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May 25, 2011



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Welcome to the May issue of ACCO's e-Bulletin-"The Grassroots."  The term "grassroots" refers to a group of people who have been impacted by a cause and who stand united to make a difference in that cause. You, the reader, are part of the grassroots voice of the childhood cancer community.

This edition highlights important legislative initiatives that directly impact the childhood cancer community. 

First, we need YOUR help with bi-partisan legislative action that is currently taking place. More...

Also, we have some exciting news about the Reintroduction of the Childhood Brain Tumor Prevention Network Act. More...

Last, we are 5 days away from the end of "Click for a Cure." We have raised over $10,000 to support our programs, and with your help, we have the potential to raise $15,000 more by the deadline on Monday 5/30. More...

Ruth Hoffman, MPH
Executive Director
American Childhood Cancer Organization
How You Can HelpHelp

Grassroots mobilization CAN make an impact.


On Friday, May 20th, this correspondence from Senators Reed and Isakson was sent to all Senate offices. It asks all senators to join them in signing the letter to the HHS appropriations subcommittee. Senator Reed's office has asked that the childhood cancer community engage the grassroots in this effort. Specifically, advocates need to ask their 2 senators to sign-onto the letter to the HHS subcommittee. The deadline for signatures is June 8th.

  1. Please call your two senators in Washington and ask each receptionist for the email address of the senator's health care legislative assistant. Identify yourself as a constituent when you call. If you do not know your senators phone numbers, they can be found HERE.
  2. Once you have the legislative aides' email addresses, please send them separate emails that contain the correspondence from Senators Reed and Isakson. Include a brief note in the text of your emails that; 
    • makes clear that you are a constituent, 
    • conveys why you are involved in the pediatric cancer community,
    • and specifically asks the senator to sign-onto the letter in support of funding for pediatric cancer programs.
  3. Reference the attachment from Sen. Reed and Isakson which has all the details the aide will need. Then, close by asking to be kept aprised of the senator's decision. (Include your home address in your message.) Please note -- This is a letter for senators to sign. Please do not contact Senator Reed or Isakson's office and ask that your signature be added to the letter.

The deadline for senators to contact Senators Reed and Isakson to sign-onto the letter is June 8th. Offices will need some lead time to consider this request, so please act today!

Childhood Brain Tumor Act Reintroduced!Brain


On May 24th, U.S. Senator Charles E. Schumer reintroduced The National Childhood Brain Tumor Prevention Network Act, legislation that would require the National Center for Environmental Health at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to establish a National Childhood Brain Tumor Prevention Network. The new National Childhood Brain Tumor Prevention Network would establish a coordinated research strategy to work towards providing a greater understanding of the causes of childhood brain tumors. Specifically, the national network would aim to establish a standardized study design for investigating factors among children, identify a sufficient patient population to study, and designate a central laboratory to collect, analyze and aggregate the data collected by these studies. Read More...

"Click for a Cure" UpdateClick

6 Days Left!!!

The "Click for a Cure" campaign between Fla-Vor-Ice and the American Childhood Cancer Organization began on Monday, May 16th. The Goal: raise a $25,000 donation for ACCO through the use of social media. Fla-Vor-Ice will donate $1 for every new fan on their Facebook page until 5/30.  We are proud to say that our wonderful followers have raised $10,000 for us so far! All of this was done by people visiting the Fla-Vor-Ice Facebook page, clicking "like," then sharing the campaign with their friends and family. We are in the last few days of the campaign, and we need EVERYONE'S help to reach our goal of $25,000. Please ask all of your friends on Facebook to "like" the Fla-Vor-Ice page and to share this campaign. Our goal is 80,000 total fans on the Fla-Vor-Ice page by Monday 5/30(they started with 55,000). Please help us receive a donation that will enable us to continue our work!


While you're at it, please show your support on our Facebook page too!