Musana Newsletter January 2018
In 2017, we asked YOU, our Musana family, to help us build another branch of Musana Nursery and Primary School in the rural community of Bukona to educate an additional 800 children. Our total fundraising goal to build the school was $370,000 and in November, we were still $100,000 short. In the last two months of the year, we raised $116,000!!! Because of you, WE DID IT… We built a school!

In late October, we broke ground in Bukona to start construction of the first building. Since then, it has been incredible to see the response from the local community. More than 50 men from Bukona have actually been employed to help construct, women come daily to feed the workers, and the community kids excitedly watch the buildings go up (with no idea that this school is actually for them!). Where are we now with the progress? Well, over the last three months, we have brought electricity and water to the land, constructed 10 classrooms, 4 administrative offices, girls’ and boys’ dormitories that each accommodate 150 children, bathrooms, a kitchen, and staff housing for 10 teachers. Check out the progress!

Can you believe how far $370,000 can go? It is amazing to think how a drop in the bucket in the U.S. can create such a wave of change in Uganda. The lives of 800 children will be transformed in these buildings, providing them with a quality education that will not only give them the means to succeed in academics, but will inspire them with love and the foundation to be transformative leaders.

Next week, the school year will start and over 200 students will begin studying on our new campus. That means that Musana will educate over 1,500 students in 2018 at our primary and high schools! We are thrilled, but there is still A LOT to be done. The basic necessities for the school are covered by the initial capital fundraised. However, Musana is far from basic. There is still a huge need to make the infrastructure and the services the best in Iganga, like our current branch. We ask you to continue to stand with us to help make Bukona shine and give 800 kiddos the quality education that they deserve. We will keep you updated, but for now, we are overflowing with gratitude. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for investing in our youth, believing in our vision, and being part of changing lives half a world a way!!!
ERIN MOSER, Development Director
Erin has been involved with Musana since it’s inception in 2008, when her family felt called to support one of the first 80 students through our Shine Program. Erin’s involvement grew in 2015, when her family’s dream of traveling to Uganda became a reality. Once she experienced Musana first hand, she gained a deep appreciation for poverty alleviation through a movement of sustainable solutions.  Bringing her years of experience in missions along with her background in sales, the University of Colorado graduate joined the Musana team as our Development Director. Erin and her husband, Bob, live in Colorado with their three sons: Reid, Jack and Chase. In her spare time, she enjoys running, reading, traveling, and entertaining.

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