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Pooja! Future Teacher!

Pooja, a secondary school student in India, was prepared to end her education at 12th grade, because her family could not afford to send her to college. She was sure that her formal education had come to an end for the rest of her life. But thanks to a special GO Campaign grant in which Khushi Charitable Society identified for us the most promising yet most vulnerable youth in their community, Pooja not only finished high school, but she is now enrolled in college and pursuing her dream of earning a Bachelor of Science degree!
Pooja sent a note to thank GO Campaign donors (that's YOU):
Thank you from Pooja
“I am very grateful to GO Campaign and Khushi NGO who took me back to school. I had to drop my study after my 12th grade because my family could not pay my fees and other expenses. I heard about Khushi from my friends, and I joined. Then, I got the opportunity to do some vocational courses such as beautician and stitching courses. After I got sponsorship from GO Campaign I could go to college and now I am doing Bachelor of science in home science I want to become a good teacher and help back to the children and people who are in need.”
Scott Fifer featured in 'People are Awesome: Heroes of the Pandemic 2020'

People Are Awesome regularly showcases people with extraordinary abilities ranging from ski jumping to slacklining, but they kicked off 2021 with this documentary highlighting the awesome Heroes of 2020, including our very own founder Scott Fifer and our ongoing Covid-relief work here at GO Campaign. Watch the full episode here.
We’re honored to be included among these Heroes, and we’re humbled to be able to shine a spotlight on our own remarkable network of Local Heroes around the world who are committed to ensuring that children and young adults get the opportunities they deserve during this crisis and beyond. 

Please share this with a friend and encourage them to support our ongoing Covid relief here.
Let’s make this a Happy and Hopeful New Year for everyone.
Win up to $2,000 for yourself and automatically trigger a matching donation to GO Campaign!

Author and GO Campaign supporter Robert Reisler donated $1,000 to GO Campaign in December through the sales of his new thriller, THE FOUR MYTHS recently ranked in the top 50 Paperbacks on Amazon! Now, Robert has another exciting opportunity to possibly win up to $2,000 AND trigger a matching amount to GO Campaign! Set a reminder for January 31, and follow these simple steps:

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Good luck! And enjoy reading THE FOUR MYTHS, an action-packed apocalyptic thriller filled with twists and turns that will have you on the edge of your seat!

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Feeding 480 Children in the UK!

We are excited to announce that thanks the quick action and support of GO Campaign’s Ambassador Lily Collins at the beginning of Covid-19, we have been able to help Bubble & Squeak's Local Heroes in the UK sustain and EXPAND their resources from serving 25 children to serving 480 children and their families, and 60 elderly residents. Thanks to Lily's dedicated support, families will continue to receive grocery packets on a bi-monthly basis while many are still facing unemployment due to Covid-19 restrictions.
“What you do on one side has an impact on the other."

-Ronald Rael (architect behind the "Teeter-Totter Wall")

Teeter-Totter Wall at the Border Wins Design of the Year

The "Teeter-Totter Wall" is making waves as the winner of the 2020 Beazley Design of the Year, an annual award and exhibition run by London's Design Museum. It is a set of three seesaws slotted in between the gaps of the steel border wall that separates El Paso, Texas, and the Anapra community in Juárez, Mexico. This simple design makes a bold impact by allowing children from both communities to play together, despite the 20-foot wall between them.

As photos acr showcase the smiles of the children playing together, despite the glaring barrier between them, we are reminded how vital is is to continue our work with partners at the US/Mexico border. We’re reminded that every single child deserves the same opportunity to education, food, healthcare, shelter - and joy!