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Margaret Thatcher said:

Socialists cry “Power to the people”, and raise the clenched fist as they say it. We all know what they really mean - power over people, power to the State.

OCPAC Foundation’s Mission is to educate the people about the conservative Constitutional and Christian principles that make the United States of America and the state of Oklahoma the locales for the freest people on earth. 

Statism is the belief in the power of the State over individual liberty, and all Statists eventually take the people’s power and turn it into total tyranny.

The only way to combat the tyranny beginning in our nation is through education and action.

The board of OCAPC Foundation and its Executive Director, Bob Linn, are tirelessly working to educate Oklahomans on the issues we face as a state and a nation. 

We have momentum. 

Our FIRST ANNUAL BUDGET for our tax-deductible non-profit OCPAC Foundation begins January 1, 2023. And will run through December 31, 2023. We aim to raise the annual budget and more during the fall of 2022.

We will incorporate any charitable gifts that exceed next year’s annual budget, upon approval of the donor, into a restricted endowment that will perpetually fund OCPAC Foundation and our mission and programs, including the Christian Leadership Institute, School Boards for Children, and a host of in-school educational programs that will teach our school children the history of our great nation without the socialist/Marxist principles that now taint he telling of our American heritage.

Will you consider giving a tax-deductible

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Remember, OCPAC Foundation is the education arm that deals with teaching principles. OCPAC Action (a separate board) is the political arm that deals with electing people.

Gifts to OCPAC Foundation are tax-deductible and unlimited. Gifts to OCPAC Action are not tax-deductible and limited in amount by the Federal Election Commission. 

There is a clear line of separation between the two organizations – boards, bank accounts, mission statements, etc…

The OCPAC Foundation board is outstanding.

WE have big plans, including eventually having a building we can call our own, hosting events throughout the week.

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Greetings from Colorado


Professional Oklahoma Educators

Dr. James Taylor


Private Dinner September 23



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Greetings from Colorado

Last September, Jane and I were in Colorado helping our five-year-old grandson turn six.

He turned seven this past weekend, and we were there again to help him celebrate the momentous occasion.

His older sister is now twelve and is on the road to becoming quite the professional educator.

A couple of weeks ago, she completed an educational experiment she challenged me to fund a year ago. She negotiated a $100 fee if she could bring my 6-year-old to an intellectual and spiritual level appropriate for a 7-year-old. Her idea was to earn the $100 by teaching her six-year-old brother to say the phrase I taught her two years ago as a question to ask her teachers. It goes like this:

My grandfather told me that the epistemological foundation of human ontology and anthropology can only be found in the first chapter of the book of Genesis and I have no idea what he is talking about. Could you explain that to me?

My granddaughter is a pesky little gal, so I thought she'd enjoy harassing a teacher by asking that question one day. I never thought she could teach it to a six-year-old. She completed the task just in time for him to turn seven last weekend!

When she collected my $100, she became a professional in the arena of the intellectual development of a child and I learned not to estimate the capability of a highly motivated twelve-year-old.

Of course, as any good business woman knows to do, she negotiated an additional $10 from me in order to motivate her young student properly.

She is now focused on her four-year-old brother and hopes to complete another profitable educational contract. And I am preparing for the invoice I will receive if she succeeds.

Since I am on a bit of a vacation in Colorado, I thought I'd tell this little story instead of my normal article. It illustrates the aggressive educational and spiritual development we must see in our schools if there is to be a rejuvenation of the culture.

There is no meeting this week, but in two weeks, retired Brigadier General Hopper Smith will present the work his team is doing to enhance education in Oklahoma. He has project designed to bolster life in Oklahoma and to help pave the way for and the future of the nation.

We are in desperate need of returning

our nation and our state to Biblical foundations.

Thank you for your activism.



Teachers across the state of Oklahoma should flee the radical teachers union and flock to Professional Oklahoma Educators.  The story of Dr. James Taylor, a member of the POE, represents a compelling reason for a mass exodus of the NEA/OEA union.

Find the presentation on Facebook here.

Find the presentation on Rumble here.

POE begins at the 21-Minute mark


Also at OCPAC


The courage of James Taylor should inspire hoards of teachers across the state to stand up for what is right and resist what has become an unlawful and immoral tyranny of administration and the teachers union (NEA/OEA).

James is a member of Professional Oklahoma Educators (POE) which has provided him with the attorneys who have represented him in the courtroom.  The courts are where the Oklahoma school district has found itself answering for their actions against this very talented and caring teacher.

Find the presentation on Facebook here.

Find the presentation on Rumble here.

POE begins at the 21-Minute mark



Patient Choice is to health care what

OK2A is to the second amendment.

Patient Choice is a monthly funder of OCPAC. We encourage you to attend this event. It will feature our own Senator Shane Jett!

Find their website here.