The Highness Art Gallery features emerging and established Canadian artists who are represented by Highness Global Inc. We are delighted to have the opportunity to share this portfolio of work with you through our inaugural gallery launch which we will bring to you each season.

We invite you to share the Highness Art Gallery with your friends and family. You are always welcome reach out to us at any time to view the latest work of our creative clients. Please also follow us on Instagram for new work, upcoming events and recent projects.

Our artists are also available for private commissions, public art installations, special work for commercial enterprises and featured art for luxury real estate and hospitality developments.
All prices are in Canadian dollars. All dimensions are in inches. Shipping, handling and insurance fees are not included and will depend on your location. Delivery times will vary, and we cannot guarantee timing. Please note that artwork cannot be reserved and sales are final. Viewing can be arranged. 
Bruno Billio, Sculptor

Bruno Billio has been using books as a sculptural medium for the past 25 years. The gold gilded book sculptures are designed to encapsulate all of the world’s history and knowledge - documented, shared and treasured by all of humanity....across all languages and through all cultures.

‘Stacked Gold Book Sculptures’
'Small Gold Book Sculptures'
Brass plated steel with gold gilded edges
price: $1000 
size: 8 x 4.5 x 1 ¾ 

'Medium Gold Book Sculptures' 
Brass plated steel with gold gilded edges
price: $1200
size: 10 x 3 ¾ x 1.5 
'Large Gold Book Sculptures'
Brass plated steel with gold gilded edges
price: $1500
size: 12 x 7.5 x 2 ¼ 

'Elongated Gold Book Sculptures' 
Brass plated steel with gold gilded edges
price: $1250 
size: 11.5 x 4 x 1 1/5 
Justyna Werbel, Interdisciplinary Artist

Justyna Werbel's intricate drawings combine multiple mediums in her exploration of sound. Her art is an interpretation of current soundscapes which are then transcribed into a graphic notation. Over several years she as been recording hundreds of sounds in both rural and urban settings and turning them into highly detailed - and visually stunning - large and small scale drawings.

‘Sonnets and Solos of Late Summer Insects #1’
‘Sonnets and Solos of Late Summer Insects #1' [Image 1 of 2 shown above framed individually]

‘Sonnets and Solos of Late Summer Insects #2'
'Sonnets and Solos of Late Summer Insects #1' (pair)
Mixed media on paper
price: $750 for pair [custom matte and framed]
size: 7 x 10
'Sonnets and Solos of Late Summer Insects #2' (pair)
Mixed media on paper
price: $575 for pair [custom matte and framed]
size: 5 x 6
'To Become Day'
Mixed media on paper
price: $750 for pair [unframed]
size: 7 x 10
Billy Burzy, Painter

Billy Burzy is an emerging contemporary artist. The genesis of Billy Burzy's work comes from an introspection of human relationships and the self awareness (or lack thereof) that is observed in relationship to one's environment.

Oil, acrylic and charcoal on canvas
price: $4500
size: 36 x 24
'The New Wave'
Acrylic on paper
price: $1750 [framed]
size: 22.5 x 30
'September First'
Acrylic on canvas
price: $1750
size: 36 x 24
Simon Schneiderman, Painter

Simon Schneiderman's 'Drawn to People' series tells stories through painting and writing. As Simon recently traded in his lawyer's robe for his paintbrush full time, his work is inspired by what he witnessed in the courtroom over his career.

'Mr Cool'
Oil on board
price: $450
size: 24 x 30


 Highness has special access to a private collection of authenticated antique oil silkscreens of the work of The Group of Seven and other great Canadians – the Sampson Matthews Collection. Under the guidance and supervision of Group of Seven members A.J. Casson and A.Y. Jackson, the most renowned Canadian artists came together during World War II to create a unique war effort art project. At the Government of Canada’s request and in collaboration with the National Gallery of Canada, iconic works were meticulously reproduced as oil silkscreens by Sampson-Matthews Limited, Canada’s leading colour printing production firm in the mid-twentieth century.
Details of available silkscreens including dimensions, pricing and framing options can be found at:
Highness clients will receive a  special discount of 7%  and  additional discounts  for multiple purchases. 
Billy Burzy Greeting Cards

Enjoy the whimsical illustrations of Billy Burzy in her boxed greeting card set of 8 unique designs (cards are blank).

price: $25 for boxed set

My Woodlands Children's Slippers
My Woodlands are handmade artisan indoor slippers designed to keep little feet warm on crisp fall nig h ts and snowy winter days. Each pair of beautiful slippers bought by Highness clients, will receive a limited edition hand-painted 'birch' tube packaging designed and painted by artist Justyna Werbel.
materials: leather and wool
children's sizes: 10, 11 and 1 (youth)
price: $55 per pair

Making Law Greeting Cards
For that special legal eagle in your life, purchase a boxed set of 8 unique cards showcasing artist Simon Schneiderman's "Making Law" series (cards are blank).

price: $30 for one box | $50 for two boxes

For the women who appreciates fine men's tailoring...

 Michel's Bespoke Luxury Atelier
Beautifully tailored women’s suits, French-cuffed shirts, alpaca overcoats, cashmere blazers, silk pajamas…let Michel’s Bespoke Atelier design and create something uniquely for her that not only encapsulates her special character but shows how much she means to you. 

Speak to Highness about Michel’s Bespoke Atelier’s Women’s Collection.


Highness is very proud to present the artwork of two talented artists who are members of St. Stephen Community House (SSCH) Youth Arcade Studio (YAS). The YAS is   a multi-media arts space available to more than 1,900 at-risk youth in Toronto from ages 12-19. A local community hub and safe space, the YAS provides Toronto's vulnerable youth with arts education and employment opportunities to help break the cycle of poverty, violence and substance use. 

The proceeds of sale for the following works will be divided with 80% paid directly to the youth artist and 20% donated to SSCH. A minimum sale price of $500 is requested however, Highness invites you to pay any amount over the minimum request. 
You can also support the SSCH YAS directly by making a donation in honour of your special someone at:  Support the City's Youth . Thank you for your generosity in supporting the important work of SSCH.

Please note that Highness does not profit from any sales under Highness Humanity.
Guillaume Goder, Painter
Oil on canvas   
size: 16 x 20
minimum sale price: $500
Mason Barnes Crouse, Painter
'Xinji City'
Oil on canvas
size: 24 x 30
minimum sale price: $500

The third annual gala for Polar Bears International, A POLAR BEAR AFFAIR will be taking place on
Saturday, February 22, 2020 at the Four Seasons (Toronto). Join Highness to support the important climate science work of PBI. Speak to Highness about sponsorship, tables and individual tickets.
As the CEO of Highness Global Inc., I wanted to thank you for supporting the work and businesses of the artists in the Highness Embassy. As this year comes to an end, I am grateful for having the opportunity to be surrounded by such beautiful and moving talent on a daily basis. I am thrilled to have the chance to share their work with you and the world…it is beautiful art made by exceptional humans.
While we have many wonderful plans for the New Year to come, I take pause and reflect on how spectacular our first year of Highness has been.  Thank you to all of those who have been part of our launch year’s voyage. We look forward to what the New Year will bring and to all the special patrons to come.
With the warmest of wishes,
Highness was designed to challenge the conventional business model of consulting and representation in all industries…including the art world. As Bespoke Business Ambassadors™ we tailor our services to the specific needs of the client with the underlying purpose of helping their businesses flourish. Through this collaborative prosperity model our artists are empowered, self-sufficient and financially successful. This means that they rightfully retain the lion’s share of the profits for the work that they have created. Our role is simply to offer them a little bit of wind beneath their wings.
Please contact Amana if you are interested in the art or artist featured in the Highness Art Gallery | 1.647.501.6480 | DM via Instagram: @highnessglobal