Announcing Chicago Innovation's new

Climate Change Initiative

Hello Luke,

Chicago Innovation has focused on sustainability and environmental protection for years, but with the growing emphasis towards preventing climate change around the world, we decided to do more.  

That's why we're thrilled to announce Chicago Innovation's Climate Change Initiative. We have already begun partnering with individual and corporate donors to create a yearlong focus on elevating and showcasing Chicago region innovators that are combating climate change. This new initiative includes:

- The Climate Champion Award to celebrate Chicago region innovators

- A new event to convene sustainability stakeholders

- A city-wide ad campaign to draw attention to this cause

Below are videos from previous events and Chicago Innovation Award winners that are already focusing on this issue. If you or your organization would like to get involved as a partner or sponsor of Chicago Innovation's Climate Change Initiative, please reach out to Luke Tanen today.

Thank you,

Tom Kuczmarski,

Co-Founder of Chicago Innovation

President of Kuczmarski Innovation

Luke Tanen,

President & CEO of Chicago Innovation

Thank you to our Climate Change Initiative funders!

  • Reven Fellars
  • Elizabeth Celio
  • Joanna Bratt
  • Sandra Mullen in honor of Lynne Creighton
  • Cindy and John Wither
  • Chuck Wolf
  • Mycocycle
  • Buoyant Ventures

Thanks to these Chicago Innovation Award winning companies that have shown a long commitment to sustainability

See the full list of past Chicago Innovation Award winners on our website!

Click Here

Join us on April 27th from 5-7pm at the Center on Halsted as several of our fantastic program mentors lead a candid conversation exploring the intersection of race, gender, and age in today's workplace

What do you think?

Within the topic of combating climate change, what areas of innovation excite you the most?

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Materials & Manufacturing
Air & Water
Built Environment
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