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August 2015



We are proud to announce that we welcomed more than 1000 visitors from 21 different countries during the E-Crane Demo Days.


Our 5-day business event was a great success. All five days were very busy days spent with wonderful people.

The massive turnout for our eye catching E-Handler® EH7290 CR-D, and the interest in our daily activities at E-Crane® gave us the "boost" to continue our work with the same passion for at least another 25 years.


Thank you for raising the glass with us in celebration of 25 years of passion for equilibrium cranes!

We take great pride in the personal relationships we develop with our contacts and we hope you enjoyed visiting us as much as we enjoyed your presence.

Ir. Lieven Bauwens
E-Crane Group of Companies 

 Gala Dinner Friday 29.05.2015


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25 Years E-Crane: Press Conference

25 Years E-Crane: Gala Dinner



Family Dinner Saturday 30.05.2015


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 25 Years E-Crane: Family Dinner

Thanks to All Visitors


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