Volume 3, Issue 45
December 14, 2018
THIS SUNDAY: December 16, 2018
Third Sunday of Advent (Year B)
Zephaniah 3:14-20
Canticle 9 
Philippians 4:4-7
Luke 3:4-17

Chris Neumann (EM)
Jeff Albao (U)
Dee Grigsby(AG)

Mary Margaret Smith (EM)
Terry Moses, Chris Kostka (R)
Bara Sargent, Linda Crocker (U)
Faith Shiramizu (AG)
Noah, Harper (A)
Mabel Antonio, Flora Rubio(HP)
Wednesday Dec. 19 | 5:00 - 8:30PM
Laundry Love-Team C
Kapaa Laundromat

Friday, Dec. 21 | 6:30 - 7:30PM
Preschool Christmas Program
All Saints' Gym

Monday, Dec. 24 | 3:30 - 4:30PM
Christmas Eve Keiki Service

Monday, Dec. 24 | 5:30-7:00PM
Festive Christmas Eve Mass

Monday, Dec. 24 | 7:00 - 10:00PM
Christmas Open House
Memorial Hall

Monday, Dec. 24 | 10:30 - 12:00AM
Festive Christmas Eve Mass
Every Sunday | 9:00-9:30AM
Adult Bible Study on Weekly Gospel
Under the big tree

Every Sunday | 9:30-10:15AM
Sunday School / Memorial Hall

Every Sunday | 10:45AM - 12PM
Aloha Hour / Under the big tree

Every Monday | 8:00AM
Monday Crew / Church Office
1 st & 3 rd Wednesday | 5:30PM
Laundry Love / Kapa'a Laundromat

Every Wednesday | 6:00PM
McMaster Slack Key Guitar 
and Ukulele Concert / Church

Every Thursday | 6:00PM
Choir Practice / Choir Room

2 nd & 4 th Thursday | 7:00-8:00PM
Daughters of the King / Memorial Hall
All Saints' Celebrates God's Blessings: In-Gathering of Pledges
Every faculty you have, your power of thinking or of moving your limbs from moment to moment, is given you by God. If you devoted every moment of your whole life exclusively to His service, you could not give Him anything that was not in a sense His own already. 
– C. S. Lewis, Mere Christianity
  • We thrive in community.

  • We thrive in God’s love and the Good News of Jesus Christ.
  • We thrive in caring for others.

  • We thrive in being Christ’s Disciples in the world.
Mahalo to everyone who mailed in their pledges early and to all of those who brought their pledges to church last Sunday.

To those who have not yet pledged - it's never too late! Keep those pledges coming.

All Saints' is truly blessed to have such a wonderful, caring congregation. We look forward to sharing this Christmas season with you all and also look forward to an interesting 2019. Who knows what the New Year may bring. However, we do know that it will be a good year because....

 "We were made to "Thrive!"

Mahalo nui loa! And may God continue to bless All Saints’ Church and our All Saints’ ‘Ohana.

David Murray, Sr. Warden
Mary Margaret Smith, Jr. Warden
Nelson Secretario, Stewardship Chair
Silent Auction BenefIts Ke Akua Youth
The Ke Akua Youth Group would like to give a big MAHALO to everyone who helped make the craft fair and silent auction a success. Together we were able to raise over $400 towards our outreach, conference, and mission projects! 
Thank you to: 
  • Wayne for helping at the food booth, donating Portuguese bean soup, ice, and water;
  • Dianne T. for breakfast, manning and setting up the silent auction, and reconciling the cash boxes;
  • Diane S. for manning the silent auction, donating auction items, and donating musubis for the food booth;
  • Joe for being in charge of the overall event and taking care of the vendors. We had over 20 vendors this year;
  • Everyone who came to purchase goods and participate in the silent auction. We hope you enjoyed the event! 
Technical Issues Temporarily Disrupt Availability of E-Programs
We regret to inform you that, for technical reasons, the Weekly Electronic Service Program ( E-Program ) is no longer available for download from the All Saints’ website ( http://www.allsaintskauai.org ). We are working to fix this technical problem so please monitor your Epistle for updates. We will have the E-Program available as soon as possible.
Gaudete Sunday
The third Sunday of Advent in the Roman Catholic calendar of the church year is called Gaudete Sunday. The term is derived from the Latin opening words of the introit antiphon, "Rejoice (Gaudete) in the Lord always." The theme of the day expresses the joy of anticipation at the approach of the Christmas celebration. This theme reflects a lightening of the tone of the traditional Advent observance. It was appropriate for the celebrant of the Mass to wear rose-colored vestments on this day instead of the deeper violet vestments that were typically used in Advent.
This Sunday was also known as "Rose Sunday." This custom is not required in the Episcopal Church, but it is observed by some parishes with a traditional Anglo-catholic piety. This custom is reflected by the practice of including a pink or rose-colored candle among the four candles of an Advent wreath.

This glossary is intended to be a handy, quick, general reference for Episcopalians. It will appear occasionally in The Epistle and will include material specific to the Episcopal Church and its history and polity, liturgy and theology, as well as subjects relevant to the whole church. If you have a question, please send it to your  Epistle Staff .
Journeying with Community
As we continue our Advent walk, we invite you to see the Way of Love as a journey that includes the community. The witness of Zechariah and Elizabeth who bring infant John to the Temple to be circumcised reminds us of the importance of our faith community to sustaining the Way of Love. Just as the community did for John’s family, communities provide a place for discernment, sometimes challenging us and other times affirming us. Communities celebrate and mark important moments along the journey.
Sunday, December 16
Pray for each person as they receive communion. Imagine who you would like to see at church next week. Invite them to church today.

Monday, December 17
Read your local news. Where is reconciliation needed? Pray for healing.

Tuesday, December 18
Read Luke 1:57-80. Name three ways in which your faith community challenges you to practice the Way of Love. Share your list with a member of your community.

Wednesday, December 19
Gather with your faith community for a short time of prayer today.
Thursday, December 20
Identify a blessing you have that you could give away. Then share this blessing with your church, a local ministry, or your community.

Friday, December 21
Read the General Confession in an unfamiliar location—in the park, at work, at school, or on the bus. What does the prayer invite you to turn from in that location? What does it invite you to turn toward?

Saturday, December 22
How can you or your community open yourselves to people in need of rest and relief from overwork? From oppression? From violence?
For more Advent resources related to the Way of Love, visit episcopalchurch.org/wayoflove . There, you’ll find links to the full Advent curriculum Journeying the Way of Love, as well as a nine-session curriculum for use anytime, a printable Advent calendar, video, and much more.

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Implementing The 2017 Strategic Design Plan

Saturday, Dec 15 th , Habitat for Humanity Workday  

The next "Episcopal One 'Ohana" Habitat for Humanity work day will be on Saturday, December 15 th . We will meet at 6:45AM at All Saints' church and carpool to 'Ele'ele. Please contact Ron for more information. 

I’m back on island and ready to finish off the year with our Episcopal One ‘Ohana team workday on Saturday, Dec 15. Please let me know if you can make it, and if you need any additional information.

-Ron Morinishi
During the 9:30AM Service
Members of the All Saints' Japanese Dance Class taken at the Regency at Puakena outreach program in 2017.
Japanese dance
Carolyn Kubota Morinishi - Azuma Japanese dance instructor in Los Angles and All Saints'
Japanese-themed Offertory Anthem and Aloha Hour

On Sunday, December 16 th , the Japanese dancers will perform a Christmas dance during the offertory at the 9:30AM service and the Second Lesson will be read in Japanese. After the service, we are having a Japanese-themed Aloha hour.

Please join us!!
Donations Due By December 19 th
The deadline for Christmas Flower Donations is Monday, December 19 th at 12PM.

Chris Wataya
Rectory Enhancements: A Work In Progress
We decided to take advantage of the fact that we have nobody living in the rectory at the moment to repaint the dining room, living room and TV room and also make some much needed repairs to window frames and the main door.

Mahalo nui loa to Brian Lankford for his work on the windows. Brian was responsible for installing the new altar flooring in the church and also the the woodwork in the Queens' Chapel. Mahalo nui loa also to our very own Larry Richardson for offering his services to paint the 3 rooms that we focused on. Larry has done the lion's share of the painting - ceilings and walls - and the rooms are starting to look much brighter and refreshed.

We are now looking for volunteers to offer their  Time  and  Talent  to help with the detail work - window frames and doors. It's not difficult work, we just need people who are detail oriented and can handle a paint brush. The rooms are all one color so no problem with painting "outside of the lines!" No amount of  Time  is too small. The  Talent  is another issue!

If you are willing and able to help please contact Bill Brown at 821-8083 or 651-2001 (text or voice) or  davidandbill@yahoo.com .

All help will be much appreciated.

-for Buildings and Grounds
David Murray
All Saints' Christmas Event Schedule
December 21  
Preschool Christmas Program 

December 22
Christmas Caroling 
Mahelona Hospital 
5:00PM - 6:00PM 

December 22
Ke Akua Youth Christmas Party 
Gym – Youth Room 

December 24
Christmas Open House at Memorial Hall 
7:00PM - 10:15PM
All Saints' Christmas Service Schedule
December 24  
Keiki Service 
3:30PM - 4:15PM

Festive Christmas Mass with Choir and Music 
5:30PM - 7:00PM 

Carol Prelude and Festive Midnight Christmas Mass with Choir and Music 
10:30PM - 12:00AM 

December 25
Christmas Day Holy Eucharist with music 
9:00AM – 10:00AM
Prayer for the Search Committee
Almighty God, giver of every good gift: look graciously on your Church, and so guide the minds of those who shall choose a rector for this parish, that we may receive a faithful pastor, who will care for your people and equip us for our ministries; through Jesus Christ our Lord.


BCP, p. 818

From The Episcopal News Service

Posted Nov 20, 2018
[Episcopal News Service – Ocean View, Hawai’i] The lay leadership at St. Jude’s Episcopal Church here in Ocean View has turned the small church in the rural, underserved district of Ka’u on the Big Island into a beacon of light and hope; it lives up to its reputation as “the little church with the big heart.”

Under the dedicated leadership of bishop’s warden Cordelia Burt and a small group of lay members serving on the bishop’s committee, St. Jude’s is more than a congregation. It’s a family, they say, attracting people from all walks of life, from the richest to the poorest, from those living on estates to those living in tents.
From left, Cindy Cutts, Cordelia Burt and Karen Pucci are three of St. Jude’s lay leaders. Photo: Lynette Wilson/Episcopal News Service
Hawai’i’s Big Island covers just more than 5,000 square miles and is home to some 200,000 people, many of them veterans and many of them living well below the poverty line, according to U.S. census data . The island is home to full- and part-time residents, and others living off the grid in substandard housing or even tents, St. Jude’s leaders said.

It’s the off-the-grid folks and the hungry, homeless, technologically underserved, lost, lonely and forgotten who’ve inspired much of the congregation’s social outreach, including its shower ministry, named for a now-deceased transsexual member of the parish, Shiela, who suddenly stopped attending Sunday services.
“She wasn’t coming to church for a while and we knew she was sick, and her partner said she’s not coming to church because she doesn’t have any way to take a shower,” said Burt. “We’d been looking into building showers and doing this, and so I found out that they [Shiela and her partner] had no way of getting water. Their landlord didn’t give them a hose. The landlord said if they didn’t buy cigarettes, they’d have enough money for a hose.

“Long story short, when we learned that Shiela wasn’t coming to church because she couldn’t take a shower, we went and bought a hose, and I took a bar of soap over and gave it to them. And for as long as Shiela could make it, she came to church every Sunday, and the sad part of the story is we didn’t get the shower up and running until after Shiela died.”

“We decided that we would name the showers ‘Shiela’s Showers’ because she would have loved to have had hot water,” added Cutts.

Here’s how it works. On Saturday mornings, volunteers arrive at 8 a.m. and put on the coffee and the soup. At 9 a.m., shower patrons beginning signing up to use one of the two showers. Sign-up ends at 12:30 p.m., and the volunteers stay until the last patron showers. Before St. Jude’s installed a second shower, it might be 4 p.m. by the time the last patron showered. Now, with two showers, it’s more like 12:30 or 1 p.m., the leaders said.
Bishop’s warden Cordelia Burt opens the door to one of Shiela’s Showers at St. Jude’s Episcopal Church in Ocean View, Hawai’i. Photo: Lynette Wilson/Episcopal News Service
The rules and regulations for Shiela’s Showers are posted outside of St. Jude’s. Photo: Lynette Wilson/Episcopal News Service
“One of our first patrons that used the showers, when she came out of the shower, we have two people — male and female — sitting out there dispensing the shampoo, the conditioner, the body wash, fresh towels, we supply all of that, and she was crying and Beverly [the volunteer] thought, ‘Oh my God, was the water too hot?’ And she said, ‘No, this is the first time in six months that I’ve had hot water on my head.’”

Additional social services St. Jude’s provides to the community include hosting the county’s senior nutrition program, a food pantry, free veterinary services, free Wi-Fi and electronics charging stations, a computer lab, and space for 12-step addiction recovery programs and for community organizations.

– Lynette Wilson is a reporter and managing editor of Episcopal News Service. She can be reached at lwilson@episcopalchurch.org .

- excerpted from The Episcopal News Service

To read the entire story please  click here .
Don't Miss These Four Uplifting, Fun and Heartfelt Seasonal Concerts!
Celebrate the Season with SONG SERMONS on Saturday, December 15 th , 7:00PM at All Saints Church in Kapaa.

Featuring original and Christmas songs from local musicians Charity Ann, Kiah Abendroth and Friends. 

$20 Love Donation
Kauai Island Singers Showcase presents an hour of Christmas songs of love, peace and joy on Sunday, December 16 th  at 5:30PM at the Kukui Grove Marketplace Food Court in Lihue.
Join us for this upbeat performance by six KISS vocalists — Lee Miller, Trishana Star, Diana Leone, Melissa Mojo, Steve Backinoff and Alison Miller — with Hank Curtis on piano and Nick Lasky on bass. 

KAUAI VOICE’s Holiday Ensemble invites you to our Kauai Voice’s OHANA CHRISTMAS on Thursday, December 20 th  at 7:00PM at St. Michael’s Episcopal Church in Lihue.

Join us for a delightful evening of song and cheer. Enjoy beautiful choral numbers as well as fabulous solos celebrating love, hope, family and music. This is our gift to you, our family, friends and audiences, in a FREE show. Bring non-perishable food items for the local food bank if you would like to share your aloha and malama for others. 
The Kauai Chorale and Artistic Director S. Morris Wise invite you to enjoy Holidays On The Silver Screen at the Kauai War Memorial Convention Hall Auditorium on Friday, December 14 th.
Saimin, Rice, Peanut Butter and Jelly, Instant Oatmeal
Please try to get these items to the Church by Dec. 16 th so Hale Ho`omalu can distribute them to those in need before Christmas.

Place your donations in the red wagon by the door to the sanctuary on Sundays. Hale Ho`omalu also needs and appreciates monetary donations as well as gift-in-kind items.
Please note, we do not accept food items that are not mentioned on the monthly list and we do not accept clothing, toys or similar items unless a specific plea for such items is published in the Epistle. Your Epistle Staff will inform you of any special requests for donations.
God's Kingdom of Peace
In Isaiah’s day, Israel was constantly under threat of domination by its neighbors, and especially by the up-and-coming conquering warhorse Assyria. War was always on the horizon, if not right in their midst. Looking into the face of war, Isaiah counters with a vision of peace, when all nations will stream to the Lord’s house to learn the Lord’s ways, walk in the light of the Lord, the light of peace

In the moving passage of Isaiah 2:4, the prophet sees a time when, by the people’s own choosing, there will no longer be any war. The people themselves will “beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning hooks.” Isaiah 11:1-10 describes the peaceable kingdom that will come about when the spirit of the Lord rests upon the one who comes “out from the stump of Jesse.
Spay Pod On Site At All Saints' Church
Animal Balance works with local authorities to organize community-based sterilization programs for cats and dogs on islands and areas where the local ecology is fragile, or where the local population cannot afford to sterilize the animals.

In September of this year Animal Balance set up a clinic at All Saints' for one week using Memorial Hall as their operating theater. During that week they sterilized approximately 530 cats. Feral cats were sterilized free of charge but owners of household cats had to pay a small fee for the service.

As a result of this successful project, Animal Balance asked if they could set up a "spay pod" on site at All Saints' and provide sterilization services two days each week. The Vestry approved the project on a 6 month trial basis.

The spay pod - actually a refurbished container - is now on site in a temporary location next to the Sudz Car Wash as you can see in the photo. Our immediate goal is to move the pod to a more permanent location behind the gym which will be a quieter and less stressful location for the cats as they recover from surgery.

All Saints' is not charging Animal Balance to place this pod on site. We hope that, working together, we can have a positive influence on our environment by controlling the feral cat population in our community.

Please direct any questions or comments you may have about the project or the on site facilities to me.

-David Murray
Senior Warden
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