BridgePay Gateway & PathwayLINK (TGate) Gateway Modification: Blind Refunds 
BridgePay is committed to ensuring the security of data through all of its products is maintained throughout the transaction life cycle. To ensure this high level of security, BridgePay regularly conducts security audits on its applications and services. As a result, BridgePay is updating the process for handling "Blind Refunds" aka "Credit without Prior Debit" in its systems.  Starting on May 1, 2019, all merchants on both the BridgePay Gateway and the PathwayLINK (TGate) Gateway will only be allowed to issue a refund to a credit card if there is a valid corresponding sale to that same credit card.  
What is a Blind Credit?
"A Credit (Refund) applied to a transaction for which the original transaction ID or approval code (PNRef) is not currently accessible, available or never existed within the Merchant's records."
Why is this changing?
This type of transaction is considered high risk for fraud and abuse. Changing this helps to prevent fraudulent refunds for the merchant which are difficult to reverse or recoup funds.
I need this option. What do I do?
Using "Blind Credits" to provide a refund to a customer should be a last resort when there is no other option. It is advised that all merchants review their refund policy to accommodate these changes to blind refunds. A merchant may reach out to their processor for assistance in completing a blind refund (be advised not all processors allow for blind refunds) or determine other means (e.g. store credit, check, cash) as an option for issuing the refund.  
For BridgePay Gateway users, please reach out to Gateway Support to have this setting temporarily enabled in the merchant settings.
For PathwayLINK (TGate) Gateway users, the Reseller would login to the PathwayLINK (TGate) boarding portal. Under Virtual Terminal Settings, set Require Original PNRef to false. For Resellers who do not used the boarding portal, this can be done directly via their Virtual Terminal access.

After you complete your transaction, it is recommend this setting be changed back to true to help prevent unauthorized refunds. If you are merchant, please contact your BridgePay Reseller to have this capability enabled temporarily to allow for a blind credit.
If you need further assistance, please reach out to our Gateway Technical Support at 866-322-9894 or via [email protected].


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