Friday, October 6, 2017
Dear Marine parents,

The mission of, Inc., is to provide support, information, and services to Marines and their family members, and create opportunities for the public to support our troops through the organization's outreach programs.

On Gold Star Family Day, September 24th, over 4,690 people lit luminaries along their driveways and sidewalks to honor our fallen heroes. Read more and see photos in our first article.

Congress is requesting participants in a study revolving around those who care for service members and veterans who have suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI) after October 2001. If you or someone you know may be interested in participating please read our second article.
In this newsletter, meet a volunteer and a Team Marine Parents participant, learn about Roberto Clemente, our Hispanic Heritage Month featured Marine, and combat marksmanship training in the Marine Corps.

God bless and Semper Fi!
2017 Nationwide Luminary Lightings

The Luminary Initiative has been a major contributor towards honoring Gold Star families since 2007. The mission of the Luminary Initiative is to urge individuals, families, and organizations nationwide to light luminaries at dusk on the last Sunday in September, Gold Star Family Day, to honor our fallen heroes.

On the evening of Sunday, September 24, 2017, military supporters across the country came together to show their respect for Gold Star family members and to keep the memories of those who have made the ultimate sacrifice on behalf of our nation alive.

Events ranged from small to large, from individual family events to neighborhood and community-wide events. Some events had guest speakers, others took place at parks and memorials, and over 4,690 people lit luminaries along their driveways and sidewalks. Also, hundreds of individuals helped us light up Facebook with support by changing their social media profile pictures to our Luminary Initiative image on Sunday.

Caring for Caregivers

Do you care for a service member or veteran who had a traumatic brain injury (TBI) after October 2001 while serving in the military? If so, you may be eligible to participate in a study requested by Congress.

The study is currently recruiting family members, friends, or significant others who help a service member or veteran who had a traumatic brain injury after October 2001 while serving in the military. Help can include assistance with any day to day activity such as dressing, managing emotions, personality changes, anger/irritability, housework, remembering things, taking medications, managing money, providing financial assistance, running errands, shopping, transportation, or preparing meals.

If you or someone you know may be interested, please call (855) 821-1469, or email . 

Featured TMP Participant:
Ron Puterbaugh

Team Marine Parents (TMP) is a group of individuals, generally parents, family and friends of Marines, who participate in athletic events nationwide to support our troops. The mission is to raise funds and awareness of the organization's outreach programs .

Our featured TMP participant this week is Ron Puterbaugh. The notion of pushing yourself beyond comfort zones and being part of something bigger than self is the motivation for participation in the MCM. Though Ron has participated in many 5K races he has yet to compete in a Marathon. Ron's daughter's determination and accomplishments has inspired Ron to train and take part in the MCM.
Featured Volunteer 
Tony McMillan

Recruit Parents Facebook Groups Volunteer, Tony has been a volunteer with Marine Parents since 2016, currently serving as the Bravo Company Group Leader.

Tony's family has a history of serving in the military, his father being a Marine toward the end of the Korean War while his father in law is a Navy Veteran. Now, Tony is also the proud father of a Marine as well!

Hispanic Heritage Month Feature: Roberto Clemente

Hispanic Heritage Month is September 15th to October 15th. During this time we will feature a Marine of Hispanic heritage each week. This week's featured Marine is Roberto Clemente.

Combat Marksmanship

The Marine Corps' primary mission is to locate, close with, and destroy the enemy by fire and maneuver, as well as to repel assault by fire and close combat during amphibious assaults and subsequent operations ashore. Combat-ready Marines must be skilled in tactics and highly proficient in the use of firearms. Well-trained Marines have the confidence required to deliver accurate fire under the most adverse of battle conditions., Inc.
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