THA Members & Affiliates:

As you know, the political climate seems to get more complex each year. With the recent federal and state elections, our nation witnessed a significant number of legislative position changes. THA looks forward to the education process of those new legislators and presenting the many ways our factory-built industry can contribute to the affordable housing needs of our respective communities.

As an Association, your leadership has worked hard (and made significant strides in recent years), in building a stronger political presence here in Tennessee, with financial help from our members and utilizing the counsel of our lobbying firm McMahan Winstead and Richardson.

THA respectfully asks those members and affiliates who have yet to contribute to the annual THA-PAC campaign, to do so now. We are very close to meeting our goal of $35,000. Your 2020 contribution will assist THA leadership to foster more legislative relationships in the coming year, and in doing so, will provide more opportunities to create positive change for the factory-built housing industry in our state.

For ease of participation, we have linked a contribution form below. As well, THA has linked a list of our past 5-year contributors. We want to thank those individuals and companies who have supported the THA-PAC previously and hope you will continue to do so this year and beyond.

Thank you in advance, for investing in our industry’s future!
DID YOU KNOW... in Tennessee?

  • Every legislative session 2,000 – 5,000 bills are introduced.

  • Every year our legislative issues become tougher.

  • Everyday legislators make decisions which impact our industry.

  • Having a strong, well-supported Political Action Committee (PAC) is critical in propelling the industry towards its legislative goals.

  • To legislators, a PAC represents numbers, constituents and strength.

  • The THA Political Action Committee (THA-PAC) provides a unified voice for the factory-built industry in Tennessee, which positions us to meet the challenges of an ever-changing legislative political environment.

  • Your personal contribution is vital if we are to continue supporting industry-friendly candidates.

  • Every dollar you contribute to the THA-PAC goes directly to targeted candidates.
Tennessee accepts corporate, personal and LLC contributions.