Volume 3, Issue 5
February 08, 2018
Last Sunday after the Epiphany (B)

2 Kings 2:1-12
Psalm 50:1-6
2 Corinthians 4:3-6
Mark 9:2-9
Joe Adorno (EM)
Jeff Albao (U)
Dee Grigsby (AG)

David Murray (EM)
Mary Margaret Smith & Chris Kostka (R)
Bara Sargent & Margaret Smith (U)
Edith Hashizume (AG)
Reis Nakamura & Noah Kostka (A)
Flora Rubio & Nelson Secretario (OSL)
Sunday School Team "A"
Sunday, February 11 | 8:15AM
Sunday School Teachers Mtg. (Memorial Hall)

Sunday, February 11 | 11:00AM
Youth Group Meeting (Youth Room)

Sunday, February 11 | 11:00AM
Rector's Forum: Finances (Memorial Hall)

Tuesday, February 13 | 6:30PM - 8:00PM
"Loving God and Our Neighbors"
Lenten Series Session 1 (Memorial Hall)

Wednesday, February 14 | 8:00AM & 6:30PM
Ash Wednesday Services (Church)

Wednesday, February 14 | 9-11AM & 4-6PM
Ashes to Go (Kuhio Highway)

Sunday, February 18 | 7:45AM - 8:45AM
"Loving God and Our Neighbors"
Lenten Series Session 2 (Memorial Hall)

Wednesday, February 21 | 5:00PM - 8:30PM
Laundry Love - Team A (Kapa'a Laundromat)
Gift to Queens' Chapel paints a sacred vision
During the renovation of the sanctuary, a prevailing topic was continually discussed: We are blessed to be the caretakers of Queen Emma's prayer kneeler from her private study, but we really don't have an ideal place in the Church to house and showcase this important relic.

The Organ/Sanctuary Project Committee saw an amazing opportunity--a chance to transform the room adjacent to the lectern on the south side (Lihue side) of the Church. The room was previously utilized as a storage area and pass-thru into the Church.

The Vision: Convert the space into a beautiful chapel dedicated to our beloved Queens, Queen Emma and Queen Lili’uokalani. The chapel will support the Healing Prayer Ministry during the 9:30AM service on Sunday. The chapel will also serve as an intimate space for small services, personal prayer and reflection, and be the new home for Queen Emma's kneeler.

The work to transform the space has begun and will continue throughout 2018.

In January, All Saints' received a stunning gift for the Queens' Chapel from the Kaua'i Museum and the Daughters of Hawai’i. As you look into the chapel now from the sanctuary, the doorway frames a portrait of King Kamehameha IV, Queen Emma (the Holy Sovereigns) and their son, Prince Albert. 

This portrait, commissioned by the Kaua’i Museum and the Daughters of Hawai’i, has been given to All Saints' as a mahalo for all that the church does to support Hawai’ian history, culture and language (e.g. our services celebrating the Holy Sovereigns and Queen Liliu’okalani, the use of the Hawai’ian Doxology as a standard part of our Eucharist services, hula in many services, and the inclusion of Hawai’ian language prayers, readings and hymns).

The portrait was painted by Evelyn Ritter whose work can be found in the main gallery of the Kaua’i Museum. Her works include King Kaumuali’I, Queen Debra Kapule, Chiefess Kamakahele, the Ha’aheo ‘O Hawai’I and others.

As you look closely at the portrait you may also notice that Queen Emma's kneeler is featured in the painting. Those of you with an eye for detail may also notice that the cover of the cushion on the kneeler in the portrait is the one that is currently in use on the kneeler – a cover made by our very own Mary Wilson!

"This is an extraordinary gift from the Kaua'i Museum and the Daughters of Hawai’i," said The Reverend Ryan D. Newman. "I want to especially thank Chucky Boy and Pammy Chock for their role in gifting this beautiful portrait to All Saints'. It truly adds a special and meaningful touch to the chapel that will be dedicated to Queen Emma and Queen Lili’uokalani."
Ni'ihau Shell Lei for All Saints' Church
Many of you likely remember the beautiful, fresh flower lei Elaine Tamura made every Sunday for our minister or supply clergy to wear during services. This was Elaine’s special gift to her church and I guess the rest of us viewed this as her ministry, her kuleana - and we all loved her for it. Since Elaine's passing, nobody seems to have felt the call to take over this ministry and our minister now only receives a flower lei to wear on special occasions. 

This situation concerned me and I had been thinking for some time that we should have an “All Saints' lei” for our own minister to wear on all occasions – special or non-special.  

I discussed this with my colleagues on the Vestry and asked for their agreement to use money from the Altar Fund to purchase an "alilea" shell lei, handmade on Ni’ihau, to be the property of the church. The Vestry approved the use of the funds and the Director of the Kaua’i Museum, Chucky Boy Chock, facilitated the purchase of the spectacular 24” lei that you see in the photograph. 

The lei comes with a certificate of authentication which states that this is a genuine Ni’ihau Shell Lei, number 499, made by Annie Kanahele in 2018. It was presented to the Church on Sunday, January 28th.

It is always an honor and a blessing to receive a traditional flower lei and we will still provide one for our minister on special occasions – and maybe even non-special occasions from time to time! And, of course, we will continue to provide flower leis for our supply clergy. 

Mau loa me ke maluhia aloha - always with loving peace.

David Murray
Gathering returns to the Youth Room
Last spring, with help from the congregation and Bishop Fitzpatrick, the Ke Akua Youth Group at All Saints' were blessed with a permanent space in All Saints' Gym they could call their own.

Unfortunately, "permanent" did not include the congregation worshiping in the gym during the late summer months and into the fall. During that time, the Youth Room also functioned as a temporary sacristy and storage space for the congregation while services were being held in the gym.

Thankfully, the Youth Room has been cleaned up, organized, and enhanced. The space is teeming with vibrancy and opportunity. This Sunday's meeting also marks the the official beginning of Cami Pascua's tenure as All Saints' new Youth Minister.

The meeting begins at 11:00AM. The youth of the Church (and their friends) are invited to attend.

The goal of the All Saints’ Youth Ministry is to inspire youth to search for God in all they do, engage in healthy dialogue about what matters to them, empower them to find and build community, and share life together. The group is called to fellowship, formation, and service.

For more information or questions, please contact Cami Pascua.
The Finances of All Saints'
During the Annual Meeting address, Rev. Ryan announced that he would forego the "tradition" of talking about the Church's financial situation. Instead, Rev. Ryan and the Vestry plan to host a Rector's Forum on Sunday, February 11th at 11:00AM that will focus on the financial future of All Saints'.

As Rev. Ryan said in his annual address to the congregation, "We have a few significant financial challenges and opportunities before us this year and in the years to come. Rather than talking about those financial challenges and opportunities today, I would like to host a Rector’s forum where the focus of the conversation can be our financial future and sustainability. At that time, we can talk about “all things financial”—the good, the bad, and the ugly."
Bring your palm crosses this Sunday
palm crosses
Ashes used on Ash Wednesday are made from the burned palms from previous Palm Sunday services. 

We are asking our 'Ohana to please bring in their old palm crosses to be used for the preparation of the ashes. Crosses can be left in a basket on the table at the church entrance this Sunday.

Annual ministry prepares to hit the highway again
Fr. Ryan and others will again be on the sidewalk along Kuhio Highway offering "Ashes to Go" for those who are unable to attend Ash Wednesday services. Ashes to Go will be offered 9:00AM - 11:00AM and 4:00PM - 6:00PM.

Annually, All Saints' distributes ashes to over a 100 people through this ministry. The ministry is open to everyone--share the news with others on the island! Volunteers are always needed to assist with the imposition of Ashes on Kuhio Highway.

Ashes to Go began in 2010, when three Chicago-area Episcopal churches took ashes to the train stations, bringing them to busy commuters. It was a hit and went viral in 2012, exploding across the nation. Ashes to Go is now being offered not only by Episcopal Churches, but many different denominations.
Journey to Ethiopia on Friday, February 23
SAVE THE DATE! Friday, February 23rd at 6:00PM. That is the date when All Saints’ will host the second installment in a series of travelogues.

During our first installment in January, Joan Roughgarden led a large group of All Saints’ parishioners and friends on a journey through India, Bangladesh, Thailand and Burma. Using slides and videos that Joan took on her trip to those countries, we were able to see the people and the landscape, and to hear the sounds of the city streets. Our senses of taste and smell were greeted by the potluck dishes representative of these countries and provided by those who attended—chicken satay, pumpkin curry, Thai beef.

For the second installment of what is hoped will become a regular social event at All Saints’, during the potluck dinner Joan will narrate a slide show from a pilgrimage she took to Ethiopia in 2009.

According to Joan, “The slides reveal a surprisingly long history—from pre-human fossils such as the famous ‘Lucy’ in the Ethiopian Rift Valley, through relics from early African kingdom at the city of Axum, through rock-hewn churches from the last millennium in the city of Lalibela, to round churches from the Middle Ages in the monasteries of Lake Tana, to the water falls of the Blue Nile. The show culminates with a video of the spectacular Ethiopian celebration of Epiphany, called the Timkat. The slide show lasts about 45 minutes or longer depending on the amount of discussion, which is always welcome. It is hoped this occasion will induce the many travelers and photographers in our community to share their experiences with one another.”

Joan has been living on Kauai with husband Rick Schmidt (of mac-and-cheese fame) for eight years. She retired from Stanford University where she was a professor of biology (ecology and evolution). Joan grew up during elementary school in the Philippines (Zamboanga) and Indonesia (Bogor and Djakarta), prior to returning to the mainland US for junior high, high school and university.

Please plan to attend what promises to be a very interesting journey on Friday, February 23rd, in Memorial Hall, beginning at 6:00PM.

If you are so inclined, bring an Ethiopian food dish to share. Never prepared one or tasted one? Just Google: Ethiopian Food Recipes. For more information about this travelogue series, contact William Brown or David Murray by email.
Photos by Joan Roughgarden. Taken during her trips through India, Bangladesh, Thailand and Burma.
Sunday School Teachers Meeting
All teachers of Sunday School are asked to attend a meeting on Sunday, February 11th at 8:15AM in Memorial Hall. The meeting agenda will cover vital coordination and curriculum topics. Please plan to attend.

If you are not currently a Sunday School teacher, but would like to join the ministry, please come to the meeting.

Any questions or concerns, please contact Erin Newman.
February 11: Who Does Jesus Say He Is?
This lesson includes the great “I AM” passages in which Jesus describes and identifies himself as God. He uses images from everyday life but emphasizes “I AM,” which, since Moses, has been known as the holy name of God.

The people, mostly the Jewish authorities, are angered by his talk and by his claim to come from God as the Christ, and they seek to have him arrested. In the later verses (John 7:33-52), the people disagree among themselves about how to see him, and about whether to arrest him.

Because people did not understand Jesus, he had to use images and pictures to tell his stories. Be open to these images. We often dismiss them or may not really think about them because we have heard them so may times. But read carefully and ponder anew.

Jesus—the ultimate bread, the ultimate light, the protective shepherd, the resurrection and the life.

How do we respond to Jesus as bread, as light, as vine to our branches, as protector? How can he transform us? How are these images pictures of love?
2018 Lent and Holy Week Schedule
Tuesday, February 13
Session One: Loving God & Our Neighbors
6:30PM, Memorial Hall

Wednesday, February 14
Imposition of Ashes
8:00AM, Church

Ashes to Go
9:00AM – 11:00AM, Kuhio Highway
Ashes to Go
4:00PM – 6:00PM, Kuhio Highway

Holy Eucharist with the Imposition of Ashes
6:30PM, Church
Sundays, February 18, 25
& March 4, 11, 18
Loving God & Our Neighbors
7:45AM, Memorial Hall
Sunday, March 25
Palm Sunday
7:00AM & 9:30AM Church
Monday, March 26
Taize Eucharist
6:00PM, Church

Tuesday, March 27
Educatrional Opportunity (TBD)
6:30PM, Memorial Hall

Wednesday, March 28
Stations of the Cross
6:00PM, Kealia Beach

Thursday, March 29
Maundy Thursday
6:30PM, Church
Watch and Pray: Overnight Prayer Vigil
Begins at 7:30PM, Church
Friday, March 30
Good Friday
12:00PM, Church
Saturday, March 31
Holy Saturday
8:00AM, Church

The Great Vigil of Easter
7:00PM, Church

Sunday, April 1
Sunrise Easter Service
6:00AM, Baby Beach

Easter Eucharist
7:00AM, Church

Festive Easter Service
9:30AM, Church

Easter Festival
11:00AM, All Saints’ Lawn