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Happy November, my friends! 

Living in the south can be a funny thing come these months.  It was 77 degrees today, for example.  I remember last Thanksgiving it was 74 degrees outside and while I loved that, it ended up snowing here a few times in the winter which was also unexpected.  There is a saying in Chicago (where I'm from), or at least...I *thought* it was from Chicago, saying 'if you don't like the weather, wait 5 minutes."   Turns out this is the saying in Nashville as well.  :)

One thing I noticed this year, despite the warm weather, is that we still had some leaves changing.  I didn't realize how much I had missed seeing that until this year, because the past two years had pretty much gone from green to the ground.   The vibrant and lively colors really made me appreciate the rolling hills and valleys of the great state of Tennessee.  

It's funny though- when you see the changing colors, you 'wait' for the 'fall'.   I was just thinking about that today and low and behold, my Mom handed me a news article that she thought I would appreciate about hand stamped cards.  Above this article was another article titled "A Season of Waiting" by Knight Stivender, a local contributor for "the Tennessean" newspaper.   Here is an excerpt from her writing:

"Fall gardening is about deep roots.  Fall gardening is mysterious, testing, and nearly counter-intuitive.  We hack some plants nearly to the ground so that they'll grow again in the Spring.....a gardener waits with optimism through cold, dark months knowing something tender and lovely will bloom of them in the Spring".

This REALLY struck me because although I am patient with my children, my husband (aka 5th child, ha!), I'm not a 'patient' personality, on a whole.  I don't like waiting for things (hello, have you ever stalked your mailbox for happy mail?), and I don't like the feeling of having to be "hacked to the ground" sometimes because trust me, I've felt it.  Indeed there are times when we all feel a little hacked.

However, I cannot remember a time when I didn't come out on top and really 'bloom'.   I remember just saying to my husband not long ago how ugly my rose bushes looked on either side of my driveway because he had 'hacked' them.   They looked stripped and bare and kind of well, pathetic.   All so that they will grow fuller, and stronger and more BEAUTIFUL than the season before.

Perhaps waiting isn't so bad...there seems to be a heck of a lot of loveliness in the optimism of knowing that some things...are truly worth the wait.  :)

Wishing you the BEST and the MOST....always....
Jess :)
MEET the stars of the NOVEMBER RELEASE!...  

After some delightfully different CLEAR STAMP releases last month, TGF is proud to welcome FOUR NEW lovable characters to our awesome line of stamps this month!

With two creepers-BOTH boys this time, a darling new Wild Sprout and a classic new Anya, the girl that launched 1,000 stamps, one could say.... here are the NOVEMBER releases:

Holiday Anya by Tracey Pickersgill:

Creeper Saturday by Kris Palakiko, our Nov. guest:

Creeper Sunday by Jessica:

Wild Sprout Matilda by Kim Yu:

Be sure to visit the TGF blog and ALL the Farmers' blogs for even MORE inspiration this month and check out our NEW SplitCoastStampers GALLERY.  We'd love for you to upload there too, using keyword thegreetingfarm (no spaces!)  :)
An interview with our NOVEMBER Guest Designer, Kris Palakiko! 

It is so exciting for The Greeting Farm to welcome talented new Guest Designers each month, and this sweet lady is no exception!  I have had the pleasure of chatting back and forth online with the sweet Kris Palakiko for a few years now- not only is she awesomely talented, super caring and thoughtful, she's truly one of the biggest fans of the Farm and we WELCOME her this month as our November guest!

Tell us where your biggest source of inspiration comes from?
My biggest source of inspiration comes from my family.  Everyone is different and I love when they critique my creations because they all have different opinions, likes and dislikes.  Their criticism helps me better myself and inspires me to try different things.  My children are a big part of my inspiration and my #1 fans!  The things they love such as colors, patterns, images, etc. helps me broaden my views from the things I love and are comfortable with.  Hubby plays a huge part too, not only support wise, but he inspires me to step out of my comfort zone and 'try'.  The day my family stops supporting my passion for crafs, is the day I will stop crafting.  (I hope that is never, heehee!)

Name THREE stamping "must haves" you can't live without?
Oooh!  This is a hard question!!  LOL  Only 3 huh?!  That would have to be ALL of my stamps.  Can't do anything without them.  =D  Copics.  Oh that is a MUST.  And for the moment, I will have to say patterned paper.  Stamps, Copcis and patterned paper equals a very fun craft time...

THREE things about you unrelated to stamping that we might not know about you?
Let's see!  3 things about me...  Born and raised in Hawaii, but I have no Hawaiian ethnicity (my kiddies do).  Entered a scholarship pageant in 2000 and was crowned Miss Photogenic.  I loved the camera back then, in my younger, skinnier days.  LOL!  I love poetry and use to write some in my school years.  It was a way of expressing myself and the way I felt.  Too bad I don't know where I stashed them.

Awww, we hope you find them because I bet they are awesome!  Here is a photo of a wonderful sampling of Kris's favorite projects using TGF stamps:

Thanks so much for spending some time with us, Kris! See more of Kris's beautiful creations on her blog, K-lusive Kreations!

Time to get TWI-spired...  

You didn't think we'd let the opening of a very popular major motion picture go without notice, did ya?

Well, it's time to get smitten and BITTEN with these awesome cards I Spy-ed in our Gallery on Splitcoaststampers!

Have you been SPYED?  better yet, TWI-ed?
Email Jess for your choice of a FREE DIGI if you see your card here sparkling in the sunlight:

By KanataNewf:

by Corrosive69:
by DShaffer1976:
by Crystal Irwin:

Don't forget to email Jess if you're one of the lucky winners and be sure to check out our TGF "Team TWI-hard" showcase on 11/24- a little Thanksgiving fun for you all! 


My name is Rachel Parys, and I am a die-hard TGF fan!!

I live in Colorado with my husband , Chris, and our two daughters.  Hunter is 13 (lord help me), and Maddie is 6!  

A friend of mine, that I met at my daughter's school, introduced me to the world of rubber stamps and card-making.  I have always been a scrap booker, but never knew about the big, beautiful world of stamps and Copic markers.  The things she showed me blew me away.  At first, I was very intimidated.  I started shopping around and found The Greeting Farm stamps, and I never looked back!  I started out with watercolor pencils to see if stamping was something I was really going to be interested in.  Needless to say, several stamps and copic markers later, I am HOOKED.  It's creative and relaxing to me, and I love giving people something that came directly from the heart.  

I have quite a few stamps, but I must say that right now my favorites are Oliver and Amelia.  I am trying to complete my collection of their sets. (getting close!)  I also make coloring sheets for my daughter Maddie, who is also in love with all of the TGF images!

For Thanksgiving I am making seating cards for my family with a stamp that best resembles them.  I am using the "Tent Topper Card" tutorial that I found on SCS.  Inside I will put a personal Thanksgiving sentiment for them.

I used Summer from the Roll Call Collection for my niece Joey. (They are both ornery looking.)
I also will be working on an all occasion card gift box/tin for both my mom and mother-in-law.  I am decorating the outside with Stella since she is holding a card, and she's cute!

A lot of what you see here has been purchased from the Target $1 bins!  Got to love $1 bins!

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season!  Thank you to Marie for giving us such fun images to create with!

Thanks for sharing your gorgeous creations and a little about yourself, Rachel!  We are so excited to have had you as our November spotlight for "TGF PRESENTS!"

Be sure to visit Rachel's blog, "Knee Deep in Paper" regularly for lots more TGF sightings!

Do YOU want to be featured in our next newsletter?  Email Jess at yeahshestamps@gmail.com!  Stay tuned for the next installement of our Customer Spotlight in December!  
DECEMBER Guest Designer CONTEST update!          
We had 16 SUPER talented entries for our Guest Designer contest and WOW, I would NOT have wanted that job of voting!

Thanks to YOU guys, y'all have it narrowed down to THREE stellar finalists and the next round of voting will be on NOVEMBER 20th on our FACEBOOK PAGE!

Can't wait to see what happens as our final round approaches!

Come out and support these talented ladies and cast your VOTES....11/20!


Looking Ahead...

Here are some important dates for the rest of the month of OCTOBER:

Friday, Nov. 18th-
COUPON DAY  (see below)

Also!  DECEMBER Guest Designer contest- Final Round voting on our Facebook page from 10am-9pm CST

THURSDAY, November 24th-
Twilight Thursday special event!

MONDAY, November 28th-Special Guest post featuring TGF TREATS!

Jessica Diedrich
TGF Creative Coordinator
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