One of our favorite joys each month is connecting with you through THE LINK. It’s a way to let you know we love you and find it satisfying to bring you resources that aid your motherhood journey. It’s actually a win-win for everyone. Hooray!

No doubt this last six weeks through COVID has tested us in new ways. I know my faith has been tested, and I must be honest, some days I’m not sure I passed with flying colors. But through it all, God has given me his strength to endure when I haven’t understood his ways. Perhaps we’ve all been challenged with this question, “How much can I trust God when I can’t see what’s ahead?” 

In this month’s LINK, we want to answer that question. In Shelley Pulliam’s podcast she’ll discuss, “How do we know God is working for us?” You’ll read other articles in how to push through fear of the unknown and have a faith like Noah. We know you’ll love this month’s edition.

Blessings to you and your household.  Let us hear from you!

Love ‘n hugs,

Pam Kanaly
Development Director, Co-Founder