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March 2017
Back in November, in light of the election results and its fallout, we pledged to donate 100% of the co-pays we collected between Thanksgiving and New Year's Day to the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), an important organization that fights hate and teaches tolerance.

We followed through on our promise and mailed them a check in early January. Recently, we received a thank-you note from the SPLC. While the letter is addressed to us, the gratitude should really be directed at you, our patients, for it is your money that is funding their important work. So, from both the SPLC and us, thank you.

Jonah Soolman, Registered Dietitian / Co-Owner
He Said, She Said: Clean Eating
Like us, you probably hear about "clean eating" from sources including people at the gym, restaurant ads, and certainly on social media. What does the term "clean eating" even mean though, and what are the pros and cons of looking at food this way?
He Said

The phrase "clean eating" never arose in nutrition school, and the only time I have seen it appear in a peer-reviewed journal article was in reference to behaviors that could be described as disordered eating. That should tell us something. Read More
She Said

So many of my patients emphatically believe that some foods are inherently virtuous and clean, worthy of being ingested, while other foods are a waste of money and have no business being called food. And I believe that this is a big problem. Read More 

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