Aloha, Republican:

Imagine if  Rush Limbaugh told his millions of listeners that the Republican National Committee was doomed and that the leadership were all incompetent schmucks.  Now, THAT would be major cause for concern less than one month until Election Day.

Well, that's exactly what happened right here in Hawaii with our very own Rush Limbaugh, Rick Hamada of KHVH radio.

Yesterday morning, popular conservative talkradio host Hamada couldn't take it anymore.   With nearly two years of inaction, dysfunction, and silence from the RINO leaders of the Hawaii Republican Party (HRP), Hamada melted his radio station microphone when he unloaded on the  silent, feckless, neutral, and disorganized party 'organization' which is supposed to (but doesn't) fight for Republican solutions and candidates.

Using words like "abysmal", Hamada even read from the website and started naming names of top party officers; questioning their commitment to the cause and calling them out for their uselessness.  From state chair Fritz Rohlfing to communications officer Andy Mukk, from candidate recruiter/trainer Barbara Marumoto to longtime party bosses Miriam Hellreich and Gene Ward, Hamada made no secret as he 'named names' that these people were directly to blame for the decline of the GOP in Hawaii.  "These people have been around running things for a long time.  What they heck have they been doing?  There's almost nobody left in office with an 'R' after their name.  Voters here have been given no idea why they should even vote Republican."

Hamada also blasted the flagrant misuse of 100% of party funds on outrageously expensive overhead (salaries, perks, mortgage rent, office costs) along with the complete absence of support for brave GOP candidates in Hawaii. 

You could hear a pin drop when he asked listeners to say one good thing about the Hawaii GOP.   The phones stopped ringing.  Instead, there was nothing to be heard except caller after caller criticizing the RINO-hijacked organization which doesn't even return phone calls or reply to e-mails to Republicans who offer to help or simply want to buy a Trump bumpersticker.

Off the air, Hamada had reviewed the state party's website, Facebook page, Twitter feed, and even searched for recent news articles about the Hawaii GOP. He came up empty.  Other than a few 'bad news' stories about the party's sad situation or its controversial CD2 candidate, there was no rationale -- no case being made -- for electing any Republicans at the state or local level.

Hamada even checked his e-mail, live on the air, to see if the party ever disseminated press releases to the media about issues or anything of importance. NOPE.

HIRA, the Hawaii Republican Assembly, is the agent of change that Republicans and conservatives have been waiting for.  Not only is HIRA directly supporting candidates and paying for advertising in support of 'voting Republican' and promoting our solutions and reforms, HIRA will be leading the effort in 2017 to ' repeal and replace' the RINO party officers who have destroyed any hope of a two-party system in Hawaii.   Stay tuned for more information about this following November 8th.

In the meantime, the Hawaii Republican Assembly's official SuperPAC, HIRA Action, continues to invest in political communications through our " Hawaii Victory Campaign " which promote the Republican brand and solutions while educating the public about the harm done by failed Democrat policies and politicians.  100% of your donation goes directly to HIRA communications which reach the public.  Not a single penny goes to "overhead" or "administration" or "office building" or "staff".  Click HERE to learn more.
Most importantly, while there's still time to help, please kokua in 2016 by making your own direct donations to the campaigns of these four courageous conservatives along with other brave, genuine Republicans on the ballot in 2016.  Don't waste a penny donating to the useless state party, which might as well be a subsidiary of the Democratic Party of Hawaii.

Finally, HIRA vice president Marissa Kerns is still leading the official Trump signwaving campaign on Oahu.  Please join Marissa's team at the entrance to  Ewa Beach  THIS FRIDAY, from 4pm to 6pm, in front of Queen's Medical Center on Fort Weaver Road.

Marissa asks that all Oahu Trumpers who volunteered (or want to volunteer) for signwaving duty across the island to please contact her so she can schedule signwaving days in your neighborhood.  Just call Marissa (798-9985) or e-mail ( with your preferred  date/time/place over the next few weeks.

Over on the Big Island, check with Team Trump Kona's webpage for frequently updated signwaving opportunities.

Mahalo to Rick Hamada for speaking out about the Hawaii GOP.  And thanks to all Hawaii Republicans for your help in turning Blue Hawaii into a Red State in our lifetime.  Best wishes for success to all genuine Republican candidates in 2016!

Please donate to HIRA Action, the official SuperPAC for the Hawaii Republican Assembly, to support HIRA's work to educate voters about failed Democrat policies and about conservative Republican solutions for Hawaii.


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