Hello friend, 

If I could peek into your home right now, I’d probably see you going 100 miles per hour trying to figure out school accommodations, along with your child’s needs for emotional wellness and friends. It’s a heavy load to carry! That’s why we’re super excited about our topic for this month’s The Link: Prayer. 

So often the topic of prayer leaves us feeling guilty, tired, frustrated, or disappointed. After all, we’ve prayed and prayed and nothing changed. Or we feel inadequate to pray, or we don’t know how to pray. I get it. You give me the reason and I can assure you I’ve likely felt it myself. But in this month’s The Link you’ll find productive attitudes and results concerning what prayer really is and how to weave your concerns into the confidence needed to press on and mother well. 

PLUS, don’t miss out on the newly released podcast on prayer. Trust me, you’ll laugh and might even cry. And above all, don’t miss the “goody announcement” tucked inside this issue. Heads up, my friend. You’re going to love this.

As always, know that you matter! God is good and remember: you can do all things through Christ who gives you strength! 

Hugs to you,

Pam Kanaly
Development Director, Co-Founder