The NACL welcomes its newest ambassador, viral TikTok star and Fortnite streamer Overtflow.
8/17/20 - Phoenix, AZ Well known for his many hilarious YouTube antics, creative tweets and viral TikTok Videos, Las Vegas based PJ Brittain, more commonly referred to by his online alias - Overtflow, has joined the North American Collegiate League as an ambassador. Overtflow, with a YouTube audience of more than half a million fans is widely regarded as one of the gaming spheres most popular and beloved content creators.

With more than 50 millions views, his massively successful YouTube channel is where fans go first to find gaming and lifestyle news, content collaborations with other big names such as FaZe Clan’s Sensei and Mr. Beast or call of duty and GameStop videos. His success doesn't stop at one platform, Overtflow has branched out into other social media forums, with 66,000+ twitter followers, 130,000+ Instagram followers and a whopping 1.7 million fans on TikTok he is officially a viral star. He is well known beyond his online presence and recently competed against Faze Sensei in the Logan Paul vs. KSI boxing event.
After signing Overtflow as an official NACL ambassador, NACL President David Chen said, “Having Overtflow join the NACL team is Wonderful. He truly understands our goals as a non-profit Esports company and we cannot wait to begin working with him.”

Check out Overtflow (@overtflow) and the NACL on Twitch at Also visit, NACL on Instagram (@play.nacl) and Twitter (@playNACL) to stay updated on all things esports and remember to always #PlayNACL!
NACL- North American Collegiate League
Based in the U.S., The North American Collegiate League (NACL) is the preeminent non-profit esports, media, and entertainment organization. Offering scholarships to collegiate competitors, the NACL hosts and streams video game tournaments and season-long league play, and generates proprietary TV content. Ultimately, the NACL aims to foster a sense of community and bridge the gap between established pro, aspiring gamers, and those new to the esports landscape.

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