We’re not talking about that bad-ass iconic brand of 'cycles, or its legendary engine roar that Outlaw gear reproduces so well in your home theater.
Now in a world where high-fidelity "particle filtration" is more important than our high-fidelity sound, we’ve discovered the best personal protection is a NIOSH Approved N95 mask. So we’re delivering another first.
At Outlaw we’re always straight-shooting, bringing you the best value in all of our gear.

We rode out and found it’s a wild-wild-west not far from here.
Many of you live in states where the sheriff (make that the Governor) now requires face coverings. What many consumers don’t realize is that several types of masks , especially bandannas, scarves, and some bargain "surgical" masks, provide at best "marginal" personal protection to the users themselves. We discovered the real deal in NIOSH approved N95 masks which are designed to provide the user protection against tiny particles, as small as 0.3 microns (less than one fiftieth the width of a human hair). So, the Outlaws decided to pursue this better alternative. 
It also appears that every aggressive prospector has jumped on to the "mask bandwagon." We witnessed many a heist, from mislabeled counterfeits to those KN95s and common pleated surgical masks which were never designed to function as respiratory protection. Some masks were being assembled by factories that, until a few months ago, were making LED trinkets, solar gadgets, toys, apparel, and many other unregulated consumer products.
The west was so wild, that a few weeks back US customs prohibited the importation of goods produced by these "pop-up mask factories.” But their counterfeits and poor-quality snake-oil was already flooding the US markets . By the time the deputy got that barn door closed, these marginal or fake products found their way to online auctions, fly by night retailers, and even local convenience stores. The heists we saw often used unverified claims to confuse or over-promise unsuspecting folks, all at prices that many called gouges.
Wondering if you got bit by a fake mask? See if the manufacturer's name is printed on the front with a registration number that starts TC-84A followed by a four-digit number. Even if it is, check the CDC web site to see if the registration number is listed and, if it’s a KN95, make sure it is on the US “ KN95 White List .”
We Ain’t Talking Some Prairie Foolin’

You probably know that our ears are constantly to the rail on the development of ever changing technical standards in the consumer electronics industry, so by necessity we have our own extensive sourcing relationships in China. While we have no interest in getting political here, the reality is that most of the world’s personal respirator capacity is still located in that country.
To be fair, there are indeed a relatively small number of dedicated and reputable factories who manufacture high quality masks.
One of the few factories approved to make CDC NIOSH approved N95 respirators is a company called  Guangzhou Harley Commodity Company (Harley) . They’re a knowledgeable operation that’s been in the mask business for many years and they make great N95 products. In fact, they are so good that all of us Outlaws and our families are now using their masks.
We found a lone ranger in Eastern PPE Imports , the first American company to specialize in N95 masks for the “non-medical” consumer market. Don't worry, we didn't tap into Doc Holliday's supply, these ain't them medical type masks. The people at Eastern PPE  have shared on their web site a significant amount of quality information on the topic of masks, information which is available almost nowhere else. They have also produced a short video that we found remarkably informative.   To view their site and watch the video click here:
Until the air clears, Eastern PPE imports has agreed to supply Outlaw with a quantity of their NIOSH approved N95 respirators, engineered and manufactured by Harley. 
You might ask how do we know that the Harley masks are the real thing? We had our own Outlaw representatives in China personally visit the factory, and working closely with Eastern PPE Imports , we inspected all of the goods that have been made available to us before they even got on a plane. We found not only do these masks deliver real high quality, but also our initial field testing feedback revealed that these masks are much more comfortable than other N95's.

- Comfortable enough for a day in the saddle or an unplanned “lengthy” visit to the supermarket in a search for products in short supply. These masks protect both the user AND those around him or her!
We Rustled Up Something Special for You. We’re Outlaws After All!
Between now and June 7th, 2020 any Outlaw Audio purchase over $200 will automatically ship with four (4) FREE Harley NIOSH Approved N95 respirators as our thank you for your patronage (only while supplies last).

In addition, Eastern PPE Imports has agreed to an exclusive 35% discount with free shipping on 4-pack for past Outlaw Audio customers, only while supplies last. Click HERE to purchase yours now.
We believe Eastern PPE Imports is the first and best option offering legitimate NIOSH approved consumer grade N95s in the USA. We’ve seen the factory and believe their pricing is fair. We trust them and we’re certain you will too.


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