Volume 3, Issue 44
December 7, 2018
THIS SUNDAY: December 9, 2016
Second Sunday in Advent (Year B)
Malachi 3:1-4
Canticle 16 
Philippians 1:3-11
Luke 3:1-6

Joe Adorno (EM)
Judy Saronitman (U)
Nora Takenouchii (AG)

Dileep G. Bal (EM)
Joan Roughgarden & David Crocker (R)
David & Linda Crocker (U)
Jan Hashizume (AG)
Raidon & Enrico (A)
Nelson Secretario & Flora Rubio (HP)

Saturday, Dec. 8 | 9AM - 2PM
Holiday Craft Fair
All Saints' Gym & Lawn

Sunday, Dec. 9 | 8AM and 9:30AM
In-gathering of Pledges

Sunday, Dec. 9 | 11:00AM-Noon
Youth Group Meeting
Gym Youth Room

Thursday, Dec. 13 | 7PM-8PM
Daughters of the King
Memorial Hall
Every Sunday | 9:00-9:30AM
Adult Bible Study on Weekly Gospel
Under the big tree

Every Sunday | 9:30-10:15AM
Sunday School / Memorial Hall

Every Sunday | 10:45AM - 12PM
Aloha Hour / Under the big tree

Every Monday | 8:00AM
Monday Crew / Church Office
1 st & 3 rd Wednesday | 5:30PM
Laundry Love / Kapa'a Laundromat

Every Wednesday | 6:00PM
McMaster Slack Key Guitar 
and Ukulele Concert / Church

Every Thursday | 6:00PM
Choir Practice / Choir Room

2 nd & 4 th Thursday | 7:00-8:00PM
Daughters of the King / Memorial Hall
Diocese of San Joaquin Cathedral Welcomes New Dean, ‘Historic’ Deacon Ordinations

By Pat McCaughan
Posted Dec 3, 2018
The Very Rev. Ryan Newman, second row and right, was the first dean to be installed at Fresno’s St. James Cathedral in more than a decade. The altar party included, front row, Emily Cabbiness and Tony Alvarez. Also pictured, San Joaquin Bishop David Rice. Photo: Jeff March/Diocese of San Joaquin
[Episcopal News Service] Diocese of San Joaquin Episcopalians gathered joyously Dec. 1 to welcome a new cathedral dean and to celebrate the first deacon ordinations at St. James Cathedral in Fresno, California, in at least a decade.

“We’re calling it a diocesan day of celebration,” San Joaquin Bishop David Rice said. “In the morning we installed the Rev. Ryan D. Newman as cathedral dean, and in the afternoon, we ordained four new deacons.

“That’s equally historic for this emerging diocese,” he said. “It’s a diaconate ordination in a place we haven’t had for 10 years, since the schism. And it’s historic that two of the deacons have come from our established school for deacons. This is the first group that has come through our own local process, and we’re delighted about that.”
Episcopalians welcomed the Very Rev. Ryan Newman as the first dean of St. James Cathedral in Fresno in a decade on Dec. 1. Photo: Jeff March/Diocese of San Joaquin
In 2007, the former San Joaquin diocese broke away from the Episcopal Church over disagreements about the ordination of women and LGBTQ people, and same-gender blessings. Calling itself the Anglican Diocese of San Joaquin, the breakaway group attempted to keep the property, including the Fresno cathedral.
Those who chose to remain in the Episcopal Church reconstituted the diocese. A series of court battles ensued and, according to Rice, all but one property has been returned to the Episcopal Church.

Newman, a Southern California native, said he felt an immediate connection to the passion and energy of Rice, especially “when he told me that the diocese needs someone who’s not afraid to get messy and who likes to rebuild things.”

Newman, 42, hails from South Orange County in the Diocese of Los Angeles , and attended St. Margaret’s School in San Juan Capistrano. Ordained a priest in 2003, he served for 11 years as chaplain and director of operations at Campbell Hall a 1,000-student Episcopal school in North Hollywood, before moving to All Saints’, Kaua’i, a historic church he helped to regenerate.

Now, he hopes to parlay that experience to St. James Cathedral in Fresno.

“Bishop Rice wants to make it a place where it’s not just about worship on Sundays but about what happens between Sundays, about how we become the people of God and church in the world. It’s about getting out there and doing outreach and advocacy and community,” Newman told ENS.

Newman also dreams of transforming the cathedral into a center for the arts and education and an “embodiment of this resurrection in the diocese.”

Newman said that passion and energy and vision drew him back to California because Rice “is changing the metrics about vitality.”

“It’s not just about how many butts in the pews, but how you’re engaging community in meaningful and tangible ways,” Newman said. “It’s the only way that this diocese and the individual congregations will succeed long term and have sustainability.”

-from The Episcopal News Service
Ryan, Erin, and Lexie on the day of Fr. Ryan's installation.
What is the story behind the Advent Wreath?
The concept of the Advent wreath originated among German Lutherans in the 16 th Century. However, it was not until three centuries later that the modern Advent wreath took shape.

Research by Prof. Haemig of Luther Seminary , St. Paul, points to Johann Hinrich Wichern (1808–1881), a Protestant pastor in Germany and a pioneer in urban mission work among the poor as the inventor of the modern Advent wreath in the 19th century. During Advent, children at the mission school Rauhes Haus , founded by Wichern in Hamburg , would ask daily if Christmas had arrived. In 1839, he built a large wooden ring (made out of an old cartwheel) with 20 small red and 4 large white candles. A small candle was lit successively every weekday and Saturday during Advent. On Sundays, a large white candle was lit. The custom gained ground among Protestant churches in Germany and evolved into the smaller wreath with four or five candles known today. Roman Catholics in Germany began to adopt the custom in the 1920s, and in the 1930s it spread to North America. Professor Haemig's research also indicates that the custom did not reach the United States until the 1930s, even among German Lutheran immigrants.

In Medieval times Advent was a fast during which people's thoughts were directed to the expected second coming of Christ; but in modern times it has been seen as the lead up to Christmas, and in that context Advent Wreath serves as a reminder of the approach of the feast.

In 1964, an Advent crown made at home from wire coathangers and tinsel, appeared on the bi-weekly children's TV program Blue Peter . This 'make' became one of the program's most iconic, repeated each year, and was the introduction of this tradition to most of the broadly Anglican audience. In later years, the candles were replaced by baubles , out of concern over fire.

More recently, some Eastern Orthodox families have adopted an Advent wreath with six candles symbolizing the longer Christmas fast in Orthodox tradition, which corresponds to Advent in Western Christianity.

-from Wikipedia
Journeying with Family and Friends
As we continue our Advent walk, we invite you to see the Way of Love as a journey that can expand to include family and friends. Mary said “yes” to the call to birth Jesus, God’s Word, into the world and immediately went in haste to share her good news with her cousin, Elizabeth—a four-day journey into the Judean hills. Isn’t that what happens when we hear good news? We are driven to go and tell others. The Way of Love is good news that demands to be shared.
Sunday, December 9
What word or words from worship today have found a home in your heart? Share these words with someone close to you.

Monday, December 10
Choose to take a different route to work, to school, or to play today. Who or what did you encounter differently?

Tuesday, December 11
Read Luke 1:39-56. Tell a friend or family member about your practice of the Way of Love and invite them to join you.

Wednesday, December 12
Join a family member or friend for 10 minutes for prayer either in person or by phone.
Thursday, December 13
Call or write a family member with whom you desire a closer relationship. Tell them what they mean to you. Ask how you can pray for them.

Friday, December 14
Turn away from the busyness of the week and turn toward someone who gives you life or to whom you give life. Give thanks.

Saturday, December 15
On this day of rest, pause and breathe deeply with a friend or family member. Give thanks for the restorative power of love.
For more Advent resources related to the Way of Love, visit episcopalchurch.org/wayoflove . There, you’ll find links to the full Advent curriculum Journeying the Way of Love, as well as a nine-session curriculum for use anytime, a printable Advent calendar, video, and much more.

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Donations Due By December 19 th
The deadline for Christmas Flower Donations is Monday, December 19 th at 12PM.

Chris Wataya
Sunday, December 9 th
Every faculty you have, your power of thinking or of moving your limbs from moment to moment, is given you by God. If you devoted every moment of your whole life exclusively to His service, you could not give Him anything that was not in a sense His own already. 
– C. S. Lewis, Mere Christianity
  • We thrive in community.

  • We thrive in God’s love and the Good News of Jesus Christ.
  • We thrive in caring for others.

  • We thrive in being Christ’s Disciples in the world.
Recently you received a letter from the Stewardship Committee with details of our 2019 Stewardship campaign. With the letter you also received a pledge card that we hope you will either return by mail or, better yet, offer in person at the “ In-gathering of Pledges ” on Sunday, December 9 th .

We know we were made for so much more than ordinary lives.
It’s time for us to more than just survive.
We were made to Thrive !

Mahalo nui loa! And may God continue to bless All Saints’ Church and our All Saints’ ‘Ohana.

David Murray, Sr. Warden
Mary Margaret Smith, Jr. Warden
Nelson Secretario, Stewardship Chair
How Can You Help To Define The Future Of The Diocese?
You can help to define the future of the Diocese by joining one of the Design Teams (Phase II) or Task Groups - there are a total of six to choose from. If you're ready to join, the form is live! Please nominate yourself or forward to someone who you think may be interested in helping define the future of the Diocese. If you need more information, please read on through to the end. 
The link to the Nomination form to join:

Learn More
There are six options for joining a Team or Group.
1-A. Spiritual Growth Design Team Phase II
This Design Team will identify, design, and implement opportunistic activities and programs that will enable significant spiritual growth in the lives of our clergy, lay leaders, and members of the congregations.

1-B. 'Ohana Design Team Phase II
This Design Team work will address any operational issues such as clarifying and refining the roles and processes and practices we use to work together, to find ways to make the work both more efficient, and more importantly, more a form of worship in action. 

1-C. Communications Design Team Phase II
This Design Team will address the language of the Church that explains our relationship with God that establishes the basis of our relationship with each other and the world, and how our Story as Episcopalians can be best shared with the broader community. 

2-A. Worship Task Group
The Worship Task Group will help the Bishop establish guidelines with limits of use for experimental liturgies and a means for their evaluation. Liturgical revision happens within a broader community rather than an isolated congregation alone or as designed by an individual.  Such liturgical revision ought never be the work of individuals or a unique creation in an isolated congregation. This Task Group will have five to seven members and do most of the work electronically.  
2-B. Reconciliation Task Group
There were several resolutions and presentations of reconciliation in the broadest terms at 2018 General Convention. There were three keys areas for discussion and reflection: (a) Racial Reconciliation, (b) Sexual exploitation, abuse and harassment, and (c) The Church's historic response and/or non-response to such issues. The intertwining of the three areas are about awareness, power, control, repentance, and amendment of life - as individuals, as a Church, and as a society.  
Recognizing that these concerns are broad and deep, this Task Group will need to help develop a plan for the Diocese to seriously address the issues of reconciliation over the course of the next few years. This work will require sub-groups. This group will require five to seven members to get started and will do most of their initial work electronically. 
2-C. Creation Care Task Group
In fulfillment of a resolution adopted at the 2018 Annual Meeting of Convention (view resolution  HERE ), this Task Group will "address the scientific, cultural, theological and ethical realities of climate change, and its impact on our Islands and the world." The Bishop has stated that "no single issue impacts us more immediately as human beings entrusted by God with the care of creation who have a responsibility to future generations." To address the reality, however, will require changes in behavior at both societal and individual levels. 
This Task Group will begin with five to seven members and do most of their work electronically.
The submission due date is: Friday, December 14, 2018; 5:00PM
Ready to nominate?

The link to join in helping to define the future of the Diocese is here:

The Rt. Rev. Robert L. Fitzpatrick
Bishop Diocesany
Grant Writing or Crowd-Source Fundraising?
All Saints’ has many projects and ministries that depend on funding sources beyond the collection plate or annual church budget. To date we have had successful campaigns to raise money for Laundry Love, refurbishing the organ, youth mission trips, Sanctuary improvements, etc. In an effort to expand on these successes, the Vestry has identified two platforms we should use to raise funds for community outreach and All Saints’ development projects: Grant writing and crowd-source fundraising. We are looking for individuals with experience in these areas to help support our projects as the need arises. If you would like to help, or know someone with expertise in these areas, please contact any member of the Vestry. We would greatly appreciate the donation of your time and talent to help All Saints’ Thrive !
Silent Auction to Benefit Ke Akua Youth

This year we will be bringing back the Silent Auction for the Ke Akua Youth Group at the Annual Holiday Craft Fair. All proceeds will go toward outreach projects, conferences, and missions.

Please support our youth at the Holiday Craft Fair.
Prayer for the Search Committee
Almighty and ever living God, the Father of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, send forth your Holy Spirit to guide the Search Committee, Vestry and parish family of All Saints' Episcopal Church and Preschool to be of one heart and mind in our search for a rector who will be your faithful servant and who will minister to your flock. We also beseech the same Holy Spirit to lead us to all truth and maturity through Jesus Christ our Lord.

The Eyes of the Blind Shall Be Opened
The book of Isaiah plays a central role in Christianity because of its themes of holiness, justice, righteousness, salvation, promise, faith and peace. We also look to Isaiah for its visions of the new age, especially the coming of an individual savior, a suffering servant who will bring righteousness, justice and peace to the world.

In Isaiah 35:1-10, the prophet sees a time when God comes to save God’s people. They will experience wholeness and healing, joy and gladness, as they return from exile to be once again with their Lord in Zion, which is the hill in Jerusalem in which God resides.

In Isaiah 61:1-4, the prophet proclaims good news of deliverance to the poor, the oppressed, the brokenhearted and the captives. God will bring freedom and liberty to all those who are prisoners, and people will have comfort and gladness and give praise to the glory of God.
Implementing The 2017 Strategic Design Plan

Saturday, Dec 15 th , Habitat for Humanity Workday  

The next "Episcopal One 'Ohana" Habitat for Humanity work day will be on Saturday, December 15 th . We will meet at 6:45AM at All Saints' church and carpool to 'Ele'ele. Please contact Ron for more information. 

Ron Morinishi; 808-482-4509;  ronald.y.morinishi@gmail.com
During the 9:30AM Service
Members of the All Saints' Japanese Dance Class taken at the Regency at Puakena outreach program in 2017.
Japanese dance
Carolyn Kubota Morinishi - Azuma Japanese dance instructor in Los Angles and All Saints'
Japanese-themed Offertory Anthem and Aloha Hour

On Sunday, December 16 th , All Saints' Japanese Dancers will perform a Christmas dance during the offertory at the 9:30AM service. After the service, we are having a Japanese-themed Aloha hour. Please join us!!
Saimin, Rice, Peanut Butter and Jelly, Instant Oatmeal
Please try to get these items to the Church by Dec. 16 th so Hale Ho`omalu can distribute them to those in need before Christmas.

Place your donations in the red wagon by the door to the sanctuary on Sundays. Hale Ho`omalu also needs and appreciates monetary donations as well as gift-in-kind items.
Please note, we do not accept food items that are not mentioned on the monthly list and we do not accept clothing, toys or similar items unless a specific plea for such items is published in the Epistle. Your Epistle Staff will inform you of any special requests for donations.
2018-2019 50 th Anniversary Shirts Final Order
Hurry! Deadline to order is Monday, December 10, 2018, or when material runs out!
& place your order!
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