IN MY LAST COLUMN, BEAM ME UP, SCOTTY, I TALKED ABOUT THE FOUNDATION'S COMMITMENT TO CAPACITY-BUILDING. We actively build discretionary funds to help local nonprofit organizations reach the next level of operational, programmatic, financial or organizational maturity.  Capacity-building
isn't just a passive buzz word. It's an action verb. It's a way to make our community stronger.
Earlier this year, we awarded Habitat for Humanity of Cape Cod an $11,000 Strategic Focus Grant to support start-up costs for a second ReStore in Falmouth. Habitat also received $2,500 from The Falmouth Fund of The Cape Cod Foundation, and when we shared the news with our donor-advised funders, the Lawrence Lynch Corp. Foundation for Charitable Giving Fund donated an additional $1,000.
In the next column, I'll tell you why we think the Habitat ReStore is a highly intelligent, highly strategic, capacity-building project and how it aligns with the Foundation's values and vision. But I want to get to the real "heart" of the matter. People. Everything the Foundation does is to help our community. Everyone we partner with shares that goal. One-hundred-percent of the proceeds from the Habitat ReStores helps build affordable homes on Cape Cod. For people. Real, hardworking, deserving, caring people like Karolyn, who has so graciously shared her story with us below.

WHEN YOUR CHILDREN ARE VERY YOUNG, IT'S EASIER TO CONTROL THEIR ENVIRONMENT. You can throw a blanket over the kitchen table and pretend it's a castle, a boat, or a magical island.  But as they get older, their world opens
up, and they see how other people live.  When my oldest child, Emily, was in kindergarten, she returned from a play date angry and upset. On the way home she asked me if we were poor. When her friends came over for her birthday, would they open the closet doors and ask: Where is the rest of the house? Where do you all sleep?  READ MORE

 The Cape Cod Foundation actively builds discretionary funds to help local nonprofit organizations reach the next level of operational, programmatic, financial or organizational maturity. We also invest in nonprofit leadership development opportunities, partnerships with broad regional impact and projects that bring vital, shared resources to the nonprofit community. This initiative is part of our civic leadership strategy, Cape Cod 2020: A New Vision for our Community, to make our community stronger. The Foundation intends to raise $1 million dollars by 2020 to create a permanent endowment fund to support capacity-building projects and programs and initiatives that promote Youth Development across Cape Cod every year...and for years  to come.  If you would like to be part of this vision, please contact  Kristin O'Malley, President and CEO at 508.790.3040 or


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