Wednesday, June 7,  2017
                                     Spring Edition 309

Do that which you fear and the death of the fear is certain"

-Mark Twain

" Throw you heart over the bar and your body will follow"

- Bob Mathias   

"Give, give not till it hurts, give till it feels good."

- Russell R Shippee

" To the world you may be one person. To one person you may be the world. "



Today marks the 10th Anniversary
of this newsletter!
Goal achieved!

My THANKS to all of you, my readers of many years. Your feedback has been and continues to be heartwarming and appreciated. 

The answer is sailboat.  If you don't understand the answer you'll have to read the May newsletter, and then you'll know what the answer means. Yet, the answer may surprise you. Rest assured there was a reason and, hopefully, good logic behind the decision. 

Those of you who have been loyal readers will remember Cameron's Corner. Cameron is my grandson who always poked fun at what I wrote.  He's still teaching me and poking me.  His desire to sail is one of the reasons for the sailboat.

There is another grandson and granddaughter, and they both poke fun at me also. Plus, they are looking forward to learning how to sail. 

Today I start my sabbatical 

Why stop now?   It's time, and time is the greatest asset we have. I have much to accomplish and look forward to, and I hope you do also. 

I will continue to blog on occasion. You can access my blog here

What else will I do? Where will I go?

There is a saying, "Don't tell the world what you are going to do, show them."  

Over time we will see each others accomplishments, growths, and changes.  Ideally, we'll celebrate each other. 

It's time, and the time is now. The time is now to make the time you need to do the things you want to do and should do. So, start now, right here, right now, today. 

Yes . . .
Yes, I am still taking a limited number of clients. 
Yes, I am still selling insurance when asked.
Yes, I am still spending time with my grandkids.
Yes, I am taking on new challenges.
Yes, I am taking new opportunities. 
Yes, I am still selling books and workbooks.
Yes, I am having fun challenging myself.
Yes, I will be sailing more.  

Yes, I will miss you. Yet, we need not be strangers. 

Today reminds me of what T S Eliot wrote in
the 4 Quartets.
In the third. Quartet:
In my beginning is my end
  In my end is my beginning . . .
In the fourth quartet, called Little Gidding, he wrote :

What we call the beginning is often the end
And to make an end is to make a beginning.

The end is where we start from...

We shall not cease from exploration

And the end of all our exploring
Will be to arrive where we started
And know the place for the first time.

Russell signature 

Author, Speaker, Navigator 
PS:   Special Thanks and recognition to my tireless editors. They have spent 10 years coaching me. They think it will take another 10 years!    

Who is the boss?

Who do you work for?

Who is your boss?

Who employs you?

You are the boss. 

The reality is, you are self-employed. You decide when you going to work or not go to work. You decide how much effort you'll put into your job. You decide who in your family you will or will not respond to. 

Everyone is self-employed. You might rent yourself out to one organization. However, you can decide to stay or leave. You decide how much effort you will exert. You decide when it's time to move on to a new job. 

Of course, the boss can fire you. Yet that just releases you so you can move on. Sometimes being fired is the best thing that can happen to you. 

Being self-employed, it's up to you what you will do, and how much you will be paid. Yes, you determine your wages by what you do and accomplish.

Stand tall, be aware, it's you. You decide what to do, what not to do, and who to work for. It's your choice and you do make the choice.  No decision is in fact a decision. 

The problem is that sometimes you make the easy choice and the easy choice may not be the best one for you.  If the choice does not make you feel good, then it's the wrong choice. 

You are the boss and you decide what to do or not to do. If it's not working, you are not happy or fulfilled then it's time to change. You are the only one that can change it, and you are the only one that knows what is best for you. 

Being the boss of yourself is a big responsibility. You need to do what is best. You need to accept the right challenges and exceed your own expectations. You need to give whatever you decide to do your best every day. It's for you, it's about you, and it should be something you are proud of. 

Being the boss means you are accountable to yourself. You have to measure your own results. If they are not good enough you need to change, you need to make them good enough. 

Look in the mirror. Do you like what you see?  If not, change it. You are the boss.