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August 2017

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

On Sunday, July 30 the congregations heard an update from the Church Council. By  the way, if you were not there you missed one tremendous service with music from  both the Choir and the Praise Band along with an inspiring message from retired  Bishop Carl Fisher, father of our own Pastor Linn. It just keeps getting better every  Sunday at OSLC!

Our Council Vice President, Travis Alford, joined by council members Sandy Zimmer  and David Yoder led us through a discussion of the Council's deliberations in  deciding to reopen Sunday School and time for Adult Bible Study in conjunction with  our Sunday services. The Council has heard from a number of members in my  generation expressing concern that with our current programming, our children and  grandchildren's spiritual foundation is at risk. 

OSLC is committed to our mission  statement of Growth in Christ, and our children need a solid foundation of biblical  knowledge to become active stewards for Christ as adults. At the same time the  council was hearing from parents of our increasing number of younger children that  they too shared the same concern. Our Pastors and Council are also aware that as  we grow we need to provide opportunities for adult learning for new and maturing  believers.

Those concerns have led the Council to make a decision to start a Sunday  morning Education Hour beginning in September at 10:00am.

This decision impacts the timing of the Traditional (early) service. The early service  is growing. With greater numbers of worshipers it takes longer for communion. The  service also frequently runs longer than an hour due to festivals and other  Community in Christ activities such as baptisms, council installations, and new  members (we welcomed 17 new members on Sunday). We do not want to attempt  to shorten the service and risk taking anything away from the Worship. However,  we need a minimum of 45 minutes for children's Sunday School and the Flow  service really can't start later than 11:00am. These facts have brought us to the  necessity of starting the traditional service earlier.

So... beginning September 17th , we are going to start the Traditional Service at 9:00am in order to provide time for an Education Hour from 10:00 to 10:45,  with the Flow service at 11:00. The Council will be meeting with those members  who currently attend the 8:30 Spoken Word service to see if they wish to continue  that service or join with the 9:00 Traditional Service.

Change can sometimes be uncomfortable. Some members may choose to switch  services, and that is OK. The point is we are doing this for the children of OSLC  and to support our Mission of Growth in Christ. We want our children to have the  opportunity to get to know God, understand the bible, know what it means to be a  Christian in the Lutheran faith, and to live out their faith. We are equally committed  to adults growing in Christ, in all stages of their faith lives.

I presented two additional items of which you should be aware.  The Council voted to extend Pastor Meghan's contract as an Interim Pastor  through the end of May 2018. In December we will name a Call Committee to  begin our search for a full time successor. It is our intent for that individual to be on  board at OSLC by very early summer 2018. As much as the Council would love for
Pastor Meghan to stay, it was never her intention to do so and both she and Council  understood that when she joined us earlier this year on an interim basis. We will  cherish her remaining time with us and are thankful for her wonderful ministry  here in the Sandhills.

A Special Called Meeting of the Congregation will be held Sunday, September  10th for adopting on 1st Reading a revised Constitution Bylaws for the OSLC. You  will receive a letter outlining all of the changes and directions for viewing them in  early August. You will have ample time prior to voting to review the documents and  meet with Council members for discussion.

We have seen many positive changes since January 1st of this year; I believe more  than any year since that first small band of Lutherans met in the Civic Center to form  our church. And there will be more good changes as we grow. I must admit I enjoyed  change a lot more when I was younger. However, when organizations do not change  to meet new challenges and realities they wither and die. It is a fact, and it happens  to churches, too. Your Church Council is committed to seeing that we change, not  for the sake of change, but to insure that OSLC continues to proclaim God's word in  the Sandhills. That has been the intent of OSLC for the past 54 years, and it will  continue to be so for the next 54.

Please see or call me if you have any questions (910) 725.1855.

Yours in Christ,

Tom Adams
President  OSLC Church Council

Agape Day Camp!


This year at Day Camp...

The kids enjoyed a great week full of games, crafts and nature activities all while learning about how the Word of God is the Water of life!  Our campers had a short program on Thursday evening to share some of the things they were learning about during the camp week.

Thank you so much for all of your support in making Agape Day Camp a success. Thank you to those you donated snacks and craft supplies, to those who provided housing and meals for our camp staff, to our on-site adults, and to those who sent your kids to us for camp!


August Birthdays! Happy Birthday to:
Fran Currey
Rick Johnson
Gary Smith
John Dorsch
Polly Bethea
Dorothy Cullen
Dave Danielson
Barbara Holderby
Elsie Holzmann
Austin Clayton
Dianne Forsberg
Jim Klug
Isabella Ramirez
Jackson Dorsch
Mirabella Dorsch
Julie Jones
Amanda Kempenich
Mike McCarty
Liam Wilson
Heidi Pittard
Everett Prairie
Marilyn Quintana
Ginny Allen

Kylie Martin
Angie Board
Meghan Osborne
Amy Hinds
Catherine Sigmon-Mitchell
Danley Alfrey
Lynn Whittle
Jim Seevers
Melinda Ransdell
Mike Cruse
Lee Grant
Joyce Grau
Ellie Gulovich
Sally Seagroves
Larry Wolff
Ray Foley
Bobbie Barnes
Jordyn LaForge

August Anniversaries
Happy Anniversary to:

Bernie & Barbara Taubersmith
Luke & Amanda Erickson
Jack & Deb Hogan
Randy & Gretchen Nelms
Jonathan & Miranda Ward
Michael & Lauren Wilson
Larry & Frances Wilson
Peter & Peggy Benson
Dan & Sarah Peterson
Mike & Lynn Antil
Chris Miller & Helena Wallin-Miller
Larry & Connie Miller
Ed & Jan Carey
Irvin & Darlene Williams
Greg & Sara Blakely
Bill & Gladys Wade
Jeff & Vicki Binney
Bill & Meg Lindenberger
Bob & Bonnie Springer
70 years
16 years
45 years
56 years
01 year
04 years
47 years
27 years
28 years
13 years
17 years
41 years
59 years
47 years
16 years
46 years
45 years
47 years
64 years


Back to Preschool!

Our Saviour Preschool is ready to open it's doors for our FOURTH year at the end of August! Last year, we  served 44 families in four classes, and this year we are so excited to offer an additional class, PreK, and  welcome 12 more families to our school!  Would you believe that our waiting list has over 20 students on it, all  hoping for a spot in our preschool this fall?  Director Rebecca Marchetti has worked hard to create a high  quality program, and I believe that full classrooms, happy families, and wait lists are evidence that she has  succeeded!

Our preschool staff is creative, energetic, smart, and caring, and we are so pleased that three of our church  members are on staff for the 2017-2018 school year:  Rachel Drew, Mandy Prairie, and Kelly Thompson. 

As we prepare the PreK classroom for our students, we have some needs.  Can you help?  

Classroom Rug ($400)
Drying Rack for artwork ($80)
Easel ($250)
Play table and chairs ($200)
Bookshelves ($200 each, two are needed)
Classroom tables ($200 each, two are needed)
Play Kitchen ($300)
Storage Shelves/Cubbies ($500 each, three are needed)

We are so appreciative to the congregation for your enthusiasm and support of this ministry at Our Saviour  Lutheran Church.  A special thanks to Travis Alfrey for all of his help in building cabinets for our new  classroom.  We feel very blessed to be self-supporting, and we would love your help in making our preschool  families feel welcomed at our church!  Look for lots of little people in the hallways starting this fall!

Gifts Given in Memory

In Memory of Len Stanislawek
Susie Stanislawek
To the General Fund

Bible and A Beer
Thank you to everyone that joined us in July! We reflected on Bernard Clairvaux's four stages of love of God. 

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Prayers & Cares

FRIENDS AND RELATIVES-  All Military, Ruth Adkin, Ann Fuhrmann, Will Hill, Mary Lou Kenna, Diane Lewis, Pederson's Daughters Family, Shawn Plotz, Shawn Quigley, Jeff Santos, Jim Seibold, Fran Starke, Pat Streicker, Elizabeth Toomey, Holly Wohlfert

AT HOMEEloise Anderson, Rick Barnes, Pat Bock, Bill and Phyllis Bradley, Shirley Braisted,  Jack and Sue Diffily, Leatha Ferebee, Ed and Nadine Garrett, Florence McCormick,  Flo Moore, Joan Nelson, Marian Oswalt, Barbara Reid, Jean Sherrill, Rosanne Thein, Pat Williams, Larry Wolff

IN EXTENDED CAREElmcroft: Lucille Howard; Penick Village Skilled Care: Ken Sparke; Pinehurst Rehab: John Loeser, Quail Haven Rehab: Mary McNabb, Florence Ward; First Health Rehab: Nancy Johnson

I N SERVICE TO OUR COUNTRY- Sean Barnes, Todd Board, Jon Drew, Luke Erickson, Pastor Linn Fisher, Mark Jennings, Michael Karlowicz, Jon Kempenich
OUR MISSION PARTNER - Water of Life Lutheran, Wilmington.

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August Worship Assistant Schedule
Thank you for serving this month!

Financial Update

We're Getting a New Church Directory

Each family
will receive a complimentary 8x10 photograph and a free directory. You will have the 
opportunity to purchase additional photographs for yourself, family and friends. Pictures will be taken August 17-19, September 22-24 and October (dates are TBA). 

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