Adjusting to Covid-19 propelled us all into a lifestyle that we certainly weren't expecting when we started 2020 - one that is proving to be both busier in some aspects and lonelier in others.

Therefore, our 2020-21 program year will focus on three simple and purposeful Adult Christian Formation opportunities that will hopefully provide a place of grounding and connection to The Falls Church Episcopal during these socially distant times.

Here is a brief summary, but please see below for more details and links to join.

  1. Foyer Groups: After a successful Foyer Group program over the summer, we are expanding this small group format. Each Foyer Group will "choose their own adventure" for how they want to spend their lay-led time in a small group, getting to know each other and growing closer over the coming year (e.g., fellowship, book study, or Bible study).
  2. Sacred Ground: In conjunction with The Falls Church Episcopal's Vestry Roadmap on Racial Justice, we are offering Sacred Ground this year. Sacred Ground is a 10-part film and readings based dialogue series on race, grounded in faith. This reflective small group will meet every 2-4 weeks. Click here to learn more.
  3. Adult Forum & Coffee Hour: Join us for Coffee Hour and Adult Forum for large group presentations and discussions. Potential topics include Mental Health and Faith, Racial Justice, and Advent Art & Poetry. Stay tuned to the weekly eNews for topic updates!

We look forward to joining you on your spiritual journey, no matter where you are. We're leaving the light on for you at The Falls Church Episcopal and we hope you'll join us in whatever way you can.

Please see below for additional details about each program.

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