Volume LI (51) 
October 22, 2019
                 Number 21            

  At least, that is, do not come to the 10:00am service because there won't be one. The Suffolk County Marathon is that morning, and it creates traffic and parking problems for our church and so, under the rubric of knowing when to hold and when to fold ~ we have moved the service to the evening. We will have a Potluck Supper at 5:30 in the beautiful Reception Room. Please call the office at 631-475-1235 and tell us what you will bring. Immediately after the supper, we will have a one-hour service at 7:00. Guest cellist, Tiffany Jordan-Anderson, will join us again. This supper and service is nurturing and beautiful. We hope to see you there.  
The following Sunday, November 3rd, at 10:00a mountain-crucifix.jpg m is All Saints Day when w e honor those who have passed during the previous year. The New York Conference of the U nited Church of Christ (UCC) Associate Conference Minister for Congregational Vitality, R ev. Shernell Edney Stilley, is coming to town to be our guest and to deliver the message. She is a young, powerful, inspirational addition to the New York staff, having come here from a church in California. I can't wait to hear her preach. Please attend this very special service. 
See you in church,
Pastor Dwight   
Rev. Dwight Lee Wolter
Jennifer McCarrick 
Administrative Assistant  
Craig Coyle
Coordinator of Music 
Chrissy Blair & Ann Carey 
Sunday School Co-Direc tors  

5 - Titus Kana
6 - Madison Dennerlein
9 - Linda Disney
14 - Clara Intravia
21 - Hannah Botelho
21 - Agnes Riker
24 - Kylie McCabe
28 - Edith Ruggles

Our supply of donors for "The Light" is nearly depleted. Your donation of $50.00 is appreciated!  

Thank you for remembering

the church in your will.


praying hands
 Barbara Bailey 
Bear Bonner
Peter Esser


"The Light" is published and prepared by
The Congregational Church  
of Patchogue,  
95 East Main Street,  
Patchogue, NY 11772. 
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The past two Sundays, we have learned about God's never ending love, how he accepts and teaches us to accept everyone no matter how different we may be. We also learned about the Ten Commandments, and how we can apply them in our lives.


Sunday, October 27th - No Sunday School or Nursery during evening worship service, however all are welcome!

Sunday, November 3rd - Bake Sale in the Reception Room after service. We ask that each Sunday school family bring in a treat to be sold. The children will present the money raised from the bake sale on Stewardship Sunday, November 10th.

Ms. Chrissy and Ms. Ann
Sunday School Co-Directors


Sunday, October 27th @ 5:30 PM
Held in the Reception Room. Please call 631-475-1235 with what you can bring. Thank you to those who have already signed up to bring a dish, setup and cleanup.

Sunday, October 27th @ 7:00 PM
Due to the Suffolk County Marathon, we are unable to get into the church on the morning of Sunday, October 27th. There is no Sunday school or nursery care available that evening, however families are encouraged to attend.

The food pantry is in need of the following items: fruit juice boxes or pouches, canned pasta (i.e. Chef Boyardee), tuna, large bottles of apple juice, toilet paper, bottled water, poptarts, pudding cups, and fruit cups. Please place donations in the basket near the sanctuary entrance. Any donations are greatly appreciated.

As the weather gets colder, our Soup Kitchen guests are in need of warm gloves, hats and socks (men's and women's). Please place donations in the basket in the reception room. Your donation is much appreciated by the soup kitchen staff and guests.
*         *         *
10:30 AM      Women's AA Meeting, Deedy Room
4:00 PM         Free Mobile Shower Unit
Free Haircuts at Shear Joy Barber-Salon 
5:00 PM         Free Meal at Soup Kitchen
                       THURSDAY, OCTOBER 24
9:00AM         Food Pantry Distribution until 11:00 AM
                       SUNDAY, OCTOBER 27
        No Morning Worship 
 No Sunday School  
                       No Nursery Care
5:30 PM         Potluck Supper
7:00 PM         Evening Worship Service   
10:30 AM      Women's AA Meeting, Deedy Room
                       WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 30
4:00 PM         Free Mobile Shower Unit
5:00 PM         Free Meal at Soup Kitchen 
                       THURSDAY, OCTOBER 31
9:00 AM         Food Pantry Distribution until 11:00 AM
7:30 PM         Choir Rehearsal  
                       SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 3 
***                 Daylight Savings Ends -  
                            Turn Clocks back one hour 
10:00 AM        Worship Service with Guest Preacher  
                            Rev. Shernell Edney Stilley
 Sunday School   
                        Nursery Care
11:00 AM       Fellowship Hour following service 

October 27th - sponsored by Dian Larkin in honor of her beloved children ~ Ari, Alix and Ansel.
November 3rd - sponsored by Shirley & Robert Werner in celebration of their granddaughter, Ada Fagerland's 4th birthday. 
Help decorate the church by sponsoring altar flowers. Flowers may be taken home after Sunday Worship (please return vase the following week), or donated to be taken to those unable to attend church for health reasons. Sign-up sheet is in the Reception Room. Flowers are $25 and your dedication will be printed in the bulletin.
It was 50 years ago that we published the first issue of THE LIGHT. The date was September 7, 1969. As you have previously heard, it was gleaned from a trip by Program Coordinator Nancy Kana to California (funded by friends of Rev. Henry Wyman) to observe what was going on in churches on the west coast. And so it began. There have been some changes in the format, but big changes in the process.
The original Lights were assembled in a cut & paste process with the text being typed by the office and the headers, photos, etc. pasted on and the finished product was then printed by a printer. Later The Light was assembled in the same way, but was printed by the church photocopier.
And then there were the mailings. Names and addresses were stamped out on an addressograph machine which was donated to the church by PELCO (Patchogue Electric Light Co.). This monstrous machine was moved here at a cost of $60, and placed in the bell tower where it was used for many years. It has now been scrapped.
On the day of publishing the newsletter, the address plates were run through a stamping process. An ink ribbon was used, which had to be replaced regularly- a messy task.  
Today's Lights are now typed on the office computer and sent out via e-mail or printed on the office copier and mailed out to those preferring a printed copy or not having a computer and or an e-mail address.
The Sunday bulletins were also a messy task. They were run off on a mimeograph machine. Bulletins were typed on a stencil. To correct mistakes, a paper clip was used to smooth out the misspelled word, then a dab of jell was applied. When it dried, the correction would be re-typed on the same spot. Ink had to be applied regularly, and there was the running off. All hand cranked- not automatic.
Today's Sunday bulletins are now typed on the office computer and printed on the office copier.
There were many offices that used these same methods back then. Many volunteers kept the action going on Tuesdays and Thursdays for us and included Betsey Moger, Ruth Moshier, Marcie Deedy, Patricia Harrup, Syl Bowie, Helen Thom, Carole Hayes, and they had fun. We are fortunate that capable workers are keeping us up-to date with the changes to the electronic format. Thank you to Kathy Ljungqvist and our current administrative assistant, Jen McCarrick!
Dolly Searles, Assistant Historian
      OFFICE HOURS       
The church office will continue to operate under its current hours; Monday through Thursday 10:00 AM- 1:00 PM.

Jennifer McCarrick  631-475-1235