Volume LI (51) 

June 18, 2019

            Number 12                   

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The most famous trinity in America is the trinity of appetizer, entree, and dessert. The second most famous Trinity is that of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. But did you know that Jesus never uttered the word, "Trinity"? I want you to consider other trinities. Via social media, I asked people across America to tell me their experiences of the Trinity. Here are some responses:  
  • The Trinity is God outside, inside and beside you.
  • The Trinity of love, loving and being loved.
  • The Trinity of forgiving, being forgiven, and asking for forgiveness.
  • The Trinity of giving, receiving, and sharing.
  • The Trinity of mind, heart & body.
  • The Trinity is all about relationship.
  • The Trinity is a sacred dance between manifestations of the divine.
Here is one more: The Trinity of me, you and us. Remove any of those elements and then imagine a two-legged table. We are the body of Christ, or Christ has no body. If those who are called to speak are silent, then the body of Christ is mute. If those with eyes refuse to see, then the body of Christ is blind. If we will not be the hands and feet of Christ, then Christ is an amputee. I am not making this stuff up. It is in the Bible.
On a lighter, but just as meaningful note; last Sunday we celebrated Father's Day. We celebrated the choir. We celebrated the Sunday School and Nursery teachers. We sealed the celebration with an ice cream social. It was a beautiful day.
The summer church services continue at 10am in the air-conditioned Reception Room while the Sunday School and choir are on sabbatical, until the Sunday after Labor Day. You have also received a questionnaire in the mail. If not, call the office at 631-475-1235 and we will re-send it. Please fill it out and return it.
May peace & other blessings be upon you,
Pastor Dwight.
Rev. Dwight Lee Wolter
Jennifer McCarrick 
Administrative Assistant  
Craig Coyle
Coordinator of Music 
Chrissy Blair
Ann Carey  
Lisa LaGrandier 
Sunday School Co-Direc tors  

1- Meredith Schmidt 
4- Jack Beshaw
5- Shannon Dennerlein
5- Kristine Houghtalen
5- Lorraine Martin
5- Nicholas Melendez
6- Jonathan Schmidt
7- Jessica Coccia
16- Carol Jansson
17- Kathleen Gubitosi
18- Stephen Lewis
22- Wyatt Torino
25- Peter Berman
26- Samantha Blair
28- John Ashline
30- Barbara Searles
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The last 2 Sundays have been filled with FUN and APPRECIATION. We had a fun filled field day with relay races, hula hoops and water balloons.
On Father's day the children handed out gifts to all of the Fathers. This was also the last day of Sunday school during class the children made beaded bracelets, necklaces and rings that they shared with each other. We ended the Sunday school year with a yummy ice cream social.
Thank you for bringing your children to Sunday school and sharing them with us. Thank you for your faith in us and most of all your appreciation and support.
Have a great summer!
Blessings always,
Ann, Chrissy and Lisa
Sunday School Co Directors.

        *         *         *
                       MONDAY, JUNE 17    
10:30 AM      Women's AA Meeting, Deedy Room
7:30 PM         Choir Rehearsal         
                       WEDNESDAY, JUNE 19     
4:00 PM         Free Mobile Shower Unit
5:00 PM         Soup Kitchen
                       THURSDAY, JUNE 20   
9:00 AM        Food Pantry Distribution until 11:00 AM
9:30 AM        Chair Yoga, Deedy Room
                       SUNDAY, JUNE 23    
10:00 AM       Worship Service
                       Nursery Care
                       MONDAY, JUNE 24    
10:30 AM      Women's AA Meeting, Deedy Room
                       WEDNESDAY, JUNE 26    
4:00 PM         Free Mobile Shower Unit  
Free Haircuts 
5:00 PM         Soup Kitchen 
                       THURSDAY, JUNE 27     
9:00 AM         Food Pantry Distribution until 11:00 AM 
9:30 AM         Chair Yoga, Deedy Room
                       SUNDAY, JUNE 30   
10:00 AM        Worship Service
                        Nursery Care


June 16th- given by Toni Dean & Shirley Werner in appreciation of all who give of their time and talents.
June 23rd- given by Chrissy, Steve & Christopher Blair in celebration of Samantha's 10th birthday on June 26th. 
  Help decorate the church by sponsoring altar flowers. Flowers may be taken home after Sunday Worship (please return vase the following week), or donated to be taken to those unable to attend church for health reasons. Sign-up sheet is in the Reception Room. Flowers are $25 and your dedication will be printed in the bulletin.

A continuation of a presentation given by Nan Lechtrecker in 1976:
Currain "prayed eight consecutive Sabbath days that God would send some rain, but there was no fervency in his prayer, therefore he prayed in vain." On the ninth sabbath, Currain announced to his flock that they too would have to help him pray for rain. However, he was a strict "sabbathtarian", which, among other things, meant that it would be unseemly to allow women to take part in the worship service - even in their desperate straits. He therefore told his flock, "Come here tomorrow afternoon at precisely two o'clock when the women will be permitted to pray."
Now, Aunt Rebecca had a brain as well as a heart full of living faith. She stood for no hypocritical leanings and no tolerance for unbelief. When Monday came, Aunt Rebecca spent her morning concentrating on the coming prayer meeting. At half past one, she hurried along the road to the Meeting House carrying (as the story goes) her large umbrella.
She met Deacon Bell, who chided her for carrying the heavy umbrella. But Aunt Rebecca scolded right back: "You had better fetch yours along," she said, "For I shall pray for rain, Faith will bring the blessing down - I will not pray in vain!"
To be continued.
Part of a presentation given by Nan Lechtrecker and written by Jere Austin, Church Historian, in 1976 in honor of the Bicentennial of the United States of America.
Shirley Werner, Historian
Librarians, Toni Dean and Shirley Werner, have placed a book, Because I Had a Teacher, by Kobi Yamada, in the Crowell Children's Library, in honor of and in thanks to the three Co-Directors of the Sunday School during this past year: Chrissy Blair, Ann Carey and Lisa LaGrandier.
      OFFICE HOURS       
The church office will begin its Summer schedule on Monday, June 17 and will be in effect through Labor Day. Summer hours are Monday through Friday 10:00 AM- 1:00 PM.  

Jennifer McCarrick  631-475-1235