1 With Zebra – take inventory next week, not two months
As eCommerce and buy-online-pickup- in store services expand rapidly, physical inventory events have become more critical than ever. Customer satisfaction depends on store inventories being as accurate as possible. Using third-party vendors for physical inventory events has become a scheduling nightmare, given the disruption of normal business. SmartCount delivers much more than outsourced inventory service providers can offer, and is ready to deploy in a matter of days instead of weeks.
2 Gain accurate, real-time inventory visibility
SmartCount helps retailers manage shrink, increase sales, and achieve more accurate counts with complete visibility chain-wide. Corporate, regional, district, and store dashboards relay real-time inventory status at the click of a mouse. Task lists, audit reports, and productivity metrics are rolled up through the chain for full control of inventory events.

As the industry leader in self-directed inventory management solutions, Zebra supports more than 62,000 retail store inventory events in 60 countries annually with retailers achieving cost reductions of 25% to 50%, as well as exceptional inventory accuracy in their physical inventory management program.
3 Reduce event costs and revenue loss

With no external labor costs and minimal disruption, self-directed scanning is more economical and efficient than outsourced programs. Each SmartCount kit includes the needed number of sanitized Zebra wireless devices to support each store’s inventory event 
4 Enjoy greater flexibility
Outsourced programs are one-size-fits-all with limited visibility into the inventory process, often involving scheduling challenges, limited resource availability, and surcharges. Retail associates know their stores better than third-party vendors and can conduct faster, more successful inventories. SmartCount offers full discretion in timing and procedural decisions, configurable to your needs, with instant access to actionable data during inventory events.
5 Enhance On-Hand Inventory Accuracy
Available as an out-of-the-box solution, or a Solution as a Service for compatible Zebra mobile devices, Zebra SmartCount delivers a timely snapshot of select on-hand inventory.

Support BOPIS, better manage replenishment, shrink, merchandise promotions, and seasonal changes by conducting Cycle Counts of select merchandise.
Additionally, Zebra SmartCount Analytics provides unparalleled visibility to key inventory metrics which are graphically presented and immediately accessible during and after inventory events.