Do not just let all that good work and high energy dissipate into the run-up to Christmas - share the joy of giving and mark the success you have achieved.
It's not Over 'til it's Over

After you have swept up the floor and put away the chairs from your campaign celebration, there are two more important pieces of work to do.

Firstly: thank everyone who participated in the campaign! Thank your volunteers and committee members, and thank everyone who made a pledge or a gift to support the ministry of your community. Hand-written notes are better than form letters, but whatever your style, it is essential to recognize the gift that has been made.

Secondly: Remember your Stewardship Committee. They have worked hard. Check in with them and make sure they feel good about the campaign. Then, gather their ideas for how to make next year's campaign even better!
Project Resource - Fall Training

TENS is pleased to sponsor the Project Resource Fall Training 2022. Enroll a team from your congregation with a discount of 50% on the first three members.

Project Resource is a five-week course which meets on consecutive Sunday afternoons to teach generosity practices, the theology of abundance, and practical tips on running a great campaign. Together, your team will learn with stewardship leaders from across the Church and create your own congregation's plan to roll out a year-round Stewardship program.

The course begins on September 11 and goes through October 9. Visit our Events page to learn more, and to fill out a form to apply for the half-off discount code!
Upcoming Webinars
We have built out our webinar calendar for 2022 with a new suite of trainings to deepen your skills and theology of stewardship. Please consider registering for these free upcoming webinars.
The Church in the Endemic: Sustainable Practices and Strategies

What will we become? What are we becoming? Who will come back? These are questions we are all asking as we reemerge from our isolation and our pandemic practices. Learn strategies for adaptation and sustainability in our stewardship.
  • Welcome virtual newcomers in person
  • Normalizing hybrid worship and fundraising
  • Rethinking our buildings
Saturday, September 24, 9AM Pacific. Register today online! - offered at no cost!
Deepening Your Legacy and
Planned Giving Program

Every congregation was built from planned gifts - the founding gifts and ideas that planted our churches have sustained us for many years. Learn how to build or rebuild your legacy giving program and promote planned giving.
  • Tax-wise strategies for your assets
  • How to help members create legacies that look forward
  • Learn about the power of planned giving

Saturday, October 8, 9AM Pacific. Register for this webinar today! - offered at no cost!