Have you heard of P-Knot?  It's a Self Myofascial Release tool that takes foam rolling to the next level for pain management, improved posture and enhanced performance. This month, Compassion Massage welcomes P-Knot's founder and Exercise Physiologist, Ethan Plante, on March 21 for an In-service staff training where he'll teach us exciting new methods for releasing pain from the body using the P-Knot!  

Can you set aside 5 minutes each day for your health?  P-Knot's 5 minute Daily Habit Challenge targets rolling out your feet, buttocks, and your mid-back for targeted pain relief and enhanced posture.  Watch our final video below that concludes our P-Knot series, focusing on releasing pain and tension in your FEET. 
P-Knotting the Foundation: Our Feet
Aching, tired feet? Long hours spent standing or walking? 
Compassion Massage brings you, Abby, one of our licensed massage therapists to show you how to loosen up those hard working feet by spending only 45 seconds per foot each day rolling with the P-Knot. 

P-Knotting Pt.3: The Feet
P-Knotting Pt.3: The Feet

Compassion Massage welcomes, Ana Richburg, our new advanced massage therapist!
Ana's desire to become a massage therapist occurred when she discovered that she could manage her own chronic headache pain and migraines naturally by receiving a massage regularly.  Her search for a more natural approach allowed her to better regulate her headache symptoms and reduce the frequency of her recurrent migraines.  This sparked her entrance into the massage therapy career field and she's been passionate about helping people and educating her clients on pain management and optimal health since.
Ana brings almost 4 years of massage therapy experience to Compassion Massage as she completed her massage studies from The Salter School in Tewksbury, MA in 2013. She's highly skilled at orthopedic and sports massage and she specializes in chronic migraine and tension headache treatments.   Ana has many success stories that capture how she's helped her clients get back on their feet and many athletes back to competing in their sport.  Additionally, Ana also provides supportive care to pregnant moms for prenatal and postpartum massage. 

Have You Heard about our Referral Program?
We value the effort our clients have made to share their Compassion Massage experiences with the people they care about most. The growth of our reputation would not be possible without the referrals we receive from our clients. 

When you refer someone to our office we'll mail you a special thank you card that will allow you to receive $10 off your next massage! Best of all, the discount never expires.  Just bring the card with you to your next appointment.  It's that simple!
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