CTA Weekly Communicator | May 11, 2018 26 Iyar 5778 |
8:18 pm Candle lighting for Parashat Behar-Bechukotai
CTA Weekly Communicator
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Shabbat Shalom D'var Torah
By Jamie Bindell, Kindergarten Judaic Studies Teacher
Parshat Bechukotai begins by stating, “If you will follow My decrees and observe My commandments and perform them”, blessings that will be bestowed on us. Rashi asks the following question, “Following My decrees and observing My commandments seem to be the same, so why is the idea repeated?” He answers that “following My decrees” is actually talking about “toiling in Torah”. 

Rabbi Abraham Twerski in his book, Twerski on Chumash, comments on this idea by saying that anyone can toil in Torah. We may all not be able to become a famous Rav with many students, but we are all able to study, and this is primarily what matters. The focus is not how successful one is at mastering everything, as some people are unable to grasp Torah quickly. They might feel their teachers are disappointed with them, which in turn may drive the student to give up on learning and his commitment to Judaism. Rabbi Twerski says, “If they could feel that their efforts in trying to understand the Talmud are appreciated, regardless of whether or not they succeed, and if they received recognition for the effort, they would be better motivated to study Torah.” We need to look at the effort being put forth, instead of simply the end goal of being learned. 

In Kindergarten, we recently learned about Rabbi Akiva and how he started learning Torah when he was 40. He had difficulty trying to learn. One day, he saw a rock that had water dripping on it for a long time, and noticed there was a depression in the rock from the water. Rabbi Akiva noted that if water can make a hole in a rock, he can learn Torah if he just keeps studying. With that determination, he was able to become the famous Talmudic sage.  

I love this idea. When we do not give up on something that is hard for us, even though giving up would be easier, we can accomplish so much. We talk a lot about a growth mindset at CTA. How can we learn more and keep growing as people and as educators? How can we take the student who struggles and encourage then to feel proud of themselves and to keep going? How will we know who we can become unless we keep trying and growing?

I believe the line about toiling is alluding to the effort. Most of us will not become a famous Rabbi like Rabbi Akiva, but we can have that same determination. Hashem wants our effort. Hashem doesn’t want us to ever give up, despite something being hard. He wants us to keep growing every moment. If you keep moving in the right direction long enough and encourage others to do so as well, you never know who you or they may become.  
Shabbat Shalom
Preview of the Week: May 14-18, 2018
Lunch: French Toast - Volunteer: R. Schwartz


Activities: Twirlers, 4-5 pm
Lower School Parent Cafe with Nicole Miller, 7:30 pm, Markush Home
Lunch: Tacos - Volunteer: M. Lessnick


Lunch: Lasagna - Volunteer: I. Khozin


Activities: Lower School Tennis, 4:15 pm
Robotics Club, 4-5:15 pm
Garden Club, 4-5 pm
Lunch: Sloppy Joes - Volunteer: S. Stanich


Lunch: Tuna


May 13 : Mother's Day
May 21: Shavuot - NO SCHOOL
May 23-June 1: Scholastic Book Fair
May 25: LS Dress Down Day
May 28: Memorial Day - NO SCHOOL
May 30: Lower School Achievement Fair, 6-7:30 pm
June 1: Field Day for K-8
June 1: LS Dress Down Day
June 3: 12th Grade Graduation, 1 pm
June 4: 3rd Grade Plays, 3 pm
June 5: Class of 2022 Freshman Speech, 7 pm
June 6: Last Day of School, 12;00 pm dismissal
Kindergarten Celebration, 9:30 am
Upper School Awards Assembly, 7 pm
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Mon, May 14, 7:30 pm
At the home of Dor and Lissie Markush

Let's wrap up the year by looking at the lower school has accomplished this year. It will be a year in review. There will be time to share your thoughts.  We will also talk about what you would like to see next year for Parent Cafés.

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