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Changes to New Business Processing
Maximize Efficiency, Minimize Processing Delays
USHL underwriting has implemented new requirements for incoming groups.   Review the following information to ensure that your new business submissions run smoothly.

Areas of Change:
  • Complete Submissions.  Prescreens require a complete submission package, which includes all employee applications with signatures, and a wage and tax document or payroll register.  A complete package allows the underwriter to efficiently review the case and issue meaningful numbers without having to backtrack when missing documents are submitted late.
  • Missing Lists.  A complete prescreen package (which includes all signed employee applications and a wage and tax or payroll register) ensures that one comprehensive missing list can be issued immediately following the underwriter's review-- thereby creating greatest efficiency for the agent collecting missing information.  
  • Effective Dates.  New business packages should be submitted at least 30 days prior to the requested effective date.  In addition, the application/policy schedule and offer must be signed and received by USHL no later than seven days following the stated effective date.  If the signed offer is not received within seven days following the effective date, the effective date and rates are subject to change.

Click here for an agent checklist of documents required for prescreen and new business submissions.


We are committed to providing you and your groups with the highest quality of service.  If you have any questions concerning underwriting or the new business submission process, please contact sales support toll free at (844) 828-5968.
Zip Codes Required for Quoting Beginning April 1
SafeGuard and Large Group Insured quotes will be affected by the new employee zip code requirement
To ensure accurate rate development, SafeGuard and Large Group Insured quotes require all enrolling employee zip codes.   Outbound quotes will be delayed for any quote requests submitted without this information.
Click here to review a recent agent bulletin detailing this new requirement.

New Complimentary Employee Health Tool Available!

Magellan Rx Management is empowering members to improve their overall health and emotional well-being through Computerized Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CCBT).

CCBT is an online, self-guided wellness program that helps those struggling with depression, anxiety, insomnia, substance abuse and obsessive compulsive disorder.  Magellan Rx Management's CCBT is offered at no charge to members.  

Learn about the program's five modules and effectiveness here, and watch a video demo of the CCBT offering.
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