I really enjoy listening to financial advisor Dave Ramsey. When I first heard him talk about getting control of my finances before they got control of me, a light went on. I made the usual mistakes as a young person but as a single mother I learned to make better choices and managed my resources in a way that honored God, and provided for my children. If I can do it, so can you.

This month we’re talking about how you can become wiser with your resources. Amity Farr offers practical advice in our featured podcast,  Simplicity and Frugality.   To stretch your dollar a bit further, try your hand at  thrifting . Begin teaching your kids early by offering tools for money management .

Scripture reminds us that our hearts are found where our treasure is. So friends, no matter the size of your bank account or the depth of your financial need, lay up treasures in heaven where nothing is lost. Everything we have belongs to Him, so let’s be excellent stewards of what’s entrusted to us!

Kim Heinecke//Director of Operations