Blind Students in Nevada Receive New Instruments Thanks to
Your Contributions!
“Nevada is one of just six states that does not have a dedicated school for blind children. Nevada Blind Children’s Foundation (NBCF) is the only organization of its kind, serving children who are blind/visually impaired (birth to 22 years) to help prepare our students for an independent future.”

Emily Smith is the CEO of Nevada Blind Children’s Foundation and has been leading her cause since November 2014. She has found that many visually impaired students struggle in school and require additional support to find success in core subjects, which means most students don't get the opportunity to participate in music classes through their schools.

NBCF provides an after-school environment (and a full-day preschool) where students who are blind/visually impaired can get the additional expanded core curriculum education they need to reach their fullest potential. The NBCF offers classes/courses in life skills training, vocation training, as well as social and recreation opportunities, adaptive technology, and orientation and mobility training (white cane).

“I was actually in the music business a long time ago, prior to starting work in the nonprofit sector. I purchased most of my equipment from Guitar Center over the years, so when we were looking to expand our music program at the center, I reached out to the team at Guitar Center and they told me about the Guitar Center Music Foundation,” said Smith

Students at Nevada Blind Children’s Foundation have received all new instruments to outfit a brand new music room that will allow them to explore different instruments and learn music in a hands-on approach they couldn't have achieved without your help and donations.

"The Guitar Center Music Foundation’s gift will literally put instruments in the hands of students and provide us a music room we can actually teach in and provide students who are blind/visually impaired a way to express themselves through music. Our students love music. It’s an activity that doesn’t require sight to enjoy and express themselves," said Smith

Last year, the NBCF served 48 students during COVID, all of whom cycled through the music program at some point. Students ranged in ages from preschool through 12th grade and included students who are blind/visually impaired as well as their sighted siblings. Once COVID restrictions are lifted, the school expects to serve over 70 students each year.

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