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GRSRS Golden Oldies Sweepstakes
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1.  Large Teal canvas tote with silver Golden Retriever figurine on the front, Great Summer Tote or Beach Bag.

2.  Child's Size 8(runs small) light weight, hooded summer long sleeve beach top featuring Black Swans.

3.  Green Tree Wooden Jewelry Paw Print hanging earrings.

4.  Beautiful " Grey Trout" design size Large ( 16"to26") woven Spiffy Dog Collar.

**All monthly donors are automatically entered in the monthly sweepstakes.

Remember, entering is FREE....
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Donations for the Senior Goldens are appreciated but not necessary to win.


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A Message from the GRSRS&EC President
Dear Golden Friends:

This past year has been a busy and very exciting one. THANKS TO EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU  for providing emotional, financial and heart felt encouragement that has made this year such a special one of growth and program impact for the Sanctuary Golden Oldies and their Elderly Canine Companions.

We have paid for all the Sanctuary and Isolation Unit's many types of food, treats, electricity, air-conditioning, heat, nutritional supplements and winter/spring coats for the year 2016. In July 2016 we will be providing an expanded size emergency power generator, installation and cement resting pad, electrical and gas connections and a service contract that will provide emergency power for both the Sanctuary and Isolation Unit with the generating ability to also service any additional buildings in that area in the future.

Last, but not least we are in the process of developing two special silent on line auctions, one for October and one for November 2016. These auctions will offer a wide selection of items and will provide a unique opportunity for people to do their Holiday Shopping for all their friends, family and beloved pets thus each auction item will serve two purposes, as a lovely holiday gift from you for others and the income to provide care for the Sanctuary residents.

Our Goal for this two auction event is to generate funding to pay for all the basic Sanctuary expenses for 2017.

To make this effort a success we need YOUR help in these areas:
  1. Please consider donating new or gently used Golden Retriever memorabilia, hand crafted objects done by you or purchased from the artist for this event, special items that you feel will appeal to people of all ages and their pets too. All item donations may be sent to GRSRS&EC, P.O.Box 484, North Reading, MA 01864 to be received by September 15th if possible.
  2. To be a truly successful multi silent auction event we need to increase the number of people who will participate. The number of people who receive our G.O. Gazette needs to be increased to achieve this objective.
  3. *****Please forward this copy of the G.O. Gazette to friends and family no matter where they live (near or far) and ask them to submit their name and e-mail address to me at They will then receive their monthly issue of the G.O. Gazette directly each month and can participate in the program in any way they wish.*******
  4. A few minutes in the comfort of your home on the computer sharing the G.O. Gazette with others can and will make a big difference in spreading the word about the GRSRS&EC program, its preschool education programs, fundraising events,  and its commitment to provide a life time safety net for our beloved Golden Oldies and their Elderly Canine Companions.
Have a great GOLDEN week from everyone at GRSRS&EC!

Joan Puglia, 
President and Founder

P.S. Here's a recent picture of Moose (featured in May's Gazette), born to Senior Golden Goldie, both at the Sanctuary! Goldie was rescued from a puppy mill breeder who wanted her put down. BECAUSE of your support, the Lynne Glennon Sanctuary for Senior Goldens and Puppy Mill Survivors there will always be a safe place for Senior Goldens to live out their lives... and bring unexpected new lives into the world, too!  

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