October is here in El Salvador and we welcome the winds of October. In this time of hope, we look forward to these seasonal winds to fly our Tamarindo ‘piscuchas-kites’ high into the blue.

We also hope the winds will blow away the clouds and rain of winter and bring in our Salvadoran spring. In this October edition, we also welcome and introduce our new logo inspired by a Salvadoran artist, a new Salvadoran saint, an upcoming new website and a new recreation space. We also pay tribute to our dear friend and companion, Melissa Graviss.
A new look for the Tamarindo Foundation
Many of you might know that our Tamarindo Foundation website has been under renovation for some time now. As part of our renovation, we asked our board members to reflect on both our mission and vision statements. After much discussion and discernment on our work and “reading the signs of the times,” the Tamarindo Foundation presents our vision:

“Inspired by Faith and Grace to break the chains of poverty and forced migration in El Salvador.”

With our new vision statement, we were also inspired by the faith and work of Salvadoran artist, Fernando Llort to renovate our Tamarindo logo. Not only did Fernando create the ‘La Palma art style,’ but Fernando started an artisan movement creating the artist cooperative, “Semilla de Dios-Seed of God”. His intention was to create jobs to break the chains of poverty and create opportunity for the people of La Palma. We share his vision in the Tamarindo Foundation as we seek to facilitate the creation of jobs, promote economic activity and assist in building safe communities for Salvadorans in El Salvador. Stay tuned for the launching of our renovated website .
Saint Oscar Arnulfo Romero
The Voice of the Voiceless
On October 14, Archbishop Oscar Romero will be canonized a saint in a celebration at the Vatican. He will become our first declared Salvadoran saint.

He was gunned down during Mass on March 24, 1980, a day after telling government soldiers that they were killing their own people. “No soldier is obliged to obey an order that is contrary to the will of God.” Standing behind the altar he was shot through the heart by a gunmen linked to a right-wing death squad after saying, “One must not love oneself so much as to avoid getting involved in the risks of life that history demands of us; and those who fend off danger will lose their lives.”

Here at the Tamarindo, we plan on joining the celebration, at 2:00 am Salvadoran time, first by walking in a candle light procession to the Guarjila Community Center. Then while enjoying coffee and ‘pan dulce-sweet bread,’ we will watch the canonization ceremony projected on a large screen (a big white sheet) on the wall.

We ask all of you to join us in prayer that through Romero’s intercession we will contribute to making El Salvador prosper in peace, joy and opportunity for all Salvadorans.

The Murphy Family Field
After many years of dreaming and six months of construction, the Murphy Family Field (MFF) is finally completed.

The field is part of our Tamarindo commitment to create a safe and healthy community environment for families in Guarjila. Along with our efforts to create jobs and provide educational opportunity, recreational spaces like the MFF will make Guarjila an even greater place to live and give our people more reason to remain at home in El Salvador and not choose to migrate north.

The Murphy Family Field is the first completed project in our larger community development plan, which includes a learning center, language academy, field house, community pool, retreat house and health and wellness center. We plan on breaking ground on the fully funded learning center by early next year.

We are most grateful to the Murphy family for their most generous gift which made this project possible. 

Gracias Ms. Graviss
Last Saturday, we received the news that one of our dearest and most loyal of Tamarindo friends, Melissa Graviss, had died, ending her long struggle with cancer.

Melissa came to El Salvador fifteen years ago with students from St. Mary’s High School from Berkeley, California and never stopped coming back until she became too sick to travel. Melissa brought so much to our community, most of all her love. She also brought her smile, her laughter, her science and her art.
We of course will always remember her doing picture-perfect dives off the bridge into the Sumpul River. We will miss those visits, her telephone calls and the articles she sent us on politics, current events and science (which I must admit at times I found difficult to understand).

We will always remember her birthday because as she told us, “It’s always on or near the major league baseball All Star game”. We will always remember her love of the San Francisco Giants and the Tamarindo will always proudly wave a Giants World Series flag she gifted us. We’ll remember her playing goalie in Tamarindo hockey games (we always gave her extra padding). We’ll remember scuba diving with her in a volcano when we thought we lost Gio in an underwater cave (thank God we found him). We will always feel the love she had for each and everyone of us.

On behalf of her Tamarindo community in El Salvador, we would like to thank God and her husband, Jim, for sharing Melissa with us. She was and will always remain a blessing to all of us. Thank you Ms. Graviss.
Cortina Scholarship Program Update
The Cortina Scholarship Program has now grown to serve 32 students in college. Thirty students are pursuing a variety of bachelor's degrees from law to nursing, and this year we have added two students pursuing a technical education. The program started 6 years ago with just three students. Next month, three students will graduate with their bachelor's degree, making a total of seven students in the last few years. In addition to being dedicated to their studies, Cortina students are active members of the Tamarindo and engage in community service projects in Guarjila.
It's almost Giving Tuesday
On November 27, 2018, the Tamarindo Foundation will once again participate in the global Giving Tuesday celebration.

Here at the Foundation, we are beginning our preparations for this very important event. The key to the day will be your participation and that of our Tamarindo community all over the world. We hope that everyone will make the contacts, calls or write the letters to your circle of friends and family. We are also aware that many of your employers offer matching grants. Please find out if your employers offer matching gifts! This would be a great resource for us.

All of our work can only happen with your help and collaboration.
Know how grateful we are to all of you. Thank you.