Dear Friends and Partners,

The REVOLUTION of the Gold and Glory is coming soon!

This golden end-time plan of God, which the Lord revealed to me, I obediently produced for the church in book form in 1996.  As awesome as it was in its time, the first book of the Gold and Glory was only a shadow of the new one which will be released very soon to all the church!

For the past year I have totally dedicated myself to the assignment the Lord gave me to update and revise this wonderful end-time message for the church. For a period of just over 30 years, being in the Prophet's ministry has afforded me many revelations for the church since my early years in ministry dating back to Sunday, October 19, 1986.

Yet over the last year in re-writing the Gold and Glory book, I have seen more revelation in just this past year than in all 31 years as a prophet before. The Lord literally opened the windows of heaven continually for one year to pour out to me revelation upon revelation.

The first Gold and Glory book told the story of the prophetic end-time plan of revival for the church.  In the new book Holy Spirit has fine-tuned and expanded the end-time revival plan of God completely.  But the greatest surprise for me has been that the Lord began to open up to me Apostolic revelation which the church has never touched upon since the days of the Apostle Paul when he wrote down in the epistles the wonderful revelations of Christ for the new testament church!

At times while writing, the Lord would just fall on me and speak revelations to me that I never knew before.  One day in particularly, the Lord showed me  supernaturally how He has hidden these great revelations for our time up until RIGHT NOW; REVELATIONS which will super empower the church to rise to power and glory very soon.  I began to complain that the book will be too big, but the Lord reprimanded me and told me to write EVERYTHING HE SAYS in the book. It has grown to somewhere between 500-600 pages.  Being so comprehensive,  I am assured that ONLY hungry Christians who mean business with God will STUDY this book, since it will take people weeks to read and properly digest the revolutionary content. This is one of the most revelatory Christian books ever written, and I give God all the glory as it is He who dictated almost all of the book to me over the past year.  

Shellie and I want to thank everyone of you who have prayed and sown an offering towards the publishing of The NEW Gold and Glory book.  Once this book is released, those who sowed financially towards it will know that they chose to be part of something very special which the Lord has done for the end-time church!

We want to extend this opportunity for you once more today to sow into what God is doing through the publication of this revolutionary book.  I do not want anyone who knows this ministry to regret not having been a part of this amazing publication as the Lord urged me early this morning to extend the invitation to you to give one last time. 

We are so excited, and we can hardly wait to share this awesome gift from God with all of you and every believer who believes in God's end-time plan of glory for our generation, coming soon!

God bless,
Dr. Gabriel & Shellie Heymans
PO Box 143
Isle of Palms, SC 29451

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