Volume 3, Issue 8
March 09, 2018
THIS SUNDAY: March 11, 2018
The Fourth Sunday Lent (B)

Numbers 21:4-9
Psalm 107:1-3, 17-22
Ephesians 2:1-10
John 3:14-2
Cami Pascua (EM)
John Hanaoka (U)
Dee Grisby (AG)

Dileep G. Bal (EM)
David Murray & Mary Margaret Smith (R)
Mario Antonio & Linda Crocker (U)
Janis Wright (AG)
Reis & Tyler (A)
Nelson Secretario & Flora Rubio (Prayers)
Sunday School Team "A"
Sunday, March 11 | 7:45AM - 8:45AM
"Loving God and Our Neighbors"
Lenten Series Session 5 (Memorial Hall)

Wednesday, March 14 | 4:00PM - 8:00PM
Slack Key Spring Festival (Church)

Sunday, March 18| 7:45AM - 8:45AM
"Loving God and Our Neighbors"
Lenten Series Session 6 (Memorial Hall)

Sunday, March 18| 8:30AM - 9:15AM
Baptism Preparation Class (Rector's Office)

Wednesday, March 21 | 5:00PM - 8:30PM
Laundry Love (Kapa'a Laundromat)

Thursday, March 22 | 7:00PM
Daughters of the King (Memorial Hall)

Saturday, March 24 | 8:00AM
Palm Cross Making (Sloggett Center)

Schedule shifting slightly to accommodate a new arrival
Last week, in a letter to the congregation, Ryan and Erin Newman shared the news that they are expecting a baby girl in August. With the new addition to their family, Rev. Ryan will be adjusting his sabbatical schedule in 2018.

Rev. Ryan wrote:

"In a month, I will set out on my first sabbatical experience after 16 years of ordained ministry. It promises to be a profound pilgrimage, literally and figuratively. Initially, the plan was for my sabbatical to begin April 2nd and conclude August 18th. However, Erin and I learned on Christmas Eve that we are going to be parents to a baby girl in late August. Yes, Erin is pregnant! We have begun our pilgrimage to parenthood."

This new journey requires that I adjust my schedule in 2018 whereby I will be dividing my sabbatical time into two parts. I will begin my sabbatical as planned on April 2nd and conclude the first portion June 30th. I will serve full-time in July and most of August. It will also mean that I will be present for the start of the new preschool year, which makes Chris Wataya very happy. In late August (approximately August 25th), I will resume my sabbatical coupled with paternity leave in order to be fully present to my family. I plan to resume part-time duties November 1st including serving on Sundays and will resume my full-time duties on December 1st."

The Reverend Mary Elizabeth Tudela has graciously agreed to serve during Rev. Ryan's absence during both my sabbatical and paternity leave time.
Starting April 8th, 2018, the early service on Sunday (currently at 7:00AM), will begin at 8:00AM. The later start time will position the early service to better serve a greater number of our ‘Ohana and visitors and potentially grow the service’s attendance in the long run. In the interest of safety, it will allow attendees to commute to church throughout the year during daylight hours. During the sabbatical period, the later start will best accommodate Rev. Mary’s schedule. This change will be in effect through the end of the year (2018).
Rev. Ryan challenges the congregation to respond prophetically
In light of yet another tragic school shooting, last Sunday, Rev. Ryan offered a powerful and thought-provoking sermon about our call and responsibility to be modern-day prophets by proclaiming through our baptism covenant “Never Again!”

If you were unable to attend last Sunday's service, the sermon audio is available, click here.

Below is an excerpt from the sermon:

“Never again should our children live in fear to go to school. Turn over the tables!

Never again should a leader be bound by special interest over human interest. Turn over the tables!

Never again should any organization turn a blind eye to the suffering. Turn over the tables!

Never again should our human family allow our holy places to be safe houses for the devil.

We have a moral obligation to stand up and speak out against injustice, greed, corruption, violence.

We are called to go into these sacred places and turn the tables over. To proclaim the Good News.

Turn over the tables so the world can see God’s love shine throughout the Kingdom. Turn over the tables for our children, and their children.”
House of Bishops pledges advocacy to end gun violence, sexual violence
The Episcopal Church’s House of Bishops said March 7 its members will support two major social movements, one to end gun violence and the other to end sexual harassment, violence and gender bias.

The bishops said they “wholeheartedly support and join” young people who survived the deadly Feb. 14 school shooting in Parkland, Florida, in their call for an end to gun violence.

In the other statement, they said they knew the “church has fallen short of our responsibility to listen and respond” to “the reality of sexual harassment, gender-based violence, and the cultural stronghold of gender bias and inequity.” The bishops “invite the church to a deeper examination of what God intends for our relationships,” including at the July meeting of General Convention.

Both statements were “accepted” during their annual spring retreat, according to press releases issued by the church’s Office of Public Affairs. The bishops are gathered March 6-9 at  Camp Allen , an Episcopal camp and conference center in Navasota, Texas.

In their  statement on the aftermath of the Parkland shooting , the bishops noted that “at this critical moment young people of our nation are inviting us to turn away from the nightmare of gun violence to the dream of choosing life,” the bishops said
The statement endorses the goals of the student organizers of the  March for Our Lives , scheduled for March 24 in Washington, D.C. Companion marches are planned in many U.S. cities and towns, and many Episcopal bishops have voiced their support for those marches. The bishops’ statement reiterated that support.

In their  statement on sexual harassment and violence , the bishops note that this is the first time the House of Bishops has met as a body since the #MeToo movement began last fall.

“Many of us have experienced sexual harassment and perhaps sexual violence,” they wrote. “Bishops who are women know the ‘me-too’ experience. Some bishops who are men know it as well. We live with different experiences of the cultural endowment of power.”

The house pledged to continue what it called “our own work of reconciliation within our branch of God’s church, honoring what we have learned and accomplished, as well as acknowledging the distance we still must travel.”

They said that the work “will take courage.

“As many women and men bravely come forward to speak the truth of their experience, courageous men and women will listen, where appropriate repent, and take an active role in repairing the brokenness, working to change the culture of our church.”

For more information, see the full article here .

This story is courtesy of the Episcopal News Service .
All Saints’ Eucharistic Visitors are available each Sunday (pending availability) to bring Communion to those who are sick or shut-in. Requests for a Eucharistic visitation can be made by calling the Church Office at (808) 822-4267 or emailing homecommunion@allsaintskauai.org .
Diocese clergy share video daily reflections
During the season of Lent, The Reverend Canon Sandy Graham asked each member of the clergy to provide one video reflection on the daily readings in Lent. Members of the clergy were assigned a day and invited to provide a 1-2 minute reflection.

Each day, the videos are posted on the Diocese's Facebook page and there are links also on the Diocese website.

To view Rev. Ryan's reflection for February 20, 2018, click here.
Flowers for All Saints’ Easter Services are made possible by the generous donations of our ‘Ohana. This is a wonderful way to make the church look festive as we celebrate the Resurrection of our Lord and to dedicate a gift in thanksgiving or in memory of someone.

Deadline is Monday, March 26th by noon to be included in the Easter Program. Forms are available online and at the entrance of the Church.

Download Easter Flower Offering Form
Terry Ann Moses (left) and David Murray (right) are guided by members of the Ke Akua Youth Group through the All Saints' Labyrinth.
For the past three years, All Saints' has hosted a Beach BBQ at Lydgate Beach Park on Palm Sunday evening, 4:00PM – 6:30PM to kick-off Holy Week. We will do it again this year: Sunday, March 25 th .

Beverages will be provided. If you are able, please bring a side dish (not required). It is recommended you also bring a beach chair. Come join us for food, fun, and fellowship!
March 11th: Jesus' Ministry Draws to a Close; Mary Prepares Him for Burial
John 12: Jesus goes to Bethany to the house of Mary and Martha, whose brother, Lazarus, Jesus had raised from death. At supper, Mary takes some expensive ointment and anoints Jesus’ feet with it. Judas Iscariot complains that this ointment could have been sold to give to the poor. But Jesus tenderly defends Mary. “Leave her alone. She bought it so that she might keep it for the day of my burial.” Then Jesus Christ says, “The poor you always have with you, but you do not always have me.

Mary’s act of anointing comes as a natural, impulsive response to the extravagant love that Jesus has shown to her. As John will later write in 1 John (4:19), “We love because he first loved us.” Love begets love; extravagant love begets extravagant love.

What Mary may not know—but Jesus knows—is that her anointing of him is an early preparation for his death. He probably knows the urgency of their time together. He cherishes this time. He has raised Lazarus and has incurred the ire of the Jewish authorities. His time will end soon. As he says, “His hour has not yet come”—but it will. This brings an extra poignancy to Mary’s devotional act.

Imagine yourself in Mary’s place. Feel the abundant, lavish, unconditional, generous love that is poured upon her by her Lord Jesus. Would you respond any differently than she does—with an equally generous, lavish outpouring of love given back to the one who gives so much to her?
2018 Lent and Holy Week Schedule
Sundays, March 11 & 18
Loving God & Our Neighbors
7:45AM, Memorial Hall
Sunday, March 25
Palm Sunday
7:00AM & 9:30AM Church
Monday, March 26
Taize Eucharist
6:00PM, Church

Tuesday, March 27
Georgian Chant Labyrinth Walks
7:00 - 10:00PM, Labyrinth

Wednesday, March 28
Stations of the Cross
6:00PM, Kealia Beach

Thursday, March 29
Maundy Thursday
6:30PM, Church
Watch and Pray: Overnight Prayer Vigil
Begins at 7:30PM, Church

Friday, March 30
Stations of the Cross
11:00AM, Church Grounds

Good Friday
12:00PM, Church
Saturday, March 31
Holy Saturday
8:00AM, Church

The Great Vigil of Easter
7:00PM, Church

Sunday, April 1
Sunrise Easter Service
6:00AM, Baby Beach

Easter Eucharist
7:00AM, Church

Festive Easter Service
9:30AM, Church

Easter Festival
11:00AM, All Saints’ Lawn