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One Liturgy Only: 10:30am


March 8th, 2020



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There will be one Liturgy only this coming Sunday, March 8th, Lent Two, at 10:30am , as we welcome the annual Episcopal Visitation of our Bishop, +The Right Reverend Carlos Touché-Porter .

Bishop Touché-Porter will preach, confirm Susan Gist into the Anglican Communion, celebrate a pontifical Eucharist, and join us for a delightful reception on the front lawn following.

Lenten Blessings,

The video Homily for Lent One, March 1st, is HERE.

The appointed lessons for the Second Sunday in Lent, March 8th, are HERE

(The appointed reading in Spanish, Cuaresma Dos...los leciónes en español...HERE.

How to wash your hands HERE

Four ways to protect yourself against disinformation HERE

Eat your Olive Oil HERE

When should you eat for weight loss? HERE

Babies from bilingual homes show heightened attention  HERE

Anglican News Service HERE

Episcopal New Service HERE

Episcopal Café  HERE

1. Wash your hands frequently with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. All the time. All day long.
2. Alcohol-based liquid hand sanitizer is available at the entrance to the Church.
3. At the peace, we will refrain from hugs and handshakes (reluctantly!) for the present. Offer a verbal "Peace of the Lord!" to your fellow congregants, bump elbows, or wave.
4. Communion procedure will, for the next couple of months, proceed as follows. Come to the rail. Thereafter you may either, a). Receive the Host in your hand and consume the Host without the Sacramental Wine. Communion "in one kind" is valid in the Anglican Communion. Or, b). Fold your hands in a prayerful position, indicating you would lie to receive "in both kinds." The Priest will intinct a Host and place it upon your tongue.
5. Avoid touching your mouth, eyes and face - the places germs enter the body.
6. When you cough, cough into your bent elbow, not into your hand. If you blow your nose, dispose of the tissue as soon in a waste container with a lid that closes and wash your hands.
7. Keep reasonable distance. We don't have to be in each other's faces to converse. This is particularly important if someone is coughing or sneezing.
8. If you're sick, stay home! Encourage others to stay home if they're sick. Don't hesitate to go to the doctor and to urge others to do so.
Up-to-date information is a good antidote for anxiety. Visit the website of the World Health Organization for frequent updates. Go to the page below and click "Protect Yourself" to find downloadable materials in English and Spanish, as well as information about how to deal with anxiety over the disease: HERE
March 8, 2020
One Mass Only 10:30am


Processional: #401 "The God of Abraham Praise"

Gradual: #148   "Creator of the Earth and Skies"

Sanctus: S-130

Agnus Dei: S-164

Communion: #473   "Lift High The Cross"

Recessional: #636   "How Firm A Foundation"

Preacher & Celebrant:  +The Right Reverend Carlos Touché-Porter

Wednesday Eucharistic Schedule
March 4th: 9:15am Eucharist; Celebrant GFW+
Aspirant: Licenciado Miguel Rangel (assisting)
Pancake Supper
February 25th

Photos courtesy of Bonnie Tannahill
February 26th, 2020

Photos courtesy of Bonnie Tannahill
Maruca greeting at the door, Canon Woodward chanting the Great Litany

Cindy and Fr. Gary Sturni demonstating "elbow-bump" Peace procedure
Precautionary procedures for receiving Communion: Open hands to receive the Host in one kind; prayer hands to indicate a desire for Intinction of the Host by the priest.

Photos courtesy of Bonnie Tannahill
Reflections from long-time resident and parishioner Anna Buchanan

March 1st and do I see a pale green haze on my huge mulberry tree?  Within the week it will be leafed out and giving shade and hiding spaces for the birds. It is St. David's day today, saint's day of those with that name, and a day of celebration in Wales.

For us in San Miguel, it is the first week in March and therefore this FRIDAY will see many Indian groups dancing in the Jardin.  A wonderful sight, with throbbing drums, vivid costumes and dancing feathers to the accompaniment of the shell anklets.

The Concheros (shell dancers) will dance all day with a break for comida.  Most of them will be hosted by local dance groups.  The Morales family across the street from me host many.  Chants, prayers and music last during all all-night vigil in their chapel. The dancing is a continuation of ancient Chichimeca rites but, since the Conquest of Mexico by Spain, now showing their devotion to Christianity and the Cross.  If you watch for a while, you will notice that the solo dancers will trace the sign of the cross.

The statue of El Senor de la Conquista  was made by Tarascan Indians from cornhusks and orchid paste.  Legend has it that in the late 1500's, it was lost on the road to Celaya due to a Chichimeca attack, was found and hidden in a cave, then brought to light by a Morales ancestor, and it lives now in the Parroquia.  It will be above the Altar on Friday.  Our local historian says it has been here for 500 years.  A bit of a stretch!  It was recently restored.

Our Lord of the Conquest is also Lord of the Harvest, when prayers ask for the fertility of the seeds and good crops.  There will be thank offerings during the San Miguel fiesta in September.

If you take photos, this is an ideal time as there are no crowds.  During breaks in the dancing, you can photo as much as you wish and even take selfies.  Please do not break into the circles or try to join in.  Not done!

I do hope you are able to enjoy some of this history and fabulous tradition.  The dancers are very devout, sacrifice a lot to buy their costumes, especially the feathers, and dance long hours in whatever the weather.

ATENCION is full of things to do and see. 
PEN will have an excellent speaker on Tue., 6.30, at Bellas Artes and next weekend the GRAVITY KIDS put on a show at the Angela Peralta Theatre.

Wishing you a wonderful week, 


Marc Taylor, MA, ED.S., LPC
(50 peso fee for each class)

March 3rd - "The Hungry Woman"
This begins the cosmological orientation to the divine feminine. It includes a story cycle that speaks to the advent of the recognition and power of the feminine, the ascendancy of masculine orientation and the appearance of the great mother in the form of the Virgin of Guadalupe.

March 10th - "The Fifth Sun" 
This lecture tracks the Creation Myth and the stories that form the cosmological underpinnings of the culture. It introduces the creation of humans and apocalyptic view of our life on earth, the need for blood sacrifice, the importance of the sacred calendar and the community of deities.

March 17th - "Of Rabbits, Eggs and The Blood of Christ" 
This lecture compares the  synchronous Easter symbols and the same symbols in Mexican Mythology. For example, setting the date for the lunar holiday of Easter coinsides with the story of why Mexico sees a rabbit on the moons surface instead of the "Man in the Moon."

March 24th - "Land Without Love" - 
This lecture compares the stories of Quetzalcoatl with the advent of Christianity in 1519. It includes a discussion of the the presumed lack of a "Lover Archetype" in Mexican Mythology and how quickly this void was filled after the  introduction of Jesus as the Archetypal Lover. The ideas of sacrifice as an act of love, Tenochitlan as the New Jerusalem and the role of the Spanish Church as the governing authority are highlighted.


Paco Guajardo

Martha Hamill Melendez
Mitigare Cuidados Paliativos A.C.
Fundador y Miembro de la Mesa Directiva

Susan Robinson

THURSDAY 11am Book Study 'THE WALK' by Adam Hamilton
Canon Woodward

STATIONS OF THE CROSS Friday's at Noon in the Nave

Further information on much of the above pending in Parish Bulletin, the EPISTLE and Atención
Gratefully Received

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To help celebrate 10 years of partnership between AMISTAD CANADA and some of Mexico's leading non-profit organizations in the fields of Health, Education, Arts, and Social Justice, we are "CallIng All Canadians" to attend this special party!
It is a ticketed "FRIEND-raising event"
at no cost. Canadians living in or visiting the San Miguel de Allende area will be especially interested in attending. As this is an "inclusive" not an "exclusive" event, please bring your partner and a friend or two, should they be Canadians or not. Attendees will receive one free drink (and a cash bar will be open as well), free food, great music & entertainment, maybe dancing if you are in the mood and, for sure, fun for all.

Featured will be fascinating displays from the many humanitarian non-profit organizations with which AMISTAD CANADA is affiliated. 

Founding members of AMISTAD CANADA will be honoured and celebrated.  Please come and enjoy a unique and casual few hours at the beautiful Instituto Allende and join in the celebration.

Date And Time
Instituto Allende
Ancha de San Antonio #22
San Miguel de Allende, Gto 37700


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Our common life and future ministry is sustained by generous Parishioners and Friends, local and abroad, through Pledges, one-time donations, and Legacy Gifts.

Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Led by excellent volunteer guides, your 300 peso contribution benefits the children of Patronato Pro Niños. The tour lasts 2 1-2 hours. No reservation needed. Meet in the Jardin, across from the Parroquia by 9:40am for 10am departure.

  Keep up with Pro Musica news HERE !

Ran Dank, piano
St. Paul's March 6 & 8 at 5pm

The Music of Leonard Bernstein
March 13 & 15 at 5pm

Amit Pele, cello; David Korevaar, piano
March 18 & 19, Wed and Thurs at 5pm

Copland House Piano Quntet
March 21 & 22 at 5pm
  • March 2nd: 3pm "Universal Christ"
  • March 4th: 4pm Wednesday Lenten Presentation: Ecobase & Caminos de Agua
  • March 5th: 11am 'The Walk'
  • March 6th - 9th: Visitation Bishop Carlos Touché-Porter
  • March 8th: Second Sunday in Lent
    • Confirmation and Pontifical Festal Eucharist
    • Reception
  • March 9th: 3pm "Universal Christ"
  • March 11th: 4pm Lenten Presentation: Mitigare / Hospice
  • March 12th: 11am "The Walk" Book Study
  • March 13th: Noon: Stations of the Cross
  • March 15th: Third Sunday in Lent
  • March 16th: 3pm "Universal Christ"
  • March 18th: 4pm "Forgiveness" with Susan Robinson
  • March 19th: 11am "The Walk"
  • March 20th: Noon Stations of the Cross
  • March 22nd: Fourth Sunday in Lent: Preacher and Celebrant, Father Gary Sturni
  • March 23rd: 3pm "Universal Christ"
  • March 26th: 11am "The Walk"
  • March 27th: 11:15am Vestry
  • March 29th: Fifth Sunday in Lent
  • March 30th: 3pm "Universal Christ"
  • April 2nd: 11am "The Walk"
  • April 3rd: Noon Stations of the Cross
  • April 5th: Palm Sunday
  • April 9th: 4pm Maundy Thursday Washing of the Feet and Stripping of the Altar
  • April 10th: Noon Good Friday Liturgy
  • April 11th: 7pm The Great Vigil
  • April 12th: The Feast of the Resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ
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The Right Reverend Carlos Touche-Porter; Bishop
The Reverend Canon George F. Woodward III; Rector
Non-stipendiary Assisting Clergy
The Reverend Anthony Christiansen; Deacon Assisting
The Reverend Karen O'Malia; Priest Assisting
The Reverend Dr. Jeff Sells; Priest Assisting
The Reverend William McCord Thigpen III;  Priest Assisting
The Reverend Dr. Ernest Townsend; Priest Assisting
The Very Reverend Michael Long; Rector Emeritus
The Right Reverend William O. Gregg; Rector Emeritus