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Joe and Patti Furnari, 
owners of
Furnari Sausage Company and Brother and Sister in-law of the Milazo family have lost their home in the Carr Fire. This has literally hit us very close to our home.
This Old Shasta Community has  joined together 
to assist their neighborhood with a GoFundMe page:

The Carr Fire has absolutely destroyed the community of Old Shasta and our wonderful Brunswick neighborhood.  While our home was one of only two that made it, we are so saddened by the homes of some of our dearest and oldest friends being destroyed.  This neighborhood community always came together for everything and the memories that we shared in these homes are irreplaceable and will always be in our hearts from epic old Shasta parties, bonfires, jam sessions, holiday open houses and so much more.  

While we are grateful to have these intangible memories, our friends now have to start over and rebuild their entire lives. Some had insurance, some did not, all lost everything.  This GoFundMe page is intended to help them start their lives over. I know it's a lofty goal, but I believe we can do it! Anything that you can contribute will help them in the upcoming weeks as they begin to rebuild their lives, especially those that do not have insurance to help them.  Thank you so much for the outpouring of love that many of you have shown already!
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Summer's end is in sight, 
But we're still BBQing
 Prime Tri tips  
Free Range Poultry
Pork Al Pastor and Carne Asada Flatirons

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  Alexander's and Howie's
 has everything you need for Picnics in the Park, Dinners for the Bowl and Back to School Lunches

Produce Department Specials
        End of Season Picnics
           or School Lunches

Red & Green Grapes   $2.49/lb.
     R eg. $3.49
Organic Bananas  $.99/lb 
    Reg. 1.29
Seedless Watermelon  $.59/lb. 
    Reg.  $.89/lb

Mr. Jay O'Leary, a consultant from the
French Trade Bureau, will be in our cellar
Saturday, August 11, from 2:00-4:00
to taste us on some fabulous wines from beautiful Provence, France and tell us about the history and wine culture of the region.
Don't miss this one!

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