We’re living in unprecedented days, friends. No matter how this global pandemic has affected you, there's one thing we have in common. We’re all going “old school” with family time. Riding bikes, taking walks, working on puzzles, and eating meals together. Building a strong family is essential, and we want to help you do that!

This month Pam Kanaly talks with John Wohlgemuth about pornography and how to engage in an often-neglected conversation with your kids. Also, if you need a few new ideas for productivity or building relationships, the Arise Team has assembled a few together-time activities for the weekend. Lastly, we’re sharing a video about trusting God. If ever we needed to build our faith muscles, the time is now. 

In the midst of all the uncertainty, God is our constant. Let’s move forward in faith and hope, with unshakeable trust in his character.
We are praying for you, and believing him for miracles.

Kim Heinecke
Director of Operations/Content Creator