What's New Pussycat?

On the "about me" page of my website I talk about being a late bloomer.  I didn't have any job at all until I was in my 30's....unless you count raising six kids which I definitely DO!  But I love change and even with Yikes haven't been content to just do things one way.  I'm always tweaking something and am in the middle of a major website overhaul with a professional company.  I'm excited for how that will expand my business...not to mention make me look more professional. 

I also went to our NAPO national conference for the first time and it solidified another change I want to make.  Although I LOVE you all and business is good, I'm going to branch out and also offer unpacking and what I call "settling-in" services.  So many people are moving to Nashville that this seems to be a natural way to expand.  And I love the thought that with two or three days hard work I can make a huge different in the life of my client. 

Time and time again I see people who have moved anywhere from six months to six years ago and their garages and attics are still full to the gills with unopened boxes.  I have to be honest and tell you that this makes me a bit crazy.  If you haven't used something in six years, how important can it be?  So I hope to make a big difference in letting people get back to their lives sooner and allowing them to start over with systems that work and make sense.

So....if you have friends or co-workers who are moving in or out of Nashville, please keep me in mind.  I will pack for people (although that isn't nearly as much fun as unpacking!) but I can also do a lot of good on that end in helping people pare down and not move a bunch of useless items.

Anyway, I'm excited about adding this service and already have had two moving clients in July. I even went to Lexington to help one of them with the unpack.  So please keep your ears open for opportunities like this.  Again, referrals get you a free hour of organizing and my forever grateful heart!  

News You Can Use

I'm fairly clueless when it comes to technology, although my 21-year-old son currently has the highest rank of anyone in Tennessee in Pokemon-Go. (Is this something that should make me proud or embarrassed?) 

Still... I feel like every once in a while I should try to say something intelligent and I liked this recent Real Simple magazine article called  "How to gain control of your in-box."  Click here to read it...

It's Always Something...

This could be my favorite cartoon of all time...

About Yikes Organizing

I wish I could say that I've always wanted to be a professional organizer but the truth is that I'm a late bloomer.  I didn't start writing until my thirties and didn't start Yikes until my forties.  I like changing things up and one day realized I had the ideal background for this kind of work.  For one thing we have six kids (no that isn't a typo) and have moved 16 times!  I have lived in really big houses and really small apartments.  I've hoarded (only baby clothes, but still) and I've purged.  But I did finally come to realize what many of you already know...  "Life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans." :)


Obviously organizing isn't rocket science but sometimes you need help getting started or the accountability that an organizer provides.  That's what Yikes Organizing is all about.  We will get you from "good grief" to "gorgeous" or at the very least from "disaster" to "delightful." 


Call me today at 615-604-0527 for more information on rates and a FREE consultation. Visit my website at www.yikesorganizing.com.


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