I grew up playing Ghost in the Graveyard. Think of it as a giant game of tag with dozens of neighborhood kids. Keep in mind, this wasn't a Halloween thing. It was a daily-never-get-tired-of thing. And, because the boundaries for the game crossed multiple blocks (Remember the good old days when kids could roam?), the moms had trouble keeping track of us.
So, they developed a calling tree. When my mom was looking for me, she'd push-button her way down the phone list until she found a mom who knew where we had all drifted to tag me to come home. But there was a side benefit to kid-spotting. Because the moms got a chance to chit chat regularly, they became close friends.
Thanks to my unlimited mobile plan and a multitude of middlemen (teachers, coaches, and grandparents), I've never needed a land line and a mom-tree to track my kids down, but I know the days are coming when we're going to need a better communication system. And, I'm hopeful the recent technology upgrade at the Foundation has prepared me.  READ MORE
The Vision 2020 initiative is part of the Foundation's civic leadership strategy to make our community stronger. We are actively building discretionary funds to strategically and significantly impact two areas of the Cape: Youth Development and Nonprofit Organization Capacity-Building.  Our goal in funding capacity-building initiatives is to help  nonprofit organizations reach the next level of operational, programmatic, financial or organizational maturity. We also invest in nonprofit leadership development opportunities, partnerships with broad regional impact and projects that bring vital, shared resources to the nonprofit community. 

If you would like to be part of this vision, please contact: 
Kristin O'Malley, President and CEO 


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