1 st Quarter Pledge Statements are being mailed out this week.

Many thanks to those of you who submitted pledge cards for 2018. We are so grateful for everyone’s financial pledges and support as this is what enables us to carry out the ministry of Jesus Christ at All Saints’ Church. Our budget is primarily funded by individual pledges made by you, our members and their families. If you have not pledged for this year please consider doing so – it’s never too late. Please also remember that a pledge is a statement of intent, not a legal obligation. It can be changed at any time.

Based on pledge and plate income during the first 3 months of this year, we will need to very carefully manage our expenses for the rest of the year. 

Unfortunately, while many of us are able to get away and take a vacation during the year, we need to remember that our bills never take a vacation!

But this is not just about paying the bills. It is also about supporting our Church ‘Ohana and the wider community. Your pledge and plate offerings support a surprising variety of church and community-related activities including Laundry Love, the Ke Akua Youth Group and our Sunday School. We have a positive impact on the wider community through those organizations which make use of our facilities – e.g. Tongan Church, 7 th Day Adventists, N.A., Al-Anon, Child and Family Services, Boy Scouts, Sea Scouts, K.I.S.S. concerts, McMasters’ Slack Key concerts, and various groups who raise funds with car washes.

We are living into our vision and becoming “A Center for Worship, Education, Outreach and the Arts”.

None of this would be possible without your support.