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April 2017

April 6
Soup & Service - Evening Dinner & Worship
Join us at 6:30 pm in the Fellowship Hall  for a dinner of soup, salad and bread followed by a Lenten worship service.

Ongoing 12 Noon Wednesday Worship Services
April 09 Palm Sunday, 9:30 & 11:00 AM Worship
April 13 Maundy Thursday, 7:00 PM
April 14 Good Friday, 3:00 PM Traditional
7:00 PM Service and Drama
April 16 Easter Sunday, 9:30 & 11:00 AM Worship

Lutheranism 101: What does it mean to be Lutheran?
"During the 16th century, Martin Luther challenged the teachings, practices and structures of the Roman Catholic Church. He insisted that the central message of Christianity is the good news that sinners become reconciled to God by grace through faith because of the saving work of Jesus Christ. 

It's important to remember that Luther didn't intend to start a new church. He wanted to reform the existing church so the gospel message was communicated clearly and so the life of the church reflected that gospel center. Lutherans organized into a separate church only after the Roman Catholic Church repeatedly rejected Luther's views." Living Lutheran, Lutheranism 101

Read More:  Lutheranism 101

Welcome Pastor Meghan!

We are excited to welcome Meghan Richter as Interim Pastor to Our Saviour Lutheran Church. Below is a special note to the congregation from Pastor Meghan.

In the last couple of years, my husband Eric and I have lived all over the place.  We met as missionaries in Europe. I spent time as a missionary in Peru. When we got married, we moved to Minnesota so that I could attend seminary.  We were sent to California for my internship, and then we lived in New Hampshire for two years while Eric went back to school to become a nurse.  We have loved getting to see so many corners of the world, but we were so happy to move back home to the south last year.  We had missed living in a place where the ice tea was always sweet and where people spoke with the southern accents that we had grown up with.

While I lived away from the south, I realized that I had a deep love for the southern word "y'all."  In English, we aren't able to make a distinction between "you" when we mean just one person ("HEY YOU!"), and "you" when we mean more than one person ("y'all").  The interesting thing, though, is the Bible does make this distinction, and often we completely miss it!  Not too long ago, while I was nosing around on the internet, I found "The Texas Bible," a translation of the Bible that includes the southern "y'all" whenever the Hebrew of the Greek calls for "you" plural. I have to say I'm in love, and not just because I'm a southern girl - but because, especially in America where we are wrapped up in the individual (the "you" singular), we can forget that faith and even understanding scripture is about community, too.

For fun (and also for our hearts), I thought I would include two of the verses I found in the Texas Bible:

Matthew 5:13-16: Y'all are the salt of the earth... Y'all are the light of the world....  
In the same way, let y'alls light shine before people, so that they can see y'alls good deeds and give honor to y'alls Father in heaven.  
  • We are not the salt of the earth by ourselves, and we are not the light of the world on our own.  We are salty together, and together we are light.  With one another, we can be brave enough to let our lights shine.

1 Corinthians 10:14: No trial has overtaken y'all that is not faced by others.  And God is faithful: He will not let y'all be tried beyond what y'all are able to bear.
  • So often you hear people saying, "God won't give you more than you can handle."  In reality, the verse that people are quoting isn't talking about God giving the individual more than she can handle on her own - instead it's a promise that God won't give the community more they can all handle together and for one another.

I am so looking forward to getting to know y'all here at Our Savior over the six months. We will be salt and light with one another, and together we will bear each other's burdens.  God is up to good things in y'all, and I am thankful to be a part of what God is doing here.

Love and peace,
Pastor Meghan

Pastor Meghan's ordination service will be on Friday, April 21st at 7pm at Advent Lutheran in Charlotte, and you are invited! Join her in worship and for a light reception afterwards.
Register for Sewing Camp! June 19-22

All 3rd - 8th grader Girls and Boys are invited to attend sewing camp this summer from  June 19-22 from  9:00AM-11:30AM. At sewing camp youth will make a pillowcase dress that will be sent to Pastor Deal's church in Costa Rica or Lutheran Relief in Africa. There is no cost to attend.

If you have any questions, please contact Sandy Zimmer or Kerry Alfrey .

New feature coming soon!
You're Invited: Camp Agape Spring Golf Outing!
April 24, Lochmere Golf Club, Cary NC

This golf outing supports camperships for Agape, so that no child is ever turned away from a week of summer camp!

To Register click  HERE

Senior Lunch & Learn 
Lunch provided by Boles Funeral Home
Friday, May 5 at noon
Register NOW for Agape Day Camp!
J uly 10 - 14, 2017
Who: Kids ages 3 - 8th grade

Mark your calendars, Agape Day Camp will be back this summer at OSLC. This year's theme is Water for Life. We can't wait to share a week of songs, bible stories, nature activities and FUN with everyone! 
Thank you to all who helped with the Thiel Choir Concert

On behalf of the Concert Series Ministry, Almira Weber, Amy Hill, Barbara Vainio, Bobbie Barnes and Laurel Stanell, we would like to "Thank" everyone who helped make the Thiel Choir Concert possible on Saturday evening, March 4, 2017. The choir also participated in our Sunday service March 5, 2017.
  • Jennifer Karlowicz for organizing and preparing dinner for the choir as well as organizing and preparing the breakfast for not only the choir but the congregation.
  • Rosi Tucek for the delicious cupcakes, cinnamon rolls and breads she made for the dinner and breakfast.
  • The Host families, the youth of Our Saviour (Emma Gast, Riley Karlowicz , Lauren Masar) and their leaders (Tim Gast, Jeff and Natasha Masar, and Tracy Metcalf), Chris Colon, Pastor Linn, the volunteers that helped in the kitchen plus Holly Lohse and Trudy Blake.
  • For all others that attended and supported the Concert.

April Birthdays! Happy Birthday to:

01       Artie Messbauer
01       Judy Osborne
02       Dan Peterson
03       Lyle Summers
04       Jerry Horn
06       Liam Blakely
06       Kris Klug
07       Marilyn Flemming
07       Courtney Groff
07       Jamey Lilyquist
08       Ellen Haulsee
08       Colten Jensen
08       Linda Messbauer
11       Vicki Binney
12       James Fisher
12       Ben Pittard
13       Matthew Margolis 

14       Carol Brown
15       Christine Hughes
15       Bill Lindenberger
17       Deb Hogan
18       Karen Crandall
20       Sara Blakely
21       Charles Needham
22       Walt Schoen
22       Clarence Young
23       Riley Karlowicz
23       Mary McNabb
24       Jerry Constantino
24       Tim Haley
28       Laikyn Davis
28       Cayla Herm
29       Jerry Phillips
30       Blake Currie
30       Chris Nelson 

April Anniversaries
Happy Anniversary!

03       Jim & Kris Klug                                  24 years
07       Donald & Betty Zeilstra                   61 years
08       Greg & Karen Groff                           22 years
09       Todd & Angie Board                         23 years
10       Star & Shirley Braisted                     63 years
12       Chris & Florrie Crisafulli                   59 years
14       Bob & Shirley Sherrill                       60 years
15       Jim & Patty Peeples                          39 years
26       John & Marianne Regler                   53 years

  27       Jim & Karen Crandall                        26 years 

News From Our Saviour Preschool

We have two Chic-fil-a fundraising nights this spring and the preschool will receive a portion of the proceeds from these nights. Such an easy way to help Our Saviour Preschool by simply feeding the family! :)

Thursday, April 27th anytime from  5-7pm
Thursday, May 25th anytime from  5-7pm

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Prayers & Cares

FRIENDS AND RELATIVES-  All Military, David Aitken, Ella Fondrk, Jolene Fondrk, Ann Fuhrmann, Terry Ganse, Will Hill, Mary Lou Kenna, Diane Lewis, Pederson's Daughters Family, Charlie Pike, Joyce Pike, Rayna Pitko, Sharon Platz, Shawn Quigley, Jeff Santos, Jim Seibold, Fran Starke, Pat Streicker, Elizabeth Toomey, Joanne Yaple, Rayna Yaple

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OUR MISSION PARTNER - Water of Life Lutheran, Wilmington.

Please note any prayer requests you have on your Welcome Card at Sunday morning worship or email the church office.
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