Be open-minded. In every business there are certain tasks that just have to get done.Take a look at those tasks and ask yourself, “Could I employ someone who is capable of doing these tasks and also happens to have a disability?”

Staff Spotlight
Stephanie Galindez

This month we are shining the spotlight on one of our incredible Employment Specialists, Stephanie Galindez. In addition to being one of TotalLink’s Employment Specialists, Stephanie is also the facilitator for the Girlfriends’ Group program. 

Q. How did you get involved with TotalLink?
I worked at North Suburban Special Ed District (NSSED) for a long time and was at the point where I was thinking of other career opportunities. I had known and worked with some of the participants from TotalLink and I also knew Emily Raming, so I was pretty familiar with the work being done. I really connected with TotalLink’s mission and liked their practices. I started on staff as an Employment Specialist in August of 2018.

Q. Tell us about your role at TotalLink and what programs you are currently facilitating.
I am an Employment Specialist. My role is to help job seekers find the best possible employment fit based on their skills, interests, availability, and strengths. I also run the virtual Girlfriends’ Group program. This is a group of lovely young ladies that meet every other Saturday. We discuss topics 
such as emotions, independent living, friendships, relationships, and more. We learn about the topic and use it as a safe space to share our thoughts, feelings, and ideas with each other.

Q. What is your favorite part of working at TotalLink?
I love the staff and the support throughout the whole organization. I also love working with our job seekers, participants, and families. TotalLink has such a family feel to it. That is what I love and what makes them stand out.

Q. What is a fun fact about you that you would like to share?
A fun fact is that I am expecting my first child, who is due in October!
The TotalLink team was happy to be a part of the Northbrook Civic Foundation’s Clean-Up Northbrook Day. TotalLink’s team was part of the 75 volunteers who helped to clean up around the Village of Northbrook. The TotalLink crew helped to pick up trash and debris around the Village Hall as well as the nearby riverbank. 
Last month, a small group of TotalLink2 Community’s artists began 
meeting together for an in-person painting workshop. 
Following COVID-19 protocols, the artists in the “Painting Pod” learned about color theory and experimenting with color. They also studied the style and technique of famous impressionists, including Monet, Van Gogh, and Cezanne, and selected specific paintings to use as inspiration and create their own pieces. 
“It feels great to be together with my friends who love art. I love learning new things and seeing what my artist friends are creating. The people who work for TotalLink care about me. They help me to be independent and connected to my community. I love it here.”
–Sarah, a TotalLink artist participating in TotalLink’s painting workshop
The Painting Pod Workshop is one of TotalLink’s recent in-person workshops and programs.
Additional in-person programs are being offered this summer along with a variety of virtual programming. 

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