Have you noticed how often mothers are honored and thanked when someone wins an award or is recognized for an accomplishment? It’s undeniable. Mothers make a difference. It may be messy and mundane for a season, but someday your children will honor you for loving them well.  You’re doing a great job . Keep going!

This month’s featured podcast with  Spencer Stone answers the question on every single mother’s mind, “Will my children be okay?” You’ll love his interview. Another powerful don’t-miss resource is the panel discussion with  men raised by single moms
Instead of getting frustrated on Mother’s Day, read these  tips on seizing a teachable opportunity .

For a summer pick-me-up, be sure to register for our 15 th annual  THRIVE Gathering for single moms. It’s the most amazing, unforgettable celebration of single mothers you’ll ever experience.

Happy Mother’s Day. You are so loved.
Kim Heinecke//Director of Operations