May 26, 2020
Request a Proclamation

COVID-19 might keep us from hosting large Luminary events with thousands of Luminaries being lit to honor Gold Star Families. However, there are other ways we can honor them. 

Just as the President writes a proclamation every year for Gold Star Family Day, the Governor of each state also has the option to observe Gold Star Family Day with a proclamation of their own. We urge the citizens of states without a proclamation to contact their Governor's office to request one. If your state already has a proclamation for 2020, please contact our office so we can include your state's proclamation on our website.

Involve Your State Capital

Gold Star Family Day (Sunday, September 27, 2020) is when we take time to honor the family members of our fallen heroes by lighting luminaries across the country at dusk. Thousands of luminaries have been lit throughout the country on this day in communities large and small, for more than a decade. The date is rapidly approaching.

There’s a chance that large events won’t be possible on Gold Star Family Day this year. But that doesn’t mean we can’t still get each State Capitol involved. Even if there are just 10 Luminary bags lit on the steps of the Capitol building, it would go a long way to show Gold Star Families that we will never forget the sacrifice their loved one made for this country.

Honor Gold Star Families

Show your support and take the pledge! Complete our online form TODAY, then mark your calendar for the last Sunday in September every year to light a luminary for Gold Star families, beginning on September 27, 2020.

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