California Pension Initiative Backers Preparing New Measures

Brothers and Sisters,

We will again be faced with another pension attack from Carl DeMaio and Chuck Reed. It would be amusing if the consequences were not so severe, but the drafters of the so-called Pension Reform Initiative have ripped up their most recent version and are re-writing their ballot measure.

This time, DeMaio and Reed are preparing a response to Attorney General Kamala Harris' analysis of their reform efforts. They believe they will have enough evidence to sue Harris for what they are calling an inaccurate and dishonest description of pension initiatives. We don't agree with them. We also don't agree that they can write a reasonable reform effort.

San Jose is proof that Reed's pension initiatives do not work. The successor to Mayor Reed has learned that continual and pointless attacks against working Californians only creates chaos. We need to protect our vested rights for future members of CAL FIRE. 

We do not want a DeMaio and Reed initiative on the 2016 ballot.


Mike Lopez
CAL FIRE Local 2881

A group hoping to put a public pension overhaul before California voters next year will soon file two new initiatives they say will get around a political obstacle that has blocked previous measures.
Carl DeMaio, a former San Diego city councilman who is spearheading the initiative effort along with former San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed, wouldn't disclose details about the new proposals, but indicated in a telephone interview that they would take "a totally different approach" than  a measure his group filed over the summer.

California Supreme Court Chips Away at Firefighters' Rights
In a somewhat surprising decision yesterday, the California Supreme Court unanimously held that the Firefighters Procedural Bill of Rights Act (Gov. Code section 3250 et seq.) does not necessarily give a firefighter the right to review and respond to negative comments in a supervisor's daily log memorializing that supervisor's thoughts and observations concerning an employee, when that log is used as a memory aid in preparing performance plans and reviews. Read full story  here...
Firefighters' Union Backs Away From Endorsement of Hillary Clinton

Democratic candidate Senator Hillary Clinton thanked a group of local firefighters after a campaign rally at the Merrillville Fire Department Station No. 2 in Merrillville, IN on May 5, 2008.     Credit Damon Winter/The New York Times

The  International Association of Fire Fighters, one of the country's
more politically powerful unions, has abandoned its initial plans to Hillary endorse  Rodham Clinton for president, according to union sources.
Harold A.
Schaitberger , the union's general president, informed Mrs. Clinton's campaign manager, Robby Mook, in a telephone call on Monday. According to a union official, Mr.
Schaitberger told Mr.
Mook that the executive board and rank-and-file members - the latter were recently polled - did not support a Clinton endorsement.
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Firefighter cancer nonprofit's 'A Celebration of Survivors' gala marks 10th anniversary of service and support for firefighters and their families - See more  here


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 Fire Coverage
Some may pay a steeper price to keep insurance

As victims of the devastating Butte and Valley fires begin to rebuild, other Northern California homeowners are learning they may have to pay a steeper price to keep their homes insured against fire.
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